Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just a little update

Hunter has been INSISTING on feeding himself with a spoon lately. Some meals are messier than others, but for the most part he does really well!
Notice he prefers his left hand.
Hunter has quite the sweet tooth. Well he pretty much wants any and everything mom or dad is eating. We ordered pizza the other night and got a dessert pizza with it. Jordan and I each had a slice and left the rest in the box on the coffee table. We were watching TV and not really paying attention until we heard Hunter smacking away. He snagged a slice for himself...just opened the lid and grabbed one and started chowing down. It was pretty cute but VERY messy. Jordan held on to him while he ate it so he wouldn't get chocolate all over the house...just all over Jordan :-)~
As we all know Jordan likes to draw.
Hunter has shown increasing interest lately and always steals his markers and pencils. So, Jordan showed him how to draw. It was pretty cute.
Notice Hunter using his left hand again.

Ok, so I may be a little OCD with the cleanliness of my house. I will admit I sweep and mop my floors everyday and oftentimes twice a day. So, needless to say Hunter OFTEN sees me with a broom or mop in hand. Well, today I was mopping the balcony...yes the balcony. I am sure the neighbors think I am certifiable seeing as how I have NEVER seen ANY OF THEM even sweep their balconies. BUT in my defense we spend the majority of our day out there and it bugs me to no end to have black feet from the filth out there. Anyway, so today I was out mopping the balcony and Hunter went into the laundry room and grabbed the broom and dragged it through the house out to the balcony where he began to "sweep" while I mopped.
It made me proud :)

On a side note I must mention that Hunter has pooped in the tub 3 times this week. He has done it a total of probably 5 times in his life...but 3 in one week...that's just too much. I do have a picture of one of the incidents because he actually climbed out of the tub, proceeded to "do his business" on the ledge and then climb back in the tub. I will spare you the picture. In the meantime, it is apparent that we REALLY need to rearrange bath-time around his "schedule".

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