Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

Mother's day weekend was the last weekend available for Jordan to skip town for his annual turkey hunt in Texas before the summer. So it was a perfect opportunity for a friend of mine from college, Dre, to come visit me and meet Hunter for the very first time. To make up for missing my special day I got two sets of flowers! One before he left and one after he got back :)

When we lived in Houston, Dre came to visit me and keep me company many times while I was on bed rest. She was actually the first one to buy my little "Addison" a gift (most of you know that was Hunter's name for about 3 months of my pregnancy when we though he was a girl....HA!). Someday my future Addison (if we keep the name) will have some adorable outfits thanks to Dre :) 

We had a fabulous weekend filled with shopping, of course, because Dre is my ABSOLUTE favorite friend to shop with... my little "personal shopper". We also took plenty of walks along the Riverwalk, hit the beach on Saturday and tried out a few of the local restaurants that I hadn't been to. 

Hunter had a blast throwing sand... that is literally all he the whole time... pick up sand and throw it in the air over and over and over.
He crashed on the way home from the beach while eating. That's right...  you can see the cracker hanging out of his mouth. He fell asleep mid chew.
It was a fabulous weekend and so wonderful to get to see Hunter fall in love with his "Tia". Jordan had a good weekend as well... he claims he shot a turkey, but never found it...hmm

Just a little update on my car. We finally got it back last Friday and it looks great! I drove it for about 5 minutes before I realized a few problems lingering so it's back in the shop... hopefully this time won't take another 2 months.


BrookeMahan said...

Looks like you had a great time with your friend! So funny b/c Addison was also going to be Owen's name if he was a girl! LOL! Someday we hope to have an Addison too :). We still need to plan a weekend to get together.

Holly said...

Absolutely LOVE that picture of him sleeping, mid-chew! Pricless!!!