Monday, August 31, 2009

For the family who misses him so much...

It's been a while since I posted a video. This morning Hunter was playing quietly by himself in his toy box.... too quietly. I went to investigate. Turns out he found my hiding place for Jordan's 3 potted tree plants that died last month. He made his own little sandbox right in my kitchen. Sorry its so long I didn't edit it down. It's too dark to tell but he dumped 3 entire pots of dirt on the rug and is attempting to transfer it back into the pots. Lovely

This one is kind of long too but turns out he LOVES salsa (just like his dad), Well from the look on his face it looks slightly painful yet he keeps going back for more.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Training Camp 2009

Training Camp 2009 broke on the 21st (the day before my birthday). With training camp being so close this year we were able to go watch practices and see Jordan when we wanted to. It was so nice to be able to see him so many times per week during camp and it made the time fly by! Jordan had his best camp in 7 years this year and it was nice to be able to see him in action more than once. The team stays in a hotel next door to our condo for camp and for games so Jordan was just steps away from us the whole time.

My best attempt at getting a picture of Hunter in front stadium
(across the river)
Practices were HOT, as expected in the Sunny state of Florida, but they had a nice shaded area with fans for the families to sit. Hunter stayed in his stroller the whole time in front of the fan reading books and playing. Otherwise it would have been VERY hard to keep him from running onto the field.

After practice he was able to get out and run around with daddy a bit

Since Jordan was injured last year this is the first picture we have of Hunter with daddy in uniform (even if it is just practice uniform) hopefully many more to come!
Jordan is sporting his camp "chops".
I am told they will be shaved by the first game of the year...
Although it was a great camp it's even better now that daddy is home!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 months old

A year and a half! I can't believe it's here so fast! This has been a fun month because this month was the longest we have been home since we moved to Florida. It has been really nice to get into a routine. It's amazing how much easier things are when you stay in one place!

Hunter has turned into such a sweet little boy. He is really affectionate with random hugs and kisses all day long but he is also very independent. He requires VERY little entertainment from me. He is so good at playing by himself and entertaining himself. After a while he will come over for a quick hug or kiss or ask for a snack but otherwise he is back to business.

Highlights of month 17:

He is a CLIMBER. Can't take my eyes off this one for 2 seconds. He has been trying to jump for a few months now and it is so adorable to see him get really low and put his hands behind him and then spring up and throw his hands in the air really hard....and his feet don't even leave the ground. I will have to show a video of this it's priceless.

He is a talker. This kiddo talks my ears off all day long. If he's not talking to me he's talking to himself and he only has ONE VOLUME and you can guess what it is.... ULTRA LOUD. Almost painfully loud. He has gotten to where he will ask for pretty much any of the basic things. He asks for drinks, snacks, crackers, cookies, lovie, teddie bear, bath, to go outside, for kisses, toys, diapers (to be changed), socks, shoes, and to watch praise baby (which he asks for MANY times per day). It's so neat to see the language progress so quickly every single day.

He is learning his numbers, colors and alphabet. His favorite number is 2 and favorite letter is B. He points them out to me anytime anywhere we are. He loves them for some reason. When I ask him how old he is he holds up one finger but says "2".

He knows most of the animals and can do the sound that go with them. His favorite is donkey and cow. I will have to show a video of those two they are sooooo cute.

He loves to stack blocks and work puzzles. He is OBSESSED with airplanes, choo choo trains, helicopters and birds. We have frequent helipcopter fly-byes and he will run over to the window lift the blinds and look out yelling "whasat, whasat, whasat momma"? He calls them "copter".

And of course he wouldn't be a typical toddler if he didn't enjoy testing out his toys in the toilet to see if they float. I typically leave the doors to the bathroom locked for this very reason but he managed to slip one in before bathtime tonight. He has also thrown an entire box of nutrigrain bars in the toilet.... LOVELY.

