Monday, June 8, 2009


This past weekend I went to Nashville to meet the newest member of the Allen family. Jax turned 4 weeks old this past weekend and he is just so precious! He is super snuggly and sweet and is just the best little baby. It reminded me so much of Hunter at that age. I soaked up every second of him that I could and I let him sleep on my chest for hours listening to his little snores and squeals. I love those newborn noises. I just loved getting to see Sara and Matt as parents. They are already such naturally good parents and do such a great job with him just as I knew they would.

Jordan was so wonderful and let me take off for a weekend away while he stayed behind and took care of Hunter. This was his first time to be alone with Hunter overnight since he was born. I know that Matt would have loved for Jordan to come so they could go fishing but it was really nice to have a weekend "off-duty" and just get to lounge around!

We spent the majority of the weekend snuggling Jax and lounging around catching up. We went to Sara's parents house on Saturday where her mom treated us to facials (she is a facialist and has a spa in her basement) and AHHHHH it was GLORIOUS!!!

Sara looks as beautiful as ever just 4 weeks after having little Jax
I spent the weekend doing a LOT of this
Back home the boys had a great time. Hunter did get a bit of a stomach bug which wasn't so great, but Jordan handled it like a pro. Jordan had to do quite a few loads of laundry to clean up the mess that was the stomach bug. Hunter loves to "help" with the laundry.

Hunter also got a few "spontaneous" baths because of the fun little bug. He didn't eat or drink much all weekend but he apparently still seemed to be in a pretty good mood!
Who would have guessed he was sick?!
Overall it ended up being a fabulous weekend away. Jordan did such a great job with Hunter, as I knew he would, and I came home to a perfectly clean house! He is GOOD!

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