Friday, November 20, 2009

21 months

This has been a VERY busy month which has made the time literally FLY by. The month started off with a trip to Houston for the Bye week, followed by a quick turn around trip to Nashville for Jordan's game and to see friends on Halloween. Then a weekend in here Jacksonville with our Kansas City friends and their kiddos and finally Hunter's week/weekend in Dallas with Nana while momma went to NYC for Jordan's game. WHEW! I am tired just thinking about all of the packing and unpacking and it's not over yet :-)

Hunter has had a fun month, needless to say, filled with visits from all of his favorite people. He is at the age where he remembers everyone regardless of how long its been since he last saw them. It had been about 4 months since he had seen Pop (my dad) and when Pop opened the door last week to let us in the house Hunter held up his arms and yelled "hi pop"...melted Pop's heart.

He gets pretty attached to "those who love him" as he talks about them nonstop when we are home in Florida. Particularly he recently took a liking to Noah "Woawah". I have yet to post about my trip to NYC, because I am still attempting to unpack and do 14 loads of laundry from all of our recent travels, but while I was in NY Hunter stayed at Nana's (where Noah also lives). It's like a light bulb came on during that visit and Hunter suddenly realized how super cool Noah is. Noah was really sweet with him and would try to include him on everything. Hunter acted like the typical younger child most of the weekend following his older 4 year old cousin all over the house wanting to be just like him. Every sentence Hunter starts, since last weekend, begins or ends with "Woawah" as if he is either talking about him or to him 24/7.

Giving mom a fresh picked rose out of Vivi's garden
This is such a sweet phase, and pretty easy too, although occassionally I get a glimpse of what 2 year old Hunter will be like, especially after naptime. I love that he is pretty much up for anything and gets so excited about all of the little things. He is still such a great traveler, which is a blessing since he has spent the majority of his weekends on an airplane the last 21 months.

He's got a little cold right now that he picked up 2 weeks ago but it hasn't really slowed him's that time of year hooray! He is still into all things that move, planes, trains, cars, trucks, and ELMO and most recently Curious George. He is still very snuggly and he understands just about anything I tell him or ask him to do, which is fun.

He loves to touch my belly and say "baby" with lots of enthusiasm but I doubt that he really understands the full concept that a baby is really in there. He loves to look at ultrasound pictures and and point out body parts on the baby. It's fun to imagine what kind of a big brother he will be.

Snuggling with Aunt Beekah
It's been a very full and exciting month and we have many more fun things in store so stay tuned!