Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day weekend in Dallas

This past weekend we went to Dallas for Father's day weekend and to attend the wedding of a long time family friend. We stayed with my parents this weekend and spent all day Friday playing with all the cousins outside in Nana and Pop's backyard. Friday night we cooked out and celebrated Father's day with Pop.

Hunter getting some snuggle time with pop
Nana bought a little wading pool for all the grandkids. It was a big hit!

Hunter is enjoying filling up the pool while his cousin watches from the porch
(she just woke up from her nap... she is a little groggy)

It didn't take long before she was out there splashing around with Hunter

We forgot to bring swim diapers so they just played in the SUPER absorbent regular diapers. The diapers were so full they weighed about 10 pounds each.

Jordan getting some snuggle time

Nana pushing Hunter on the swing.
He insisted on sitting with his feet on top instead of in the holes

All the grand kids took turns.
Check out that diaper! HA!

Jordan had some fun twirling "little man" on the swing and then letting him run around the yard while dizzy... it was pretty humorous.

Nana bought some blue sand for the sand box, just to change it up a bit.
They LOVED getting squirted with the hose.
Notice Hunter is off by himself playing in mud like a typical boy

He was in Heaven

Saturday we stayed inside most of the day. We went to lunch with Robbie and Amber and then the boys went to a movie while we came back to the house with the kids.

Hunter trying out the scooter

Amber and Kaitlyn

Saturday night we went to the wedding. Dana Altman, a longtime family friend, was getting married. Vivian did the flowers for the wedding so she was working all weekend to get it ready.

Heading to the wedding with my hot date :)

Dre and Laurie (friends from college)

Aunt "Beekah"

Dwayne and Vivi tearing up the dance floor

Dana tossing the bouquet

Sunday we went to church and then to Benihana to celebrate Father's day with Jordan and Dwayne. Hunter LOVES benihana... who doesn't? I have to think it's because Benihana's fried rice with ginger sauce was a major staple in my diet when I was pregnant with Hunter. I craved that stuff so much. I ate it a few times a week most weeks!

The whole family and our family friends, the Bennett's, who were in town for the wedding

Hunter and Vivi checking out the fish at Benihana
I love this picture

Hunter and his Papa
Family pic
Overall it was a great weekend. We had a rough time getting back to Florida because just as we arrived to the airport in Dallas there was a bomb threat in baggage claim. The road to the airport was blocked off for safety so we had to walk carrying all of our bags (because flights were still leaving on time and we didn't want to miss our flight). It was EXTREMELY inconvenient! There wasn't really a bomb... just a threat so they had to go through the proper precautions. After we hiked to the airport in the heat with 2 LARGE bags, a pack-n-play, Hunter in a stroller, my purse and diaper bag... we got inside and found out none of the planes were going to leave until they got the bags (which were all on lock down in baggage claim). So, our flight ended up being delayed an hour until it was all clear. In other words the 1/2 mile hike in the heat with 200 pounds of bags... POINTLESS! We made it home safe and sound and even made our connection with about 5 minutes to spare despite the delay.


Christine said...

I love these pictures of Hunter with his sweet cousin's in Nana's backyard! He looked so cute in the sand box and of course playing in the mud! Looks like ya'll had fun in Dallas, the pictures were so pretty from the wedding! I love those pictures of Hunter with Dwayne and Vivian those were so sweet! I love the Hawaiian shirt!

Mary said...

Father's Day, Wedding, Saggy Diapers... sounds just like our week! You look so beautiful in that dress! Hunter sure is growing and changing, must be all that sunshine and mud. ;)

email me and I'll send you the link to our wedding pics: 6Schumachers@gmail.com

Listen to me, "our" wedding pics! LOL. My daughter's.