Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap up

Friday night we left for Dallas for a long 10 day stay to spend some much needed extended time with family. We decided to divide the week between grandparents and give each set our undivided attention during "their" time this week, so that we don't have to run around back and forth all week toting all of Hunter's gear between the two. I must say we like this arrangement a lot because it makes the visit so much more relaxing just being in one place for 5 days and then going on to the next. We spent Memorial Day weekend with Jordan's family and then left this morning for my parents house.

The trip started off great when we departed from Jacksonville right at Hunter's bedtime and he fell asleep a few minutes after takeoff. He will only sleep in my arms on plane rides these days so I just soaked it up!
We got in really late Friday night and went straight to the Robby and Amber's house for the night. We got up Saturday morning and went to Kaitlyn's 6 month photo shoot with my sister (Meagan Block Photography) at the park. Afterwards, Amber, me and the kiddo's went shopping while the guys got lunch and a movie. 

We didn't get any photo's of the kids together this time but did snap this shot of Hunter putting his foot in Kaitlyn's face. He doesn't ride in the car with other kids very often, especially rear-facing kids, so we will have to work on his manners :) We were rushing to get home before their naps and were trying to keep them awake in the car.

Saturday night we packed up to go to Papa and Vivi's house for the weekend. They pulled out Jordan's old rocking horse to let Hunter give it a try. It wasn't a very big hit, mostly because he couldn't reach the ground, but one day he will surely love it!
Dwayne and Vivian's birthdays were this week so after church on Sunday we all went to Benihana to celebrate (we got a pic but it's not digital so I can't post it).

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent outside in the beautiful weather we had this weekend. Hunter LOVES being outside... and let me tell you that's an understatement! Monday morning Hunter and Vivi planted some flowers outside. Hunter helped water the flowers and dig up plenty of dirt, typical boy. 
He just loves being outside. Can you tell?
Papa and Hunter going for a walk
Snuggling up next to Vivi
Monday afternoon we went to the Harbor at the lake to let Hunter run around in the little water fountain area. 

Tuesday we went to visit Papaw Harvey in the Health center. He hadn't seen Hunter since Christmas and was surprised to see not only how much he had grown but how much he is talking now. 
It was getting close to nap time and his mood was fading so I let him have a sucker and he was buzzing around the room in a good mood after that.
Tuesday night we met up with Mamaw Maxine and Harold at El Fenix for dinner. 
Hunter gettin some aunt Beeka time
I love this picture of Hunter and Vivi... you can tell he just loves her so much :)
So far it has been a fabulous trip. The trip is only halfway over. We still have lots left on the agenda for the week so I will post pics as soon as we return!


brianandlauren said...

These are so cute! I can't believe how tall he is! I miss you guys so much!!!! Can't wait to see you again this fall!!!

The Tenner Trio said...

That is the sweetest picture of Hunter and Vivian!! She looks amazing, too! I hope you guys enjoyed the time with family ~ there's nothing like it!

P.S. I've been following your blog since Hunter was born (even before when you were on bed rest) ~ anyhoo! It's so great to be able to "keep up" with you and Jordan and now Hunter! Every time I see a new pic of him, I just shake my head asking myself who he looks like more. I'll never fully decide, because he's like a perfect blend of you two ~ so, so handsome with beautiful eyes! I cannot wait till my Clark (3mths) is Hunter's age!