Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dallas MS 150

This past weekend was the Dallas MS bike 150. Hunter and I flew to Dallas for the race and to see my brother's fiance' (Jaclyn) graduate. Jordan had to stay behind in Jacksonville because this weekend was their first mini camp.

Hunter and I left Wednesday and had a VERY full weekend! We made the rounds to see all the family on Thursday. Friday we made a day trip to OKC to see Jaclyn graduate, which was a VERY long day of traveling! Then on Saturday morning I got up at 4:15am to head to the Frisco rough riders stadium for the start of the MS 150. Nana kept Hunter on Saturday while I did the race.

The race was actually supposed to be 161 miles from Frisco to Ft. Worth split over two days. A friend of mine, Heather, from college actually rode with me despite fact that she hadn't trained at all and she didn't even own a bike! What a trooper!

The forecast for the weekend was NOT great for a bike race, but the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect for the first half of the day. The ride was so beautiful! We spent the majority of our ride on back country roads somewhere between Denton and Oklahoma.

The first day was 84 miles from Frisco to Texas motor speedway and we managed to stay dry for the first 80 miles! Then the sky opened up and unleashed its fury on us the last 10 minutes of our ride. At that point they had to cancel the rest of the race, because of the weather, and had to pull the remaining participants off the course. So, Heather and I had arrived at the motor speedway just in time and got a GLORIOUS massage and some much needed food. Then we decided it was time to make a beeline to the shuttle...the shuttle that was suppose to take us and our bikes back to the start in Frisco.

We looked EVERYWHERE for that shuttle! We walked around in the storms for over 2 hours after the race searching for the "SHUTTLE". Well turns out the "shuttle" somehow didn't exist. APPARENTLY the majority of the participants planned to either camp out at the speedway overnight or they got a hotel next to the speedway because day 2 was set to start at the speedway and head to Ft. worth. It seems Heather and I were 2 of the VERY FEW who planned on sleeping in our own beds that night.

So...we were literally up a creek! And DRENCHED in water! In fact we just found out that the rain DFW received that day is the most rain they have had in a single day in 103 years!!! AND I BELIEVE IT!!! We had zero transportation and were stuck outside in the storms until we could come up with something to do. We took cover in the back of a u-haul type truck and finally were able to find someone who could come get us and our bikes.

We were so happy when Heather's step-dad showed up to the rescue and drove us over an hour in the rain back to where we started. Next year we will plan a little better :)

Just before the start of the race
We were a part of "team bike mart"
and we were well represented with over 270 members!
There were around 5,000 cyclist rolling out that morning
The ride was so beautiful
We stopped around mile 38 for this photo op
This lake was so beautiful
Due to the weather Sunday's 77 miles was canceled. We were bummed but let's just say our "bums" were pretty thankful not to have to get back on that bike the next day.

This was such a wonderful experience that I hope to make an annual event! Hopefully next year the weather will cooperate!

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