Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake Trip 2009

July 4th week we went on our annual lake trip to Table Rock Lake in Northern Arkansas with the Niswangers and the Bentons. We rented a bigger house this year which turned out to be PERFECT for our ever growing group. This year was quite a bit different than last year since we had 3 mobile babies! We had a blast and can't wait to return!

View of the lake from our house on Holiday Island

Our first night there we ate at the local steak house after a LONG day of traveling
Hunter and Emory snuggled up for a book

Emory pushing Hunter in the stroller, they play so well together when they aren't stealing toys from each other :-)

Hunter decked out for the festivities
Patricia made her famous oreo balls and naturally Hunter had to be her helper for a bit
Little miss Kaitlyn is not far from walking! At just 7 months she is crawling and pulling up on everything!! She just loves to be on her feet!
Kaitlyn hanging on to Emory she just wants to walk like the big kids. It looks like they are dancing.
The night of the 4th we had a cookout with more of our friends from Kansas City friends who were also down for the weekend. The kids watched praise baby while we ate dinner. It definitely kept their attention!
Emory cracking up while Hunter and Landon are chillin

All the kids lined up for a pic
Landon (23 mo), Hunter (16mo), Emory (14mo), Kaitlyn (7mo), Kate (3 mo)
Patricia got the girls matching dresses for the day... so cute!
Rudy, Robbie and Jordan in front of the house
We went shopping in Eureka springs again this year. 
It's amazing how different this picture is from last year :-)
Our overall group was a bit smaller this year because we had quite a few girls that are pregnant and were due within weeks of the trip. But we still had a pretty good size group overall and had a blast as usual. Looking forward to next time!


smithec said...

That's so fun - looks like y'all had a blast! Can't believe how much the kiddos have grown since January!

Holly said...

Ohhhh so much fun!!! Hate that we missed it! We hope to make it next year. Glad yall had a good time!! The kids are getting so big & are as cute as ever!