Speaking of toilets he does show interest in potty training but he is still REALLY young (and a boy) so I don't think I am gonna go there just yet. But he tells me when he is going he will point and say "pee pee" and also tells me after he has dirty diaper. He will usually come over the second he finishes and give me a hug and sit in my lap and say "poo poo" or "diaper"... which is lovely. But, I am still on the fence about it right now.

I have also recently discovered that a favorite hiding place of his is the trashcan... specifically the trashcan devoted to dirty diapers. Lately quite a few things have been coming up missing. Since it's just Hunter and I here right now there is only one culprit. If I hadn't caught him in the act of throwing away some clean clothes the other day I would have never known. I am sure what is gone is gone for good by now.

We also discovered a free water park across the river from our condo. It's actually just across the street from the stadium and I am just now finding it. It's open everyday all day and has a perfect little area devoted just to toddlers. We took the ferry from our condo to the water park this week. Hunter had a BLAST!
First boat ride

We also recently discovered that Hunter has been wearing the wrong shoes size for quite some time. I have always just measured his foot sole to sole with his shoes for fit. He has always hated wearing shoes and will take them off the second we get somewhere. I decided to go to Stride Rite and get him properly fitted and I was WAY off. I had him in a 5 regular and his foot is a 6.5 WIDE. Whoops. Turns out he actually loves shoes, now that he has some that fit. He won't take them off and begs for me to put them on first thing in the morning out of bed he says "shoes"?

He loves trying on mommy's shoes too
He is my little helper. He loves to help me carry things and push the cart for me when I buy groceries. He is taking a ride on the cart here but when its' empty he pushes it for me and he can actually steer pretty well!

Helping me bake cookies for daddy's training camp care package.

He likes to carry his own bag. When we leave he asks for it or he will ask to bring his Teddy bear... or a toy... or Mr. wrinkles. It's always something.
This has been such a fun month. I can't believe how old he acts somedays. It has all just gone by way too fast :-(

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Boy

The day will come when I am no longer aloud to discuss these things publicly so I am going to take my opportunity while I have it!

Ever have one of those days you wish you could just press pause? I wish I could press pause on this whole phase Hunter is in right now. I am not one of those people who wants to go back in time to how it used to be. I love every phase for different reasons and while I miss the previous phases I don't wish for Hunter to go back to those phases because I love him so much exactly the way he is.

This morning I was watching Hunter play by himself across the room. He had no idea I was watching him because if he had he would have dropped what he was doing, run over to me and climbed on my lap. I watched him as he talked to himself and made sound effects as he pushed the dump trunk across the room and and over the pillows he had placed in his path on the floor. After a few minutes he looked over at me for a second and locked eyes with me. A sweet grin came across his face and he took his hand to his mouth and blew me a kiss and said "mmmmwhaaa". Then he went on playing. Melted my heart.

This afternoon I put him down for his nap and said "night night, I love you Hunter". To which he replied "love you momma" (sounded like la ya momma). Then later in the pool he jumped off the side into my arms and with his arms around my neck planted a big sloppy kiss right on the lips. I tell you it doesn't get much sweeter than this!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paci free and new best friend

We are finally staying put at home for a few weeks in a row so I thought this is as good of time as any to take away the pacifier. Hunter only uses it to sleep with but since we travel so much I have always been super careful to bring as much as I possibly can to make his travel bed as close to his home bed as possible to prevent sleep issues. He sleeps perfectly at home, goes to sleep in minutes without protest and sleeps 13 hours a night and 3 hour nap a day. But when we travel he sometimes wakes up once in the night kind of scared like he doesn't know where he is. So, because of that I have allowed him to keep that paci, lovie and blanket with him where ever we go as comfort objects.

So, it turns out taking away the pacifier was totally uneventful. He couldn't have cared less about having the pacifier. I introduced a new animal (teddy bear) a few days prior to taking it away. He caught on like planned and begs for him when we head to the crib. So, last night I put him down with everything minus the paci and he went right to sleep as usual in under 3 minutes with no protest. It was really sweet though because after I walked out I heard him over the monitor practicing the names of those who love them before drifting off to sleep. I usually don't hear anything because of the pacifier, so that was really sweet! He slept 13 hours and woke up happy with a dirty diaper as usual :-) He went down for his nap today as normal with no issues. So we are officially paci free....and it was totally anticlimactic!

