Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paci free and new best friend

We are finally staying put at home for a few weeks in a row so I thought this is as good of time as any to take away the pacifier. Hunter only uses it to sleep with but since we travel so much I have always been super careful to bring as much as I possibly can to make his travel bed as close to his home bed as possible to prevent sleep issues. He sleeps perfectly at home, goes to sleep in minutes without protest and sleeps 13 hours a night and 3 hour nap a day. But when we travel he sometimes wakes up once in the night kind of scared like he doesn't know where he is. So, because of that I have allowed him to keep that paci, lovie and blanket with him where ever we go as comfort objects.

So, it turns out taking away the pacifier was totally uneventful. He couldn't have cared less about having the pacifier. I introduced a new animal (teddy bear) a few days prior to taking it away. He caught on like planned and begs for him when we head to the crib. So, last night I put him down with everything minus the paci and he went right to sleep as usual in under 3 minutes with no protest. It was really sweet though because after I walked out I heard him over the monitor practicing the names of those who love them before drifting off to sleep. I usually don't hear anything because of the pacifier, so that was really sweet! He slept 13 hours and woke up happy with a dirty diaper as usual :-) He went down for his nap today as normal with no issues. So we are officially paci free....and it was totally anticlimactic!

Did I mention his crib is a little crowded? He loves to snuggle things :-)
He is waving night night to me.
He has recently taken a real liking to "wrinkles" the super soft snuggly elephant that Nana and Pop gave him last Christmas. When I told him it was nap time today he ran and grabbed Mr. Wrinkles and came running behind me into his room. Needless to say there is not one more square inch of room in his crib for another animal, blanket or lovie. So, I had to do some serious distracting to get him to forget about bringing Mr. Wrinkles into the mix.

He will just have to settle for snuggling Mr. Wrinkles on the couch when we watch praise baby.
He has also grown out of all of his footed Pj's this week. It's like it happened overnight. So, he has been sleeping in footless pajama pants and a t-shirt. He is so used to having his feet covered that he asks for socks now before I put him down, which is so cute. He is getting too big :-(

Oh and I got to thinking about all the places this little guy has been and I counted 12 states he has visited in the 17 months he has been around. That doesn't include states he has passed through on a drive or had a lay over in on a plane...that just doesn't count. These are states he has been to by plane or car for a weekend or week long visit. That is CRAZY that he has already been to that many places considering we usually just return to same places over and over almost every month (Dallas and Kansas city).

I'm sorry these pictures are so kind of makes you dizzy! I just grabbed the nearest camera (my phone) and it doesn't take very good action pictures. I really need to use a real camera more often.

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Heather said...

Mr. Wrinkles is so cute. He is getting big. I can't believe how much he does. I guess since Audrey is my second I don't realize all the things that she does. Pretty sad if you ask me.

He has been to more states than I probably have and I am almost 30!