Wednesday, August 12, 2009

East coast tour with Nana

Last week my mom came to Florida for a week long stay while Jordan is in training camp. We had lots of fun things on the agenda for the week. We went to the beach, shopping, movies and finally traveled up and down the coast to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA and Saint Augustine, FL.

The week started off relatively slow with lots of snuggles between Nana and Hunter

Lots of sloppy wet kisses =)

So sweet

A trip to the beach in Amelia Island

Follow by a pit stop at sonic happy hour

A day trip to Saint Augustine

Before the storm rolled in

Then we loaded up the car and headed to Charleston, SC. We stayed in a precious bed and breakfast right in the heart of the town. We had a blast walking the streets and checking out the beautiful architecture and market

Charleston is such a charming little place. It had beautiful fountains open for wading. It was a very nice break for Hunter from all the shopping. He loved getting to run around and burn off some steam in the VERY hot weather.

I am afraid he will think he can play in any and all fountains now.

Dinner in Charleston was at a local restaurant on the water called Fleet Landing. It was delicious.

The next morning we shopped some more, hit the market, and headed 2 hours south (right during nap time) to Savannah
Savannah was fabulous as well. The shopping and the food was amazing. We ate dinner at Belford's, which was a recommended by a friend. It was fabulous!

Hunter got his first look at horses while we were there. There were lots of horse drawn carriages around town. He loved looking at the horses so long as he could keep a healthy distance. No interest in petting here!

In Savannah we stayed in the "honeymoon suite" in another adorable bed and breakfast in the heart of the town. I must say it was my first time to stay in a honeymoon suite with someone other than Jordan, but we needed the separate bedroom/living room area for Hunter to go to bed at his early bedtime. It was the only option and worked out fabulously.

Our suite opened up to a HUGE balcony that Hunter enjoyed sitting on the next morning while momma enjoyed some coffee =)

We shopped till we dropped and then headed to Paula Deen's famous restaurant, Lady and Son's. It definitely lived up to its reputation. Lines started early in the morning. We arrived at 8:15am to get in line until 9:30 (when they would start taking reservations for lunch and dinner) they didn't open for lunch until 11:00am. Nana stood in line while Hunter and I played in the parking lot across the street. By 9:30 the line was down the street. We got our 11:00 lunch time slot and then headed out for more shopping.

This is the line at 8:30am (an hour before they start taking reservations).

If you look closely you can see Nana in a coral shirt about halfway back. Yes there were still about 20 people in front of her despite the fact that we got there at 8:15am.

We were instructed to be back at 10:45am where they would take all the 11:00 reservations in to the restaurant 1 by 1. They only take reservations on the hour so at 11:00 there were over 100 people waiting to be seated for the 11:00am time slot. It was crazy crowded when we arrived at 10:45, but we were led in 1 by 1 to our seats inside where we all devoured her amazing food. If was sooooooo good. We decided to go with the buffet so we could eat immediately. It was pretty cheap for all you can eat! Buffet menu included cornmeal pancakes, garlic cheese biscuits, fried chicken, baked chicken, grits, mac n cheese, collard greens, lima beans, pulled pork followed by banana pudding and coconut butter cake and mint iced tea! Need I say more? We "rolled" ourselves out of the restaurant and drove 2 hours south to Jacksonville (during nap time again). It was a perfect little trip!

You can see the line down the street
It was a fabulous week with Nana. Hunter just loved having so much attention all week and definitely missed his Nana after she left. It was a nice distraction for me, as I hate it when Jordan is away. Only a week and half more to go until he is home!

While we were in Savannah Hunter got a pretty good mosquito bite on his cheek. He gets mosquito bites all the time so of course I didn't think much of it but never before on his face. That night it started looking really irritated and his whole cheek up towards his nose and eye started turning red. I snapped this picture just a few hours after the bite. It doesn't look bad here compared to the next morning.
I dosed him up with Benadryl thinking he was having a reaction but it did nothing. The next morning he woke up and his whole cheek and eye where super puffy and swollen. He looked like he had a black eye! I started getting concerned and asked some mom friends about it. They informed my about "skeeter syndrome" which is pretty common in kids, and after reading about it and seeing pics there is no doubt that is exactly what it is. No need to take him in for it, the treatment is just topical cream and anti-inflammatory. He has never been bitten on the face before and apparently some kids only react this way to a facial bite...others act this way to any bite. Well, nothing to be alarmed about, just have to keep an eye on it. I have done topical Benadryl cream and Motrin (for anti-inflammatory) and they are both helping big time. It's still there and somewhat swollen but nothing like it was. Poor thing's eye was almost swollen shut! Anyway, so we learned about something new. Hopefully he will grow out of it!


Sarah W. said...

What a fabulous trip!!! Sounds so fun. Hunter is so cute...I love how interested in life he is :).

His poor face :(. So glad he's ok!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Sounds like a super fun trip with your mom! I am so jealous that yau'll (see how I added that in there, hehehe!) got to go to Lady & Son's...I will have to go visit there sometime, sounds very yummy!
Very interesting about "skeeter syndrome"...I haven't heard of it before, but glad he is improving!
Jaimi B

Holly said...

LOVE the pics of Hunter giving kisses!! So precious!! Your trip looks like it was so fun!! I'm glad your mom could come for a while during Jordans absence, I bet you are so ready for him to be home. Nice, though, that you can at least go watch practices!

michael said...

Hello Ashlie, I love your blog site. I was checking up on Jordan and stumbled accross your blog. I know you don't know me and Jordan will probably not remember me as the last time we meet he was in High School. We are related through his Gradparents Harvey and Mary. My Gradmother was Elizabeth Craig Tatum or Nanny or Lizzy as we all called her. My Sons and I have followed Jordan's career from his High school days through college at Notre Dame and now his 3rd pro team. We live in Roswell, GA which is just north of Atlanta. I am glad things are going well for you, Jordan, and Hunter. I really enjoyed the pictures of Vivian. We used to play together as kids on family visits. I see from your pictures you like to visit the beach. We have a family beach home that Mother and Dad purchased many years ago in Daytona so if you want to visit there let me know we hardly ever use it except on holidays? I also have several friends that live in Jacksonville that are in the remodeling business so if you need a reference let me know? The company I work for does business in Jax thorugh the BJ's wholesale clubs if you ever shop there. We are in the home improvement business. I only offer this because I know you are new to Jacksonville. We are bumed out that the Jags don't play the Falcons this year so we could come to a game and see Jordan live as opposed to watching on TV. Tell Jordan I said hello and keep up the good work. My youngest is a jr. in high school and is a very good player. He is 6'-3 253lbs. He plays offensive guard and defensive tackle. I have used Jordan as a motivater and example for him to follow as he tries to get reconized by colleges and possibly earn a scholarship. My email contact information is