Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hunter and I packed our stuff and headed to Dallas for the Thanksgiving weekend to be with family. I hated to leave Jordan all alone Thursday night but he assured me he would rather me be with family all weekend than be alone. He had a west coast game and when you live on the east coast and you have a game on the west coast (San Fransisco) the team typically leaves Friday and comes back early Monday morning since it's a 6 hour flight with a 3 hour time change. So he was only going to be missing out on us on Thursday night. I hated to leave but I sure am glad he made us go because I ended up having some "issues" while we were away that landed me on bed rest and being at home I had family to help take care of things.

So far baby peanut is doing great and growing beautifully! I have bi-weekly OB appointments which I rotate between my high risk OB (Perinatologist) and my regular OB (who will deliver me). Every time I see the high risk OB they do an ultrasound to check the baby and my cervix since I had issues with it shortening prematurely last time. Well, on Tuesday they noted that I had Complete Placenta Previa which isn't a problem AT ALL in the first and early second trimester. It is actually a very common thing that lots of women start out having and as the belly grows it moves up and out of the way. The only annoyance is it requires some light restrictions until it moves, if it moves, which include pelvic rest, no exercise and no heavy lifting. No big deal I can handle that over bed rest ANY DAY! The only problem is my high risk OB didn't tell me I had these restrictions when she diagnosed it, so I continued about my normal activity and just happened to fly home the next day with a 50 pound bag, 27 pound toddler and 20 pound car seat. Well the "complications" began after I landed (I'll spare you the details) but it was not good and it landed me in the ER in the wee hours of the morning Thanksgiving morning. Thankfully I checked out okay and was able to go home on bed rest until the "complications" cleared up. So, my wonderful family took care of me and most importantly Hunter the whole weekend while I was on and off bed rest. I wasn't allowed to fly home until things cleared up and fortunately they did JUST in time for my flight home! I saw my OB as soon as I got back to Jacksonville and she put me back to the Pelvic rest, no exercise and no heavy lifting restrictions as long as I have the Complete Previa. The hardest part is I can't pick up Hunter, which is really really hard, because we all know how snuggly he is. So, I just sit down where ever I am...floor, couch, bed and let him crawl up in my lap. It's working for now but he does get upset sometimes.

I will say I have GREAT chances of this moving before delivery in fact a 90% chance that it will move but if it doesn't it is a pretty big deal in the late 3rd trimester and can be dangerous. All this means is they would have to take the baby early by c-section to prevent problems from happening because you CANNOT deliver a baby naturally with placenta previa. So in the meantime we just wait and pray that it moves and I will continue to be seen every week for monitoring of this and my cervix and hope that both cooperate!

In good news I start the P-17 shots next week, which is Progesterone, to hopefully keep me from having preterm labor and a premature baby this time around. The best part is my insurance said they could teach Jordan how to administer the shot to me. It's a weekly shot so I would rather not have to drive up to the hospital every week to get a shot if Jordan can just do it at home. Plus this means we could still travel in the off season and just bring the shot with us! Such a blessing!

So... on to Thanksgiving and pictures. I was lazy and didn't take many pictures and I actually have none from Thanksgiving day, so sad.

The flight home was easy, it was during nap time and Hunter slept in his car seat

Hunter got to go to his cousins 4 year birthday party at the North Park Train exhibit on Friday.
He loved the cupcakes :-)

So did his sweet cousin she was CHOWING DOWN!

Hunter and his cousin

Yes this stroller does have 4 children under the age of 6 in it

Hunter loves to pretend he is asleep, he will even make the snoring noise

Papa reading Hunter a book

Making ginger bread men with Vivi in her new kitchen

And the flight back, also during nap time, I had to wake Hunter up when we landed so I could get help off the plane.
Lastly I will leave you with a picture of Hunter's first boo boo that required a band aid. He has a nasty little 2nd degree burn on his finger. He got an Elmo band aid which he thinks is REALLY cool. Poor little guy.