Did I mention his crib is a little crowded? He loves to snuggle things :-)
He is waving night night to me.
He has recently taken a real liking to "wrinkles" the super soft snuggly elephant that Nana and Pop gave him last Christmas. When I told him it was nap time today he ran and grabbed Mr. Wrinkles and came running behind me into his room. Needless to say there is not one more square inch of room in his crib for another animal, blanket or lovie. So, I had to do some serious distracting to get him to forget about bringing Mr. Wrinkles into the mix.

He will just have to settle for snuggling Mr. Wrinkles on the couch when we watch praise baby.
He has also grown out of all of his footed Pj's this week. It's like it happened overnight. So, he has been sleeping in footless pajama pants and a t-shirt. He is so used to having his feet covered that he asks for socks now before I put him down, which is so cute. He is getting too big :-(

Oh and I got to thinking about all the places this little guy has been and I counted 12 states he has visited in the 17 months he has been around. That doesn't include states he has passed through on a drive or had a lay over in on a plane...that just doesn't count. These are states he has been to by plane or car for a weekend or week long visit. That is CRAZY that he has already been to that many places considering we usually just return to same places over and over almost every month (Dallas and Kansas city).

I'm sorry these pictures are so kind of makes you dizzy! I just grabbed the nearest camera (my phone) and it doesn't take very good action pictures. I really need to use a real camera more often.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

East coast tour with Nana

Last week my mom came to Florida for a week long stay while Jordan is in training camp. We had lots of fun things on the agenda for the week. We went to the beach, shopping, movies and finally traveled up and down the coast to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA and Saint Augustine, FL.

The week started off relatively slow with lots of snuggles between Nana and Hunter

Lots of sloppy wet kisses =)

So sweet

A trip to the beach in Amelia Island

Follow by a pit stop at sonic happy hour

A day trip to Saint Augustine

Before the storm rolled in

Then we loaded up the car and headed to Charleston, SC. We stayed in a precious bed and breakfast right in the heart of the town. We had a blast walking the streets and checking out the beautiful architecture and market

Charleston is such a charming little place. It had beautiful fountains open for wading. It was a very nice break for Hunter from all the shopping. He loved getting to run around and burn off some steam in the VERY hot weather.

I am afraid he will think he can play in any and all fountains now.

Dinner in Charleston was at a local restaurant on the water called Fleet Landing. It was delicious.

The next morning we shopped some more, hit the market, and headed 2 hours south (right during nap time) to Savannah
Savannah was fabulous as well. The shopping and the food was amazing. We ate dinner at Belford's, which was a recommended by a friend. It was fabulous!

Hunter got his first look at horses while we were there. There were lots of horse drawn carriages around town. He loved looking at the horses so long as he could keep a healthy distance. No interest in petting here!

In Savannah we stayed in the "honeymoon suite" in another adorable bed and breakfast in the heart of the town. I must say it was my first time to stay in a honeymoon suite with someone other than Jordan, but we needed the separate bedroom/living room area for Hunter to go to bed at his early bedtime. It was the only option and worked out fabulously.

Our suite opened up to a HUGE balcony that Hunter enjoyed sitting on the next morning while momma enjoyed some coffee =)

We shopped till we dropped and then headed to Paula Deen's famous restaurant, Lady and Son's. It definitely lived up to its reputation. Lines started early in the morning. We arrived at 8:15am to get in line until 9:30 (when they would start taking reservations for lunch and dinner) they didn't open for lunch until 11:00am. Nana stood in line while Hunter and I played in the parking lot across the street. By 9:30 the line was down the street. We got our 11:00 lunch time slot and then headed out for more shopping.

This is the line at 8:30am (an hour before they start taking reservations).

