Thursday, December 31, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Two days ago I heard Hunter wake from his nap and I went into his room to get him. I opened the door to find him dangling head first OVER the crib railing with one leg straddled on top of the crib only seconds from tumbling over head first to the ground. Not ideal! It was 3:30pm and luckily a Tuesday (Jordan's day off). I called Jordan, who had taken his boat out for a duck hunt during Hunter's nap. He agreed we needed to remove the crib immediately. Neither of us wants our child break his neck! It was only a matter of time because his eviction date was soon approaching anyway, due to the arrival of little sis this Spring. I had hoped to delay this as long as possible but not at the risk of injury.

We headed to target to pick up some sheets and a side rail for his big boy bed. Hunter picked out the sheets. As we headed down the kids isle he IMMEDIATELY spotted the Thomas the Train sheet set and yelled CHOO CHOO! That was no surprise. We got the supplies and headed home in time to meet daddy. We took the crib apart and moved it to little sister's room, put the side rail together, moved the twin into his room, turned the doorknob on his door around and cleaned his room out of any hazards with barely any time remaining before his 7:00ish bedtime.

He was SOOO excited about his choo choo bed and actually asked to go to bed that night. Jordan did the normal bedtime routine and left the room and locked the door behind him, at 22 months we are not ready for him to have free reign of the house should he wake in the wee hours of the night. Also, he can get out the front door even if its locked so yet another reason he needed to be confined to JUST his room. He did so good. After Jordan shut the door we watched him on the monitor. He stayed in bed for a second looking around the pitch black room. After a his eyes adjusted a bit we watched him slowly get out of bed and make his way across the room. It's pretty funny to watch him walk in total darkness :-) He went straight to the door and tried to open it, of course it was locked. So he pressed his lips to the crack in the door and began calling our names. "Mommy, Daddy...HOLD YOU"!!! So precious yet kind of heartbreaking. I can't imagine how weird it feels for him to suddenly be put to bed after almost 2 years of being confined to a crib and suddenly have the ability to roam the room, I am sure it was a little confusing at first. He repeated this process for about 10 minutes going back to bed then coming back to the door...pressing his lips against it calling for us and trying to get it open. After about 10 minutes he climbed in bed one final time went to sleep! He slept until 8:00am! The next morning I heard his little voice over the monitor talking to his choo choo trains on his bed. I went upstairs to get him and showered him with praise for being such a big boy! He was soooo proud.

Last night was even better. He just roamed the room a bit, looked outside his window, checked the locked door, called my name once or twice and then went to bed. I am so glad this transition has been so easy so far, hoping it stays the same! He loves his big boy bed. I never thought we would have a themed kids room because I am just so not into themes but it has really helped him to have something he picked out and that he loves. We put it together pretty quickly so it's not fancy or magazine worthy by any means. It's a twin bed on the floor. But for now it works until we can come up with something cute. Now all I have to do is get his little sister's room ready now that we have an empty crib to work with!

Talking to his choo choo's on the bed

He is surrounded by pillows. He LOVES pillows. I am jealous of the body pillow lining the wall. I may have to get one of my own!

He is so proud

His favorite part is this stuffed choo choo. He carries it around all day


Heather said...

He is so cute. I have thought about putting Audrey in a big girl bed but until there is an absolute need for it, like you did with Hunter, she will stay in her crib.

Sarah W. said...

If its any encouragement, if he is already doing great in his bed, he will probably continue to.
We had to lock Caleb's room, too, for awhile (but now he stays fine without it locked).
Both of my kids transitioned really well. I think they like the "big kid" feel. Plus, as I got big pregnant, it was SO much easier to put them to bed in a bed than a crib. The crib is exhausting when you're big LOL!

Christine said...

Hunter is becoming such a big boy! :) These pictures are so adorable, his comforter is so cute! Your story about him coming to the door and saying mommy and daddy just melted my heart! He's so precious! It's hard to believe he is in a big boy bed!