Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dallas Part 2

I split the Dallas trip into 2 posts because of the abundance of pictures and I was still not able to capture everything that happened because there are too many pictures! So I chose my favorites. 

The second week we stayed with Jordan's parents. Hunter started cutting 4 teeth that week and wasn't always in the best mood or sleeping well while we were there but Hunter still loved spending time and playing with Papa and Vivi. As always his time there included lots of outside time, which he LOVES! We lucked out that both grandparents have great backyards for Hunter to run around in!

I mentioned in my post before this about all of the things Hunter got into while we were home. I only snapped a few shots of him in action but I did get some good ones... in every one of these pictures I caught him after he has already gotten "into position" so I snapped pics before removing him. Sometimes I wander how he gets into some of the places I find him.

Hunter looking so innocent
Standing on Nana's rocking chair rocking it back and forth... He LOVES standing on rockers.
Playing with Papa's tools.
Yes he is standing on the bench
No explanation necessary... just know I was VERY close by, but he is FAST!
I have no idea how he managed to get up there so fast because I literally took my eyes off him for a few seconds! He is becoming a professional climber.
Getting some sugar from his Vivi "vava' as he says it
He loved this pool because it squirts water through the flowers. He played in this pool almost everyday we were there. Look at that naked tooshy :-)
Laughing at Papa. 
I got the best video of the two of them playing. 
 I will try to upload it later.
Taking a ride on the rocking horse
Wearing aunt Beekah's sunglasses
He loves his Beekah
Showing off his bellybutton
We had such a great time and appreciate SO much all of your help. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

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AshWad said...

Oh my gosh! I was laughing so hard at some of those photos - primarily the ones of him on the ladder and in the middle of the table. Wow - do you have your hands full!!! He is so stinkin adorable! You have got one good looking little man there - and one that seems to have a pretty awesome personality too! :)