Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kansas city weekend

This past weekend we went to Kansas city for a very packed but fun filled weekend with friends. The weekend FLEW by with 2 baby showers and a going away party plus a few meals to catch up with friends. Alot has happened since we moved from KC 2 years ago... lots of our friends have relocated to various parts of the country and almost EVERYONE has either had a baby or is currently pregnant. Our group is growing fast and everyone (minus 1 person) was able to make it up to KC for the festivities. It was so great to all get together and so fun to see our kiddos interact. We stayed with Rudy and Patricia as well as Amber and Kaitlyn, as we usually do, so we could hang out after the kids went to bed. The kids are at such fun ages right now so we had a blast just watching them all interact.

Friday morning we met up with Brett and Sarah and their kiddos Caleb and Chloe for brunch. It was so good to catch up with them after such a long time...somehow we managed to forget to take pics though :(

Emory (13mo) snuggling with me under the snuggie :)

Jordan trying to get the kids to dance

Amber enjoying some snuggle time with Emory (13mo) and Hunter 15 (mo)
This was a common theme... anytime we held one kid the other would soon approach also wanting some snuggle time... possibly a little jealousy going on :)
Emory and Hunter watching Veggie tales

Rudy and Jordan sporting the "Benton" outfits and chain wallets

Sweet Kaitlyn (6mo) trying to crawl all weekend. She can definately move!
Here she is planking it out
Saturday morning we had baby Graham Briscoe shower
All the hostesses and soon to be mom Meaghan

Soon to be mom (Meaghan Briscoe) who looked ADORABLE at 32 weeks
Saturday night we had a going away party for Patrick and Holly Briscoe. You may remember their story that I posted about 10 months ago of their daughter Addison Elizabeth Briscoe who made a VERY EARLY debut on Friday, July 25, 2008 at 10:18 pm at only 27 weeks, 5 days gestation. They had just relocated to Longview, Tx and had only been in their new home town for 24 hours when she was born. She was born by emergency c-section after it was determined that she was in distress (her heart rate kept bottoming out) and was not growing properly in the womb. She weighed 1 lb 11 oz and was 13.5 inches long when she was born. She remained in the NICU for 3 LONG months and eventually went home to her new house in Longview. Today she is a perfectly healthy 10 month old who has quite the story of survival already. This was her first trip to Kansas city to meet all of her parents' friends so we finally had their going away party that we never had a chance to give because of her early and surprising arrival. It was so great to see this beautiful miracle of life. She is so beautiful and sweet and just so fun to watch. I can't wait for many more visits with her.

Addison 1 day old (left) 10 months old (right)

The whole group
Landon (21 mo) chasing Hunter around trying to put his hood on his head
Hunter wearing Landon's hat and Graham's sweatshirt. It was a little chilly that night and we weren't prepared for the colder weather
Hunter doing a little yard work
Our best attempt at getting a pic of all 3 of them...
pretty difficult to do with 3 mobile kids
This was after church Sunday morning
you can tell it is WAY past naptime for all 3 of them!
Hunter (15mo) Emory (13mo) and Kaitlyn (6mo)
Sunday afternoon we had a shower for baby Madyson Osner
Hunter and Emory were our door greeters
(well they were actually just looking for a chance to escape)

The hostesses and soon to be mom Jess
Our guests of honor for the weekend
Jess Osner (37 weeks) and Meaghan Briscoe (32 weeks)
We can't wait to meet Madyson and Graham!


Holly said...

Thank you Ashlie, for your sweet words about Addison. It was so wonderful to finally be able to introduce her to you guys & all of our awesome friends from KC. We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST this weekend and on our way to Hutch, Patrick and I were talking about just how much we miss everyone. KC doesn't feel like home anymore, really, but all of our friendships feel just the same. We are SO thankful for you guys and we SO enjoyed seeing you! Thanks for loving on my little princess! Can't wait to see you guys again...hopefully soon :)!

Holly said...

FYI--He looks pretty darn good in KU blue :)!! Love it that he is sportin' some Jayhawk gear!!!