Monday, October 19, 2009

20 months old

This has been a much busier month now that football season is in full swing. We have had many visitors this month and Hunter has gotten attached to each and every one of them. I love this age, well I love all of his ages, but each new month brings more and more fun.

Hunter and Daddy

Hunter playing at Chick Fila playground with his best bud Caden

Little bud has lots of play dates these days. He loves playing with other kiddos especially ones that are older than him. He copies everything he sees. He enjoys copying Jordan and me too. His manners are starting to come around more regularly. He says please and thank you and I'm sorry (mostly when he is in trouble) but sometimes he lets me know he has done something wrong because he will just come over and say "I'm sorry". Then I have to go investigate what it is that he has done. Hard to get upset when he tells on himself haha.

He loves to sing to himself. He will be playing and sing EIEIO (old Mcdonald had a farm) he just sings the EIEIO part.... He sings the ABC song only at night after he goes to bed. We can hear him over the monitor singing his ABC's which is so sweet to hear but for some reason I can't get him to do it on command. He also loves to practice counting usually he always starts with 2 and can go to all the way to 10 with a little prompting after 5. He still loves saying the names of everyone who loves him. The "list" of people who love him has gotten much longer and now includes toys, blankets and friends as oppose to just family.

He loves to go to the beach which he will ask to go everyday. Sometimes he tells me "poooooool" like in a SUPER excited voice (which just means he wants to go play in the water) and sometimes he will ask "beach"? or say "SEASHELLS!!!!" which also means he wants to go to the beach. He has a bounce house that he enjoys jumping in and he will point outside and say "jump?"

He is really into ELMO, footballs, sidewalk chalk, playing outside, playing with friends, ELMO, cars, trucks, trains, ELMO, frogs, lizards, bugs, dirt, sand, playing chase, hide and go seek, and rough housing on the bed. Oh and ELMO.

Daddy teaching Hunter how to draw

Hunter and Caden checking out the big dogs

Keeping a healthy distance

Chick fila... again

Hunter playing with his newest Elmo toy
He wears 24 month and 2T clothes, size 7 WIDE shoes, size 5 diapers (I hate moving up sizes because you get less diapers in the bigger size boxes but they cost the same so I will try to keep him in 5's for a LONG time).

It just gets better and better!

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Heather said...

He is getting so big and cuter each month. I love the picture of him and Jordan drawing with chalk. Too cute!