Monday, October 26, 2009

Bye Week

This year we decided to go to Houston for the bye week. It was a VERY quick trip. We tried to see a few friends but didn't make it around to everyone...not even close. We will return after the season so hopefully we can see everyone!

Started off with a nonstop way to fly with a toddler
(this magazine fun lasted a good 30-45 minutes...nice)

Elmo lasted another 30-45 minutes
(what would we do without portable DVD players?)

The guys went shooting
(brought out the 500 Smith and Wesson Magnum)

While the girls spent a lazy day on the best couch ever made (man I miss my couch)

Hunter got PLENTY of outside time

I wonder if he remembers this house (its been 7 months)

A trip to Benihana

Everything tastes better dipped in ginger sauce (even gold fish)

A fabulous fajita dinner prepared by this guy (Jim)
A wonderfully relaxing and fun weekend spent with these two. Hope to do it again someday soon! Maybe next time it will be a duck hunting trip!

Weekend with Tia Dre

Dre came to Jax for a last minute trip last weekend. Hunter had no trouble remembering her and was VERY attached by the time she left. He cried so hard and wanted to hold her (not mommy). It was so cute. I'm mad I didn't get a picture of the two of them but we will be seeing her again this weekend in Nashville, so we will have plenty more chances!

Dre and me at the Jags game (vs. St. Louis) we won in OT!!!!

After the game

I hate that this one is out of focus :-(
It's always so good to see you. Can't wait till this weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

20 months old

This has been a much busier month now that football season is in full swing. We have had many visitors this month and Hunter has gotten attached to each and every one of them. I love this age, well I love all of his ages, but each new month brings more and more fun.

Hunter and Daddy

Hunter playing at Chick Fila playground with his best bud Caden

Little bud has lots of play dates these days. He loves playing with other kiddos especially ones that are older than him. He copies everything he sees. He enjoys copying Jordan and me too. His manners are starting to come around more regularly. He says please and thank you and I'm sorry (mostly when he is in trouble) but sometimes he lets me know he has done something wrong because he will just come over and say "I'm sorry". Then I have to go investigate what it is that he has done. Hard to get upset when he tells on himself haha.

He loves to sing to himself. He will be playing and sing EIEIO (old Mcdonald had a farm) he just sings the EIEIO part.... He sings the ABC song only at night after he goes to bed. We can hear him over the monitor singing his ABC's which is so sweet to hear but for some reason I can't get him to do it on command. He also loves to practice counting usually he always starts with 2 and can go to all the way to 10 with a little prompting after 5. He still loves saying the names of everyone who loves him. The "list" of people who love him has gotten much longer and now includes toys, blankets and friends as oppose to just family.

He loves to go to the beach which he will ask to go everyday. Sometimes he tells me "poooooool" like in a SUPER excited voice (which just means he wants to go play in the water) and sometimes he will ask "beach"? or say "SEASHELLS!!!!" which also means he wants to go to the beach. He has a bounce house that he enjoys jumping in and he will point outside and say "jump?"

He is really into ELMO, footballs, sidewalk chalk, playing outside, playing with friends, ELMO, cars, trucks, trains, ELMO, frogs, lizards, bugs, dirt, sand, playing chase, hide and go seek, and rough housing on the bed. Oh and ELMO.

Daddy teaching Hunter how to draw

Hunter and Caden checking out the big dogs

Keeping a healthy distance

Chick fila... again

Hunter playing with his newest Elmo toy
He wears 24 month and 2T clothes, size 7 WIDE shoes, size 5 diapers (I hate moving up sizes because you get less diapers in the bigger size boxes but they cost the same so I will try to keep him in 5's for a LONG time).

It just gets better and better!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sesame Street Live

Last weekend, while the team was in Seattle for a LONG weekend away (Friday afternoon-early Monday morning), a few of us girls took our kiddos to see Sesame Street Live. Hunter was already obsessed with Elmo prior to the show because he has the talking Elmo that Nana and Pop gave him for his birthday. He plays with it EVERYDAY. So the second Elmo came on stage he perked up and screamed "ELMOOOOOOOO" as loud as he could. It totally came out of no where and he continued to repeat it for the rest of the show. The kids loved the show and Hunter now has other characters he is obsessed with. Mostly Big bird "bi bur", Cookie Monster "cookie" and Elmo.

The show was right in the middle of Hunter's only naptime so he was a bit tired and squirmy. I kept him still by snacking the entire show. He fell asleep after the show before we even got out of the parking lot, 3 hours after his normal naptime. He did GREAT considering!

