Friday, August 7, 2009

17 month checkup

Our sweet little buddy is just getting too old. We had his first "Florida" pediatrician checkup this past week. He missed his 15 month checkup/shots when we moved and his 18 month is right around the corner so we compromised and did a combined 17 month checkup. Now we don't have to go back until he is 2. We have been guessing on his stats since his 12 month checkup so I now have his "official" 17 month stats. 26.4 pounds (81%), 33.4 inches (92%), and head 19.7 inches (97%).

He is doing so good in every developmental area and we are just amazed by his knowledge and curiosity everyday. He has had a MAJOR language explosion the past 2 weeks. He has always been a big talker but now it's like he carries on full conversations! He can tell us just about anything he wants by just asking. He still points and grunts occasionally but for the most part he asks if he needs something. When we ask "who loves you" he will rattle off parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and even a few friends with no prompting! I have always practiced the names of those who love him most to keep him occupied while I change his diaper MANY times everyday. One day I did the usual "Hunter, who loves you"...? He just rattled off the entire family, friends and extended family! Usually he will just repeat after me. No prompting needed now :)

He is still super curious about everything around him now, as he has always been, but it's like his memory is suddenly kicking in. He will just point things out and name them instead of asking "whasat"... not that he doesn't still ask "whasat" 2,000 times per day. But he only asks about things he doesn't know and once we tell him he remembers! I LOVE this age. He is just so precious :-)

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Rebecca said...

Awww, he is SO cute!!! :) I love how he lists who loves him! I am going to work on that one with B! So cute!!! :) This IS a great age!