If you look closely you can see Nana in a coral shirt about halfway back. Yes there were still about 20 people in front of her despite the fact that we got there at 8:15am.

We were instructed to be back at 10:45am where they would take all the 11:00 reservations in to the restaurant 1 by 1. They only take reservations on the hour so at 11:00 there were over 100 people waiting to be seated for the 11:00am time slot. It was crazy crowded when we arrived at 10:45, but we were led in 1 by 1 to our seats inside where we all devoured her amazing food. If was sooooooo good. We decided to go with the buffet so we could eat immediately. It was pretty cheap for all you can eat! Buffet menu included cornmeal pancakes, garlic cheese biscuits, fried chicken, baked chicken, grits, mac n cheese, collard greens, lima beans, pulled pork followed by banana pudding and coconut butter cake and mint iced tea! Need I say more? We "rolled" ourselves out of the restaurant and drove 2 hours south to Jacksonville (during nap time again). It was a perfect little trip!

You can see the line down the street
It was a fabulous week with Nana. Hunter just loved having so much attention all week and definitely missed his Nana after she left. It was a nice distraction for me, as I hate it when Jordan is away. Only a week and half more to go until he is home!

While we were in Savannah Hunter got a pretty good mosquito bite on his cheek. He gets mosquito bites all the time so of course I didn't think much of it but never before on his face. That night it started looking really irritated and his whole cheek up towards his nose and eye started turning red. I snapped this picture just a few hours after the bite. It doesn't look bad here compared to the next morning.
I dosed him up with Benadryl thinking he was having a reaction but it did nothing. The next morning he woke up and his whole cheek and eye where super puffy and swollen. He looked like he had a black eye! I started getting concerned and asked some mom friends about it. They informed my about "skeeter syndrome" which is pretty common in kids, and after reading about it and seeing pics there is no doubt that is exactly what it is. No need to take him in for it, the treatment is just topical cream and anti-inflammatory. He has never been bitten on the face before and apparently some kids only react this way to a facial bite...others act this way to any bite. Well, nothing to be alarmed about, just have to keep an eye on it. I have done topical Benadryl cream and Motrin (for anti-inflammatory) and they are both helping big time. It's still there and somewhat swollen but nothing like it was. Poor thing's eye was almost swollen shut! Anyway, so we learned about something new. Hopefully he will grow out of it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

17 month checkup

Our sweet little buddy is just getting too old. We had his first "Florida" pediatrician checkup this past week. He missed his 15 month checkup/shots when we moved and his 18 month is right around the corner so we compromised and did a combined 17 month checkup. Now we don't have to go back until he is 2. We have been guessing on his stats since his 12 month checkup so I now have his "official" 17 month stats. 26.4 pounds (81%), 33.4 inches (92%), and head 19.7 inches (97%).

He is doing so good in every developmental area and we are just amazed by his knowledge and curiosity everyday. He has had a MAJOR language explosion the past 2 weeks. He has always been a big talker but now it's like he carries on full conversations! He can tell us just about anything he wants by just asking. He still points and grunts occasionally but for the most part he asks if he needs something. When we ask "who loves you" he will rattle off parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and even a few friends with no prompting! I have always practiced the names of those who love him most to keep him occupied while I change his diaper MANY times everyday. One day I did the usual "Hunter, who loves you"...? He just rattled off the entire family, friends and extended family! Usually he will just repeat after me. No prompting needed now :)

He is still super curious about everything around him now, as he has always been, but it's like his memory is suddenly kicking in. He will just point things out and name them instead of asking "whasat"... not that he doesn't still ask "whasat" 2,000 times per day. But he only asks about things he doesn't know and once we tell him he remembers! I LOVE this age. He is just so precious :-)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

17 month photos

While we were in Dallas I made sure to take advantage of having a sister for a photographer. Meagan Block Photography She always does such a great job of capturing Hunter's MANY facial expressions. I love her style of photography. She just lets the kiddos run around and play and she catches the best pictures of them in their element, in action, just having a great time... so natural. I love it! These are so cute and I love all the bright colors!