Saturday, September 19, 2009

19 months old

It's been a pretty low key month around our house. This is the longest period of time that we have stayed in town since Hunter was born (6 weeks so far). We are moving out to the beach next week so our condo is completely turned upside down in boxes right now. Hunter has "helped" me with packing process so much so that I have tried to limit my packing to when he naps... otherwise things get unpacked just about as quickly as I get them packed. If I happen to get the box taped shut and labelled before he gets a chance to unpack it then he just pulls my color coded label off the box! So even after all this time at home a change in his little routine is in the near future. Until then its been really nice being in one place for so long and getting into a nice little routine.

It's amazing what a little predictability does for a toddler. I try to stick to the same plans every day, even when we do travel. But since we have been in the same place Hunter has been LOVING getting to predict what comes next in his little day. He seems to love his routine especially when it includes getting out of the house. His favorites are going to he lobby with me first thing in the morning for my cup of Joe, followed by walking daddy down to his car to wave to him as he drives away, our trip to the gym where he gets to play for 2 hours while I workout, he even loves nap-time and still sleeps so well. After nap-time we go for a stroll on the Riverwalk to get some fresh air (where we talk about EVERYTHING we see), but I think his favorite is when daddy gets home and he gets his "daddy time" on the bed (while I finish up dinner) he RUNS SCREAMING in excitement when he hears that front door open and sees daddy walk through. Then he turns around and sprints to the bedroom and climbs up on the bed because he knows he gets to play with daddy and lastly he loves his bath and bedtime routine with daddy after dinner. Hunter can predict each move in his day and knows exactly what to expect next before I even tell him. It's pretty cute to see him like this because we have never really had a routine that we have been able to follow for weeks at at time. Our routine used to be packing and unpacking and sleeping in a different place every 4 days or so. I have thoroughly enjoyed the calmness of the past 6 weeks.

As you could see in my last video post Hunter is really into make believe. He especially loves to pretend to talk on the phone and will even laugh out loud while talking as if the other person said something funny. He does some pretty cute things that totally crack us up all the time and it just gets better and better the older he gets. He has really been enjoying his little puzzles the past 2 months and can do them all by himself and knows the names of each piece (7-9 piece puzzles). He seems really into "choo choo" (trains), cars, airplanes and helicopters. He knows the difference between a car and a truck and when we walk through a parking lot he will point to EACH AND EVERY VEHICLE WE PASS and tell me wether its a car or a truck.

He also has some not so fun habits developing that we are working on such as, throwing toys (he thinks all toys are like balls and are meant to be playing catch), spitting out his drinks (he takes a big drink and then lets it drool down his chin all over his shirt), and begging for a piece of fruit but then when we go to open it... well it turns out he just wanted to tell us what the fruit was called (he didn't actually want to eat it). He will go up and say "nana nana nana" and almost cry for me to give him a banana and then the second I open it for him he shakes his head and runs away. LOVELY!

He loves to dance, walk backwards, turn in circles, jump and pretty much perform in anyway possible that will get laughs (he is Jordan's child no doubt)! He is so loving and snugly and when I get on the floor to play with him it totally makes his day and he can't hardly even play because he keeps coming over and giving kisses. It's like he is saying "thanks for playing with me mom." He loves to "help" me cook. If I am in the kitchen he MUST be ON the countertop right in the middle of it all helping. I usually give him jobs, something to pour or stir. But the other day I was making corn bread and he was having a little snack (mandarin oranges) while watching me. "We" poured all the ingredients in the bowl and I took my eyes away for a few seconds to grab the whisk and when I turned back around I saw him dumping his entire cup of mandarin oranges (juice and all) into the bowl of cornbread dough. My instincts yelled "NOOOOO" to see if I could stop him in time but instead I scared the living day lights out of him and he burst into big crocodile tears (partly scared, partly hurt) because he thought he was helping. I felt terrible.

He is growing into such a sweet little boy. He continues to amaze us everyday and we just thank God for this tremendous blessing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hunter, who loves you?

I have been trying for a while now to capture Hunter saying the names of people that love him before he starts saying them in a more grown up way because I want to remember this sweet little voice and the way he pronounces each name. He says them ALL day long but the moment the camera turns on he stops or doesn't go from start to finish without a lot of prodding. I wanted to get a shot of him saying everyone's name at least once so I could remember it in the future. I have 3 videos we did today that ALMOST has everyone in them. That's the best I can get for now :-)

I couldn't resist putting this first one up...this is his new favorite thing


This one is not a great example of the names but I love how he says "that's hot" and waves his little hands. I have never gotten that on camera before so I had to put it up.

This is probably the best example

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Putting down roots

Those of you who know us well know that the last thing we thought we would ever say today would be "sure we'll stay in Jacksonville another 3 years"...

This year was set out to be a rebuilding year for Jordan coming off his injury and all the shenanigans with the Texans. We really had low expectations for staying in Jacksonville after they decided to get not 1 not 2 but 3 very high status tackles in the off-season. Well Jordan showed up and played his heart out the past few months and had the best camp he has had in 7 years and it has paid off. It amazes me how God answers prayers in some of the most amazing and unexpected ways. If you asked us yesterday what we though our options would be today we would not have even thought up a contract extension to stay in Jacksonville another 3 years...

He signs today at 2:00pm