Monday, October 12, 2009

Week with Sara and Jax

On Monday, the day after all of our family left, Sara and Jax came down from Nashville for a week long visit. The last time I saw Jax he was only 4 weeks old, so at 5 months he has changed quite a bit!

It didn't take long for Hunter to become attached to Sara

Jax seemed to really enjoy the beach :-)

Hunter posing for the cover of GQ

Hunter (19 mo) Jax (5 mo)

Hunter looking a bit primal (notice the wet puddle of rocks in front of him... that's not from the fountain)

They are ready to hit the beach

It won't be long before these two will but out hunting and fishing with their daddies!


Sara said...

Hey Ash & Hunter! Jax and I loved seeing the pictures of our visit. Jax just realized he slept through the trip to the beach and is very upset. We had so much fun and can't wait to see you in Nashville very soon! Love you!

Grandpa-Bob said...

Hunter could be the eTrade baby. Can he say shank-a-ponomus?

Sarah W. said...

Is it just me or does Hunter look A LOT older?!?! He is PRECIOUS!!!

The Tenner Trio said...

GREAT pictures!!! We laughed out loud when we saw the "fountain" pose! :-) I'm so excited that Hunter is loving the beach and is still sleeping so, so well! He's growing so fast and he looks so cute holding that precious baby! He'll make a wonderful big brother someday! Hope you all are settling in to your new home! What a blessing to be able to set up some roots there!

Christine said...

These pics are so cute! Looks like those two became fast friends :) Glad ya'll had a great time! Jax is so precious, his eyes look just like yours Sara!Those are some sweet little boys!