Sunday, July 19, 2009

17 months old

Hunter is 17 months old today. We have been out of town pretty much most of the month but we will be returning back to Florida next weekend. This month with Hunter has been a blast. He is just so full of personality and really loves to put on a show when he is in the mood to perform. He has so many fun facial expressions and noises. He loves to pretend yawn, cough, laugh, sneeze, burp and many many other things. He is such a sponge at this age and learns multiple new things everyday.

Hunter having his first popsicle
He missed his 15 month pediatrician checkup, due to our move to Florida, so we are totally guessing on his stats for now. He weighs roughly 27 pounds and is approximately 34 inches tall. He has 4 more teeth coming in this week which brings him up to 17 teeth. He wears size 18-24 month clothing, size 5.5/6 shoe and size 5 diaper.

Just like his momma he definitely has a sweet tooth.
He WILL NOT turn down a dessert.

Enjoying his first ice cream cone

He is so attentive. He doesn't miss a thing. He loves to observe people and mimic what everyone does. He can pretty much repeat anything we ask (if he is in the mood) and he loves to copy facial expressions and noises. He has probably about 20-30 words that he uses on a regular basis on his own but he understands and will repeat so many more if prompted. He loves for us to point things out to him and tell him what things are. He still asks "whasat" about 600 times a day often times asking the same thing over and over again. When asked how old he is he will hold up his finger for 1 and say "on"... one. He can count to 3 and point out his body parts (elbow and belly button are his favorites). He knows quite a few animals from his books and on a few of them he will tell us what noises they make. His aunt Beeka taught him to say "aahhh" after he takes a drink. So now EVERY TIME he takes a drink we hear a really soft "aahhh"... totally cracks us up.

Telling Nana how old he is
He still loves to snuggle especially before or after bed. He loves for his arms to be scratched and he will go into a trance and just melt into my lap when I scratch them both at once. He will make almost anything into a toy and loves to laugh and make others laugh.

He is developing such a sweet personality and is just so much fun to have around. We miss him when he sleeps. He is down to one nap per day 11:30a-3:00p. He sleeps 13-14 hours per night 7:30pm-8:30am or 9:00am (except for the last 3 nights of cutting 3 teeth... they were a little rough after the Motrin wore off). But this too shall pass and he is pretty close to having all of his teeth in!

He is in such a book phase right now. He loves to bring me a book climb in my lap and say "dere" (there)... the word he says ANYTIME he hands us something. He will snuggle for a LONG time in my lap so long as I will read to him. His favorite books are the interactive ones (touch and feel or pop up). 

I love that he is still so snugly at this age. One of my favorite things he does is run over to me and throw his arms around my neck for a giant hug. Or when he comes over to me and reaches up for me and says "up", asking me to hold him. He gives really sweet kisses too. Sometimes he will just be playing on the other side of the room by himself and he will run over to me and give me a big kiss on the lips and then run off playing. If I act excited when he does it (which I always do) he will turn around and come back for one more before running off again. He loves to play with my eyelashes and my hair and occasionally my toes. He will climb up in my lap and face me and just start pointing out facial features of mine. He is so interested in his surroundings and knowing what EVERYTHING is right now. He recognizes and can name most of the people in our family. He can point to all the right people if asked but he can only say about 2/3 of the names on his own without being prompted. 

He is just so much fun! We are loving every minute!


Becky said...

Ok, bring him over. I NEED to see him before you leave for Florida!

The Tenner Trio said...

Those big, beautiful, blue eyes just melt me!! He sounds so sweet and precious and SMART!! I especially think it's cool he likes his arms scratched. I'm a HUGE fan of back scratching - receiving not giving (ha!), and I'm hoping Clark will love it too.

I'm praying Clark will sleep as well as Hunter does. He is great at night, but his naps are few and far between! Anyhoo! Great pictures! Hope you three are doing Wonderfully!

P.S. Congrats on Adam's engagement! That's so exciting!