Monday, October 26, 2009

Bye Week

This year we decided to go to Houston for the bye week. It was a VERY quick trip. We tried to see a few friends but didn't make it around to everyone...not even close. We will return after the season so hopefully we can see everyone!

Started off with a nonstop way to fly with a toddler
(this magazine fun lasted a good 30-45 minutes...nice)

Elmo lasted another 30-45 minutes
(what would we do without portable DVD players?)

The guys went shooting
(brought out the 500 Smith and Wesson Magnum)

While the girls spent a lazy day on the best couch ever made (man I miss my couch)

Hunter got PLENTY of outside time

I wonder if he remembers this house (its been 7 months)

A trip to Benihana

Everything tastes better dipped in ginger sauce (even gold fish)

A fabulous fajita dinner prepared by this guy (Jim)
A wonderfully relaxing and fun weekend spent with these two. Hope to do it again someday soon! Maybe next time it will be a duck hunting trip!


amber said...

Looks like a fun relaxing weekend, but I don't know about goldfish in ginger sauce...we have to work on Hunter's taste buds. I'll bring the hot sauce and teach him a thing or two :)

Cassie Channell said...

Looks like so much fun! And Wyatt has those exact same tennis shoes. They were the only ones I could find in a 9 wide! Imagine that! He was just over an 8 so we went up to the next size...