Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daytona Beach Triathlon

This past weekend was my 3rd and final triathlon of the season. Unfortunately I am having knee surgery next week which will sideline me for the rest of the season.

This time took us to Daytona Beach. My younger sister, Hayley, came to visit us for the week and join me in the race. Daytona is about an hour and half away from Jax so we decided to make it an overnighter since we had to be there at 6am Saturday morning. We hadn't been to Daytona yet so it was nice to have 2 full days to see the sites and the beach while we were there.

While we were there we hit up the ever popular Harley Davidson store where we all got souvenir t-shirts and Jordan got to pick out his future bike. He was in bike Heaven :)

This is just a random bike not the one Jordan wants
Saturday morning was beautiful. We stayed in a hotel right where the race was being held so we just woke up grabbed our bikes and walked to the beach. Jordan and Hunter made it in time to capture some pics of us in action. As you can see the surf was AWESOME again. I have lucked out and had 2/3 races with great swimming conditions. This was a smaller tri than the one I did 2 weeks ago. This one had about 150 participants divided into 2 heats (men and women) which made it pretty nice on the swim because there were less arms and legs kicking me!
You can see the heads bobbing up and down out there

This area of the beach had a crazy sandbar that they warned us about. It's a good thing because someone could have seriously gotten injured! You can see Hayley, to the far right of the picture below, standing on the sand bar (water up to her ankles). Right in front of her it drops suddenly like 4 feet, no slope, just a huge 4 foot step (you can see a guy in the water right in front of Hayley with the water over his shoulders). So, when we were running out into the water on the start of the swim it got gradually deep up to our shoulders and then suddenly a HUGE 4 foot step that brought us back up to ankle deep! It made for and interesting start and finish on the swim.

I put arrows for me and Haylo because this is the only picture that we are both in.

Me exiting the water

Haylo heading to transition

Me at T2 just finishing up the bike

Haylo at T2 just finishing up the bike

Haylo finishing up her run

Me on the home stretch

Just after the race

The transition area was at a park, which was nice, so
Hunter had something to do during the race.

Haylo got 1st in her age group and I got 3rd in my age group (we were in different groups). Hayley did AWESOME she got 5th in females overall!

Overall it was another great race. This one was a little shorter on the bike portion than the previous 2 races so our legs were still pretty fresh when the run started... however, one step into my run and I nearly collapsed with pain. I QUICKLY realized I forgot to take Aleve before the race (I can't remember the last time I ran without taking Aleve).... let's just say the run was interesting! I wanted to chop my left leg off and just quit because my knee hurt so bad. BUT it's getting fixed next week!! So no more pain for me... I can't even remember life without knee pain so this is pretty exciting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day weekend in Dallas

This past weekend we went to Dallas for Father's day weekend and to attend the wedding of a long time family friend. We stayed with my parents this weekend and spent all day Friday playing with all the cousins outside in Nana and Pop's backyard. Friday night we cooked out and celebrated Father's day with Pop.

Hunter getting some snuggle time with pop
Nana bought a little wading pool for all the grandkids. It was a big hit!

Hunter is enjoying filling up the pool while his cousin watches from the porch
(she just woke up from her nap... she is a little groggy)

It didn't take long before she was out there splashing around with Hunter

We forgot to bring swim diapers so they just played in the SUPER absorbent regular diapers. The diapers were so full they weighed about 10 pounds each.

Jordan getting some snuggle time

Nana pushing Hunter on the swing.
He insisted on sitting with his feet on top instead of in the holes

All the grand kids took turns.
Check out that diaper! HA!

Jordan had some fun twirling "little man" on the swing and then letting him run around the yard while dizzy... it was pretty humorous.

Nana bought some blue sand for the sand box, just to change it up a bit.
They LOVED getting squirted with the hose.
Notice Hunter is off by himself playing in mud like a typical boy

He was in Heaven

Saturday we stayed inside most of the day. We went to lunch with Robbie and Amber and then the boys went to a movie while we came back to the house with the kids.

Hunter trying out the scooter

Amber and Kaitlyn

Saturday night we went to the wedding. Dana Altman, a longtime family friend, was getting married. Vivian did the flowers for the wedding so she was working all weekend to get it ready.

Heading to the wedding with my hot date :)

Dre and Laurie (friends from college)

Aunt "Beekah"

Dwayne and Vivi tearing up the dance floor

Dana tossing the bouquet

Sunday we went to church and then to Benihana to celebrate Father's day with Jordan and Dwayne. Hunter LOVES benihana... who doesn't? I have to think it's because Benihana's fried rice with ginger sauce was a major staple in my diet when I was pregnant with Hunter. I craved that stuff so much. I ate it a few times a week most weeks!

