Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 months old

A year and a half! I can't believe it's here so fast! This has been a fun month because this month was the longest we have been home since we moved to Florida. It has been really nice to get into a routine. It's amazing how much easier things are when you stay in one place!

Hunter has turned into such a sweet little boy. He is really affectionate with random hugs and kisses all day long but he is also very independent. He requires VERY little entertainment from me. He is so good at playing by himself and entertaining himself. After a while he will come over for a quick hug or kiss or ask for a snack but otherwise he is back to business.

Highlights of month 17:

He is a CLIMBER. Can't take my eyes off this one for 2 seconds. He has been trying to jump for a few months now and it is so adorable to see him get really low and put his hands behind him and then spring up and throw his hands in the air really hard....and his feet don't even leave the ground. I will have to show a video of this it's priceless.

He is a talker. This kiddo talks my ears off all day long. If he's not talking to me he's talking to himself and he only has ONE VOLUME and you can guess what it is.... ULTRA LOUD. Almost painfully loud. He has gotten to where he will ask for pretty much any of the basic things. He asks for drinks, snacks, crackers, cookies, lovie, teddie bear, bath, to go outside, for kisses, toys, diapers (to be changed), socks, shoes, and to watch praise baby (which he asks for MANY times per day). It's so neat to see the language progress so quickly every single day.

He is learning his numbers, colors and alphabet. His favorite number is 2 and favorite letter is B. He points them out to me anytime anywhere we are. He loves them for some reason. When I ask him how old he is he holds up one finger but says "2".

He knows most of the animals and can do the sound that go with them. His favorite is donkey and cow. I will have to show a video of those two they are sooooo cute.

He loves to stack blocks and work puzzles. He is OBSESSED with airplanes, choo choo trains, helicopters and birds. We have frequent helipcopter fly-byes and he will run over to the window lift the blinds and look out yelling "whasat, whasat, whasat momma"? He calls them "copter".

And of course he wouldn't be a typical toddler if he didn't enjoy testing out his toys in the toilet to see if they float. I typically leave the doors to the bathroom locked for this very reason but he managed to slip one in before bathtime tonight. He has also thrown an entire box of nutrigrain bars in the toilet.... LOVELY.

Speaking of toilets he does show interest in potty training but he is still REALLY young (and a boy) so I don't think I am gonna go there just yet. But he tells me when he is going he will point and say "pee pee" and also tells me after he has dirty diaper. He will usually come over the second he finishes and give me a hug and sit in my lap and say "poo poo" or "diaper"... which is lovely. But, I am still on the fence about it right now.

I have also recently discovered that a favorite hiding place of his is the trashcan... specifically the trashcan devoted to dirty diapers. Lately quite a few things have been coming up missing. Since it's just Hunter and I here right now there is only one culprit. If I hadn't caught him in the act of throwing away some clean clothes the other day I would have never known. I am sure what is gone is gone for good by now.

We also discovered a free water park across the river from our condo. It's actually just across the street from the stadium and I am just now finding it. It's open everyday all day and has a perfect little area devoted just to toddlers. We took the ferry from our condo to the water park this week. Hunter had a BLAST!
First boat ride

We also recently discovered that Hunter has been wearing the wrong shoes size for quite some time. I have always just measured his foot sole to sole with his shoes for fit. He has always hated wearing shoes and will take them off the second we get somewhere. I decided to go to Stride Rite and get him properly fitted and I was WAY off. I had him in a 5 regular and his foot is a 6.5 WIDE. Whoops. Turns out he actually loves shoes, now that he has some that fit. He won't take them off and begs for me to put them on first thing in the morning out of bed he says "shoes"?

He loves trying on mommy's shoes too
He is my little helper. He loves to help me carry things and push the cart for me when I buy groceries. He is taking a ride on the cart here but when its' empty he pushes it for me and he can actually steer pretty well!

Helping me bake cookies for daddy's training camp care package.

He likes to carry his own bag. When we leave he asks for it or he will ask to bring his Teddy bear... or a toy... or Mr. wrinkles. It's always something.
This has been such a fun month. I can't believe how old he acts somedays. It has all just gone by way too fast :-(


Cassie Channell said...

Too cute! Wyatt is the same way about the trains, planes (awh-pwanes), and helicopters! And that waterpark looks great! I wish we had things like that around here but it is such a small town. We are supposed to be moving to Fl. in a year so it would be great to have stuff like that around! Wyatt LOVES water!

And shoes. I have to put them in a closet and lock it because he will go back and try on each and every pair with a walk through the house. Even hubby's boots that weigh as much as he does! LOL

Jes said...

18 mo. is my FAVORITE age!! They are so fun at that age and learning new things and becoming independent and they haven't become defiant yet! BTW I have some friends who's boys potty trained before they were 2, it's rare but it happens. I also started putting mine on the toilet before bath around 18 mo. and surprisingly they peed a lot. the running water has that effect. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun w/him. wish mine were that age again.