Friday, December 25, 2009

22 months old!

Lots of things have happened in the last week that I need to blog about before the new year. For starters Hunter is 22 months old! I can't believe he will be 2 in only 2 months! I only have 2 more monthly posts on him because once he turns 2 I will just do random updates especially since I will be starting the monthly posts on our new little one in no time!

Also my 2008 family blog book arrived this week and I LOVE IT. As soon as I get my last 2009 entry they will be making that one for us as well. If anyone is interested in having this done it's a great way to chronicle your lives especially for those of us who don't enjoy scrap booking :-) they finished it in only 4 days!

On to Hunter. He is a WIDE open, full speed ahead, jumping, running and talking machine these days. He has so much energy. He LOVES to jump and have everyone watch him. A few days ago he was brave and began jumping off of things, couches, chairs and stairs instead of just jumping on the ground. He of course falls every time he jumps off of something but he thinks it is just about the coolest thing ever.

He is still obsessed with is ABC's and that is an understatement. He has been obsessed for months now but it is getting to where it's all he wants to talk about. He knows them all and everywhere we go he will gladly tell you each and EVERY letter he sees wether you ask him to or not. He opens magazines and goes down the page sentence by sentence pointing out each letter. On a few of them he will tell you what they stand for. For example when he sees an "N" he says "N....Nana!!!" with GREAT enthusiasm. It amazes me that he put that together on his own. When I think about it he was able to just recognize that the sound "N" is the same as how we say Nana. He does it with a few other letters too so now I try to find ways to make the connections for him. He has his favorites that he will point out EVERY TIME it's just so cute to see him say "mommy that's a B!!!!!!" like its the absolute coolest thing ever!

He also loves to count. He can go to 10 by himself and call out the numbers he sees when we are out and about. When we go up and down stairs he counts each one he steps on. He can go to 15 if we prompt him by doing every other number from 10-15. He also can recognize the colors of the rainbow. It seems his favorites are red, purple and blue :-)

He is very polite and says "no m'am", please, thank you and I'm sorry. The funny thing is he says I'm sorry for YOU when you accidentally hurt HIM. For example I accidentally stepped on his foot the other day and he looked up at me and said "I'm sorry". I couldn't help but laugh! He also says he is sorry in appropriate ways too but it's just funny to see how his little brain works.

He prefers to drink out of a regular cup these days. He will drink out of a sippy if need be but he definitely prefers a regular cup. He does really well and I let him have one anywhere if it's just water but if it has anything else we stick to drinking only at the table. Speaking of the table he is sooooo over the highchair and booster. He wants to sit in a regular chair for meals which is fine because he does pretty well, but he is a little short to reach the table so he sits on his knees usually. But I have found if I put him in the highchair he will eat one bite and say "all done" even though he is still hungry just because he wants out of the highchair. So, he eats better if he gets to sit in a regular chair. He is just growing up too fast.

His favorite things right now are his lovie and his "baby" which is his baby blanket. He carries one or both around all day and when he gets tired he grabs a pillow off the couch, places it on the floor and lays down like he is gonna go to sleep. He loves to pretend sleep too but he will do that any where and it is usually accompanied by sound effects (snoring).

He is so snuggly. He comes up and says "momma hold you" and reaches up for me multiple times a day. In the car I will sometimes hear from the back "all done", "momma hold you". He comes up to me randomly throughout the day and says "love ya momma" which just melts my heart, he does it to daddy too.

This week while in Mexico, I put him down for bed in the hotel crib and as I was putting him in he said "mommy, pillow please". I went and grabbed a pillow for him and a real blanket and he stayed put on it all night. He is usually a CRAZY sleeper, and uses up every square inch of his crib when he sleeps but this time he literally stayed in one position for 12 hours. It has been a nightly thing since. It's probably for the best since he is only a few months away from moving to a regular bed. I have been worried about how he would sleep in a bed since he is all over the place in his crib but I guess he will do okay after all!

Snuggling with his cousin who he thinks is THE COOLEST
On the plane to Mexico just about to fall asleep on Nana and Pop as they scratch him
Pop entertaining all 3 kids during our 3 hour lay over in Mexico city
Cousins and best friends
Excited to see the "airpanes"
Hunter will go anywhere his cousin goes and do ANYTHING his cousin asks
Hunter's second home... the beach
Trying on momma's hat

Trying on momma's sunglasses

Hunter also has a new trick he would like to share with you. Blowing bubbles with his spit. Such a boy


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