Monday, November 9, 2009

Jags-Chiefs weekend with friends

This weekend Robbie, Amber, Kaitlyn, Patricia and Emory all came to Jacksonville for the Jags-Chiefs weekend. It has been 4 months since we were all under the same roof together and the kids have changed so much! They are all walking and talking little toddlers!

Hunter and Emory chillin on the couch watching Curious George

and playing in the rocks

we attempted to get a picture with all the kids standing... Hunter was being very cooperative :-)

We had a mini birthday party for Kaitlyn. She turns 1 on the 17th and is walking all over the place and just trying to keep up with Hunter and Emory who are pretty much in a dead sprint at all times.

She didn't even wait until after the photo op to dive into the "camicake" cupcake

Of course the weekend had to include playing at the beach with the kiddos
The surf washed up quite a bit of seaweed (eew!)

The weather was beautiful but the water was CHILLY!

Hunter loves the water

After the game Rudy, Robbie and Jordan

Whole group Jordan, me, Amber, Robbie, Patricia (pregnant with twins by the way!) and Rudy
It was such a fun weekend and always good to catch up and see our kids interact with each other. Tomorrow we fly to Dallas together where I will be dropping off Hunter with Nana before leaving for my New York trip with Jordan's parents for the Jags-Jets game... and also my first ever "trip" to New York. We have lots of fun things and shows planned so check back for pictures soon!


Holly said...

Oh looks like you guys had SO much fun!!! Hope you have a great time in New York!! We'll miss you in Dallas.

Grandpa-Bob said...

Wow! I wouldn't want Rudy or Jordan to lean on me, let alone hit me on purpose. And I'm not that small myself...

Amber said...

My family always gets a kick out of seeing pictures of the 6 of us like this. Rudy & Jordan look like the "book ends". We had a great time with you guys, excited to see you in next week!