Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dallas part 1

After the lake trip we drove back to Dallas for a 2.5 week stay for my surgery. Jordan was still having to work so we knew I would need help with Hunter after surgery. I decided to have surgery in Dallas with a surgeon I observed during PT school. Surgery was scheduled for July 10th at 7:30am, which also happened to be mine and Jordan's 5 year anniversary! Mom kept Hunter that day so Jordan could join me at the hospital. 

Surgery went really well and really fast, as expected. My surgeon said there was no way around the operation. Apparently I had the worst case of chondromalacia patella that he has ever seen. I had stage 3 osteoarthritis with full thickness cartilage loss, lateral tracking and tilting of the patella. He did a "lateral release" so my patella could glide normally in the femoral groove and he cleaned out all of the nasty broken cartilage that was floating around in my knee. I have been feeling great ever since and started therapy within 3 days of surgery. I should be able to start a running program at about 6 weeks post-op which is exciting. 

So, anyway we stayed in Dallas for a bit to spend time with family and so I could get to a point where I could travel back to FL comfortably. It was really nice to spend time with the fam and since we were there for so long we spent one week with my parents and one week with Jordan's parents. The only catch... BOTH homes were in MAJOR construction! Both of them are completely re-doing their kitchens which makes for some interesting toys for 17 month old to get into. Hunter definitely kept us, or I should say them, on their toes! It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with family but and it was also really nice to return home to a baby proofed apartment after such a long time away. 

My little sis helped take care of Hunter the first few days after surgery so other family members wouldn't have to take off work.
Hunter loves his aunt haylo

I had one 30 min time period after surgery where I was home alone with all 3 cousins. I was laid up on the couch while they completely destroyed everything around them. I was defenseless!
Sweet cousin 
Hunter had a blast playing outside with Nana and Pop
Watering Nana's flowers
Climbing on his personal jungle gym (Pop)
Swinging into a stream of water that Pop made. He loved it!

Giving pop a sweet hug after wrestling
Hanging with his Nana

Ice cream with Pop
Playing in the sprinklers in the front yard
Eating angel food cake
He LOVED the cool whip!
Can you tell?
A big thank you to both of our families for all of your help the past few weeks. Many of you had to take off work or take of early to help us out and we can't thank you enough! We loved spending time in Dallas with you all and can't wait to return!

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