Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ponte Vedra Beach Triathlon

This past weekend Amber and I did the Ponte Vedra Beach Triathlon. This was my second Tri of the season and unfortunately I am only going to be able to do 1 more this season because I am having knee surgery in July. But since I am already signed up for this I decided to just go for it and deal with the aftermath later.

After the April Triathlon, Amber saw how much fun I had and her interest was peaked! She decided to train for this one and do it with me. She was such a trooper and did an awesome job considering she had not riden an outdoor bike since she was an adolescent (she trained on an indoor bike). I rented the bike for her and she didn't even get a chance to ride it beforehand.

Before the race started, as we were getting our transition areas ready, I quickly gave her a tutorial on rules, and how to use the gears. She totally cracked me up though because I had told her how important it was to hydrate on the bike because you can't on the swim or run. BUT, she hadn't ridden a bike in so long that she was nervous to take a hand off the bike to grab her water bottle. So what did she do?

She pulled over and got off the bike to drink!!! HAHAHAHAH

People were asking her if she was okay and she just said "yeah, I'm just not very coordinated!" HA! I'm pretty sure she was the ONLY person there who hadn't ridden a bike in more than 10 years... what a trooper! She did awesome!

We started in two different heats because she went with the newbies. The Triathlon had a great turnout of about 500 participants. It was so much fun!

Start of the "newbie" swim (Amber is in there somewhere)
Me finishing up the swim (in the middle of the 3 standing girls)
Me (grey/black) finishing up the ride

Amber (red) finishing up the ride

Me on the home stretch of the run

Amber just before crossing the finish line and becoming a TRIATHLETE!!
Both of us hanging out getting some food after the race. It felt so good to be finished!
Jordan was the head of our fan club and our photographer for the race.
Great job babe!
Christine was still in town from her visit. She was staying with another friend for the rest of the week. We had a nice little fan club of 4 people watching and cheering us on!
Overall it was such a great triathlon. It was really well run. The surf was glassy with very little waves, although the swim ended up being about 3 times the distance because they had us swim pretty far out there to get to the first buoy. The ride was really scenic and nice with only 2 hills. The run was shaded most of the way on the one of the nicest streets in Ponte Vedra! The homes were beautiful! It almost made me forget about how tired I was.

Up next... Daytona Beach Triathlon in 2 weeks with my little sis!! I just love friends/sibs that are up for joining me on these! It makes it so much more fun...If that is even possible!

And one more thing. I am sure you have noticed the multiple outfits that are available for viewing at these races. That part of the race is pure entertainment in and of itself! People show up wearing all kinds of things to compete in... the idea being that you wear something that you can perform all 3 events in without having to change clothes (wasting time in transition). I choose the "one-piece tri-suit"... practical, relatively modest, comfortable (it stays put the whole race so I am not constantly adjusting it.)

Others choose to wear this...
how is this comfortable, or practical?
And HOW do you not spend the entire race "adjusting" it?

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Heather said...

Hilarious. Why even wear anything?