Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week with Haylo

My little sis came to see us for the week for a little mini vacay and to join me in the triathlon. We had a VERY relaxing time (other than the race), thanks to Jordan who was on daddy duty most of the weekend while we basked in the sun. Hunter took a real liking to Haylo and was pretty much stuck to her like glue.

Hunter got plenty of beach time with daddy

He LOVES the beach

Well pretty much he loves being outside, getting dirty and getting to run around loose... so the beach is the perfect combination!

Hunter taking a turn in the driver's seat
He looks so small in that big truck

Doing a little surfing
It was a great week and it was so nice to get some sister time. I know Hunter was sad to see Hayley go, he got pretty attached to her this week. We are heading to Dallas tomorrow for a 3 week stay for my surgery. But first we will head to Arkansas for our annual lake trip with our KC friends for July 4th weekend. Then surgery is on the 10th, which also happens to be mine and Jordan's 5 year anniversary. My family will help nurse me back to health and take care of Hunter and then we are coming back to Florida with more family in tow!! I love family time :)

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