Hunter pointing and sceaming "ELMO"

The group (Hunter was more interested in the water)

Hunter snuggling with Nicole

Monday, October 12, 2009

Week with Sara and Jax

On Monday, the day after all of our family left, Sara and Jax came down from Nashville for a week long visit. The last time I saw Jax he was only 4 weeks old, so at 5 months he has changed quite a bit!

It didn't take long for Hunter to become attached to Sara

Jax seemed to really enjoy the beach :-)

Hunter posing for the cover of GQ

Hunter (19 mo) Jax (5 mo)

Hunter looking a bit primal (notice the wet puddle of rocks in front of him... that's not from the fountain)

They are ready to hit the beach

It won't be long before these two will but out hunting and fishing with their daddies!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Catch up

I am really far behind so I will attempt to play catch up in the next few posts.

We moved last week only about 30 minutes away this time as opposed to 13 hours last time. We love the house so far and the space that comes with it, but mostly we love the proximity to the beach. The beach has become Hunter's new "park" although it's quite scary how fearless he has become in the water, mostly the waves. It is a great way to let him burn off his energy in the mornings and usually results in a nice long 3.5 hour afternoon nap.

Before we moved out we got a picture of our night time view of downtown from our condo
I was pretty nervous about the moving day because a lot of things had to happen in a very short time period and the majority of it was done in the morning when I was alone with Hunter. Doesn't sound bad considering we had movers but if I gave you a rundown of everything that was scheduled to happen that day you would see why I was nervous. The morning was JAM packed starting at 8:30am I was up bright and early at 5:00am packing the remaining boxes. The movers showed up to move them all and the crazy morning began. I was so happy when I got the call from mom that her flight had landed and she was on her way with lunch...whew sigh of relief, and also great because after lunch is nap time for Hunter which meant we could get TONS of things accomplished.

The move was pretty seamless. Everything worked out according to plan. It was nice to have mom in town help us get settled in the new house since it takes twice as long to do things with a toddler at foot undoing everything as fast as we can get it done. She was a big help, it was like having two of me around. Pretty much everything went off without a snag.

Well sort of...

When the movers finished loading up our boxes that morning, from the condo, I went back in one last time to get my frozen/cold foods out of the fridge to take down to the car and lock up the apartment one last time. I was by myself with Hunter and needed to load the entire contents of my fridge onto the cart for my final trip down to the car. I loaded it up and pushed the cart to the elevator (20 feet from the condo) and went back to double check that I had locked the door turned out the lights etc. Somewhere during my 20 foot walk back to the condo my worst nightmare did finally happen. If you need a rundown of what is possible in the scenario I am about to give you then just click here. The elevator managed to come to the floor at the exact moment I reached my condo door (apparently Hunter was not walking with me anymore and had gone back and pushed the button). Just as I reached the condo door I heard the elevator ding indicating the door was opening. I raced back to the elevator as fast as I could just in time to see the elevator door close, this time with Hunter on board.


***PANIC*** as the list of horrible scenarios went through my head at lightening speed. I pressed the button 27 times to ensure the elevator would indeed come back and get me. But where do I even begin once I get on the elevator? There are 38 FLOORS! I was FREAKING OUT.

About 45 seconds (longest 45 seconds ever) went by before the elevator came back to my floor and the doors opened. Much to my surprise Hunter was still on the elevator! Woohoo!

Apparently it pays to know the staff because the first stop the elevator made was to pick up a maintenance guy that Hunter and I see everyday on our morning trip to lobby for coffee and mail. He is so friendly and loves to see Hunter everyday. As soon as he got on the elevator and saw Hunter alone he made sure Hunter stayed on with him and brought him back to our floor (Hunter did try to get off but he managed to keep him on board). WOW that was a close one. The angels were watching over him that's for sure. So we squeaked by on that one and didn't even keep the movers waiting, since they were already en route to the house when this happened, had I actually gone "looking" for Hunter it could have been FOREVER before I found him and drove out to the house to let the movers unload.

The rest of the week was pretty low key. Few trips to the beach here and there. Hung out with Nana until the Black's and Bennett's came in town for the home game that weekend. We had a great time hanging out, as usual, and enjoyed a great win on Sunday against the Titans.

Hunter and "Beekah"

Hunter and Nana
Hunter and Papa

The Black's and Bennett's at the game

Offensive line taking a breather on the bench

Jordan is blocking (left #78) on the big screen replay

Look for more posts coming up I am not quite done playing catchup!