Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dallas Trip Continued

Well our trip was absolutely fantastic! We finished the week at my parents house which included TONS more outside time for Hunter and lots of cousin time. I know I've said it a million times before but this kid LOVES outside. I mean he was in tears many times begging to go outside! It was the word of the week that's for sure! On Wednesday I kept all 3 cousins, while at my parents house, and they enjoyed playing in the sandbox most of the morning. My parents backyard is almost 100% shaded so even on a hot day it is still pretty nice outside.

Hunter enjoying some swing time

Cutie patootie Chloe was stuck to me like glue in the backyard. She didn't enjoy getting dirty as much as the boys did.

Such a happy little girl

Typical boy... Hunter went straight for the only puddle of mud in the entire backyard
After they played for a good 2 hours I had to give them a bath before lunch and naps. They all fell asleep at the same time and slept 2-3 hours each! Glorious!
Friday morning we took the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium. My mom recently dedicated one of her spare rooms into a "playroom" for the grand kids decorated and painted in bright colors and FILLED with TONS of toys. A kids DREAM! She wanted my sister to snap some photos of the kids at the aquarium playing together so she could decorate the room in photos of her grand kids. I will post pics of the room when she is finished, it is PRECIOUS!

My sister is just so good. I love her style of photography... no posing, no artificial lights... just pure photos of people in their own element in completely natural light. She is so talented!
Love this one. He is getting so big
All 3 grand kids checking out one of the exhibits. Such a great shot.
Saturday morning Nana and I took the grand kids to see Meme and Papa (Nana's parents)
Hunter hanging with Papa

The rest of the spare time the kids spent jumping on this mattress. Nana has a spare king size mattress that she had on the floor of one of the guest bedrooms. It didn't take long for the kids to discover the fun that can be had jumping on a bed!

Don't you just love the sound of kids giggling and having a great time together? It's the best!
They are slowing down...

And they crashed... worn OUT!

Hunter enjoyed breakfast every morning on Nana's screened in porch... I did too! I need to get one of those.
On Sunday we went to church and then off to aunt Meagan's for Chloe's first birthday party!
Hunter catching a ride on aunt Hayley's shoulders.
Meagan had the party catered and photographed by 2 friends... now that's the way to go!
Adorable birthday girl during her cake smash photoshoot with mom.

Such a cutie
For the past year Chloe has played with mostly her brother's toys, so we all made sure to get her some girly things for her birthday. This stroller was a pretty big hit with ALL the kids.
After a few too many fights over the stoller we ended up having to put it away for a while. Hunter was pretty much OBSESSED with it. Jordan wasn't crazy about Hunter playing with a pink stroller and a doll. Let's just say he won't ever have one of his own :)
Poor Chloe finally got a chance to play with her toy. The big bully boys were hogging it for most of the day.
Pop fell asleep on Noah's bed during the party. Hunter went in to hang out with him.
Hunter enjoying his birthday cake just a little
Not sure how it got on his forehead
Cutie patootie in her tutu
Chloe watching her momma sing. She loves her momma!

Monday afternoon Hunter and I flew back to Jacksonville. Jordan flew back Sunday night after the party so he could be back in time for practice Monday morning.

Here Hunter is asking me over and over again "whaszat'?... Airplane, "whaszat"?... Airplane..."whaszat"?... Airplane.
We had 2 flights with a layover in Houston. As I have mentioned I always try to fly during naptime so he will sleep. I was really hoping he would stay awake on the 48 min flight from Dallas to Houston and then sleep on the 2.5 hour flight from Houston to Jax. Well, I did everything I could to keep him awake and he ended up falling asleep 10 min before we landed in Houston. He actually fell asleep eating and then drooled his unswallowed bite all over my shirt for the next 3 hours. That made it for an interesting layover in Houston. I had to deplane holding a 26 pound sleeping child, a purse, a diaper bag and a stroller all by myself and also board the next flight all without waking him up. Buckling a seat belt is hard with one hand! He managed to sleep all through the hour long layover and for 2 hours of the 2.5 hour flight! It was perfect! Not easy but really nice!

Drooling his food on my shirt

I could tell Hunter was really glad to be home. We were gone for a long time but he is such a good traveler and so versatile. He actually slept really well on the road this time. He is an AWESOME sleeper at home but when we travel he usually doesn't do so well at night but he did great this trip!

When we got home Hunter was REALLY interested in pushing the stroller... but got REALLY frustrated when he couldn't reach the handles or see where he was going. He kept running into things and then throwing little frustration tantrums... I ended up having to put it away too.

You can see his frustration in this picture. Apparently he REALLY likes to push strollers, too bad his dad won't let him have one :)


Heather said...

You can get little blue plaid strollers. I know Jordan probably wouldn't go for it but if it makes Hunter happy, why not?

Sounds like your trip was a lot of fun.

Rebecca said...

Funny flight with baby story:

When B and I flew from Germany to Houston he was 2 months old. The supposed 9 hour flight turned in to an 11-12 hour flight because we had to go back to Frankfurt because of an engine problem. The normally perfect traveller ended up having at least 4 poopy diapers (normal was only once a day) and projectile vommitted an entire 4 ounce bottle all over me about 4 hours into the flight. I had brought a change of clothes for B, but not for myself. So, I had to wear a shirt soaked in spit up formula for the rest of the flight. Yay. Then, they forgot to bring the stroller to meet us at the gate. I ended up having to carry the carseat, my purse, diaperbag, and carry on all the way through customs before I got the stroller. Then, I had to find a way to get our 60 pound dog, 15 pound cat, all of the above listed bags, plus 2 giant suitcases through to meet family because family wasn't able to be at baggage claim for international flights.

It sucked. :)

Whew....sorry that got long. I just wanted to share a torturous flight story. :)

I'm glad you guys had a good time! He is SO cute!!! :)

Mary~Momathon said...

Oh he's so cute! As are his cousins! I love the moments that your photos capture. My girls have cousins and I just love that they have them - even far away, they have such a special bond!