Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girls weekend in Jax

This past weekend (the day after Kiki left), Amber, Kaitlyn, Patricia and Emory flew in for a girls weekend. We continued the beach and pool fun and chased the kids around all weekend. It was a blast, as usual, and the kids all did great sleeping in VERY tight quarters all weekend. Hopefully they will do just was well when we all meet at the lake in a few weeks.

Saturday we went to Amelia Island
Jordan came along to help chase the kids around and be our photographer
(he was sad the guys couldn't make it)

Hunter usually just goes off by himself, with dad close behind, he loves to explore

This was Emory's first trip to the beach. She wasn't so sure about it all at first but she ended up running all over the place with Patricia chasing not far behind.

I love this picture.
It's as if she is like "what's this white stuff on my feet?"
This was Kaitlyn's first trip to the beach too. She did pretty well keeping up with the older kids. She is taking water break while the older ones are off running around.

We also took the kiddos to the pool, they had a pretty good time in the hot tub splashing around. The pool was a little too chilly for them.

Not bad 1 out 3 looking at the camera
Hunter and Kaitlyn making eyes at each other

Can't seem to take their eyes off each other :)

All 3 kids did great in the pool. Emory liked the hot tub MUCH better than the pool and she enjoyed splashing us all (mostly her mom) the whole time.

Hunter and Emory both enjoyed "jumping" into our arms.

And little miss Kaitlyn was in the pool for the first time. She turned out to be quite the water baby, at just 7 months, because she LOVED getting dunked. She kept trying to dunk her head under so finally Amber just dunked her and she just smiled and smiled and smiled every time.

Hunter trying on Emory's glasses

Hunter and Emory "sharing" toys.

And the weekend wouldn't be complete without a pic of all 3 of them to document growth.
Hunter (16 months), Emory (14 months), Kaitlyn (7 months)

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Patricia said...

We had so much fun...can't wait for the next trip out there!!