Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hunter, who loves you?

I have been trying for a while now to capture Hunter saying the names of people that love him before he starts saying them in a more grown up way because I want to remember this sweet little voice and the way he pronounces each name. He says them ALL day long but the moment the camera turns on he stops or doesn't go from start to finish without a lot of prodding. I wanted to get a shot of him saying everyone's name at least once so I could remember it in the future. I have 3 videos we did today that ALMOST has everyone in them. That's the best I can get for now :-)

I couldn't resist putting this first one up...this is his new favorite thing


This one is not a great example of the names but I love how he says "that's hot" and waves his little hands. I have never gotten that on camera before so I had to put it up.

This is probably the best example


brianandlauren said...

This seriously made me cry! I can't believe how much he has changed since I last saw him! I miss him so bad!! He's so freakin cute!!!

BrookeMahan said...

Awww so sweet! I love his cute little voice =). I still want to get the boys together!

Becky said...

He makes me laugh!! I can't wait until next week!!

The Tenner Trio said...

Awhhh! I love how he says "Beeekah" and "Ashley!"