The whole family and our family friends, the Bennett's, who were in town for the wedding

Hunter and Vivi checking out the fish at Benihana
I love this picture

Hunter and his Papa
Family pic
Overall it was a great weekend. We had a rough time getting back to Florida because just as we arrived to the airport in Dallas there was a bomb threat in baggage claim. The road to the airport was blocked off for safety so we had to walk carrying all of our bags (because flights were still leaving on time and we didn't want to miss our flight). It was EXTREMELY inconvenient! There wasn't really a bomb... just a threat so they had to go through the proper precautions. After we hiked to the airport in the heat with 2 LARGE bags, a pack-n-play, Hunter in a stroller, my purse and diaper bag... we got inside and found out none of the planes were going to leave until they got the bags (which were all on lock down in baggage claim). So, our flight ended up being delayed an hour until it was all clear. In other words the 1/2 mile hike in the heat with 200 pounds of bags... POINTLESS! We made it home safe and sound and even made our connection with about 5 minutes to spare despite the delay.

Friday, June 19, 2009

16 months old

Hunter is 16 months old. Each month he just seems more and more like a little boy and less like my little baby. Case in point, this past month brought an interesting development. Hunter and I were playing in the living room one morning, while Jordan was at work. I got up to get something out of the kitchen when I suddenly heard the front door shut. I wasn't expecting Jordan home for a few more hours so I called out "Jordan?".... no response.


So I went to investigate.

I opened the door and no one was there... hmm

I looked over in the living room and saw that Hunter was no longer in there playing.

Then I heard it...

The elevator DING, indicating it had arrived at our floor.

I BOLTED out the door and made it to the elevator just in time... to find HUNTER GETTING ON ALL BY HIMSELF!!!
Yep this is exactly what I saw
I caught the elevator door JUST IN TIME... and I seriously had such a huge adrenaline rush that my legs seemed to have gone numb. I was FREAKING out because you see... had I not caught him he could have gone to any one of the 38 floors in the building and gotten off the first time the door opened... on who KNOWS what floor!!

We only have "purposeful" access to our floor, the parking garage, and the amenities floor with our key fab BUT if we get on the elevator and someone (on any floor) happens to have pushed the button for the elevator then we could ride the elevator to that floor.

So if I had not caught the elevator door before it closed then Hunter could have gotten on and taken a ride to any floor in the building and he would have gotten off the first time the door opened...I however, would not have been able to get to whatever floor it took him to unless it happened to be one of the few floors I have access to and the odds of the elevator being called to the same floor again only moments later are next to none!! So needless to say this was a MAJOR SAVE!

So, just to give you some background. Every morning, the moment Hunter wakes up, I go get him and we stumble down to the coffee bar in the Lobby to get some Java. He LOVES getting to push the button for the elevator. He gets on and pushes the ground floor and usually tries pushing many other buttons along the way. So, this little problem he actually learned from me! HOWEVER, we were not aware that he was able to open the front door to our condo... that changes EVERYTHING!!! The lock to the front door is only 1 way so it keeps people out but we can get out just by turning the knob, even if its locked.

So just to re-enact for you how this all went down... I have a photo demonstration below.

Hunter reaches for the handle (we knew he could reach it because he can open all other doors in the house, we just thought the front door was way too heavy...APPARENTLY NOT)!
Add ImageJust walks on through like he owns the place
Pushes the button for the elevator and waits patiently
Ding! The elevator arrives and he gets on!
I told Jordan the story when he got home, hours later, and he immediately started thinking up ways to rig the front door to keep Hunter inside. Since we are just renting we didn't want to make any huge changes or anything. So he rigged something that will be easily removed when we move out.
Hunter wasn't too happy when he discovered he was locked in

On to other things...

Month 15 was even more fun than all the previous months. It just gets better and better. The mini tantrums still continue but his ability to communicate has improved so they only come around close to nap time/bedtime. We are still traveling just about every weekend but "travel Hunter" has improved lately and he is sleeping better on the road... actually he has been sleeping the same as he does at home... all night! So hopefully "travel Hunter" is phasing out.

He says tons of words, too many to count. He recently has started 2 word sentences and will pretty much repeat anything we say.... A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. He learned to say my name this month. Jordan calls me Ash and the other day he called me from the other room a few times and then we heard Hunter call me a few times too... except he doesn't quite have the "SH" sound down yet so it sounds like A**. It's pretty funny to hear because he has no idea what he is actually saying.

He climbs and crawls over EVERYTHING. We have found him on tables, counter tops, inside the dryer... pretty much nothing is off limits in his world.

This month we have been really amazed to see how much he actually does understand. This is such an interesting age because they know SO MUCH MORE than they can communicate. When we watch him it amazes us what he can do and how much he knows. He is such a little sponge and LOVES to learn knew things.

He is really starting to get attached to certain people in his little world (other than mom and dad). He definitely has his favorites and it's so sweet to see him get sad to see those people leave. We are still in the process of getting on with a pediatrician here in Jacksonville, so his 15 month checkup will be at 16 months. I will post stats afterward.
He is such a little sweetie and we can't wait to see what the future has in store!