Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap up

Friday night we left for Dallas for a long 10 day stay to spend some much needed extended time with family. We decided to divide the week between grandparents and give each set our undivided attention during "their" time this week, so that we don't have to run around back and forth all week toting all of Hunter's gear between the two. I must say we like this arrangement a lot because it makes the visit so much more relaxing just being in one place for 5 days and then going on to the next. We spent Memorial Day weekend with Jordan's family and then left this morning for my parents house.

The trip started off great when we departed from Jacksonville right at Hunter's bedtime and he fell asleep a few minutes after takeoff. He will only sleep in my arms on plane rides these days so I just soaked it up!
We got in really late Friday night and went straight to the Robby and Amber's house for the night. We got up Saturday morning and went to Kaitlyn's 6 month photo shoot with my sister (Meagan Block Photography) at the park. Afterwards, Amber, me and the kiddo's went shopping while the guys got lunch and a movie. 

We didn't get any photo's of the kids together this time but did snap this shot of Hunter putting his foot in Kaitlyn's face. He doesn't ride in the car with other kids very often, especially rear-facing kids, so we will have to work on his manners :) We were rushing to get home before their naps and were trying to keep them awake in the car.

Saturday night we packed up to go to Papa and Vivi's house for the weekend. They pulled out Jordan's old rocking horse to let Hunter give it a try. It wasn't a very big hit, mostly because he couldn't reach the ground, but one day he will surely love it!
Dwayne and Vivian's birthdays were this week so after church on Sunday we all went to Benihana to celebrate (we got a pic but it's not digital so I can't post it).

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent outside in the beautiful weather we had this weekend. Hunter LOVES being outside... and let me tell you that's an understatement! Monday morning Hunter and Vivi planted some flowers outside. Hunter helped water the flowers and dig up plenty of dirt, typical boy. 
He just loves being outside. Can you tell?
Papa and Hunter going for a walk
Snuggling up next to Vivi
Monday afternoon we went to the Harbor at the lake to let Hunter run around in the little water fountain area. 

Tuesday we went to visit Papaw Harvey in the Health center. He hadn't seen Hunter since Christmas and was surprised to see not only how much he had grown but how much he is talking now. 
It was getting close to nap time and his mood was fading so I let him have a sucker and he was buzzing around the room in a good mood after that.
Tuesday night we met up with Mamaw Maxine and Harold at El Fenix for dinner. 
Hunter gettin some aunt Beeka time
I love this picture of Hunter and Vivi... you can tell he just loves her so much :)
So far it has been a fabulous trip. The trip is only halfway over. We still have lots left on the agenda for the week so I will post pics as soon as we return!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

15 months old

This is such a fun age. Hunter is so interested in learning right now. He wants to know about EVERYTHING around him and we hear him ask "whaszat" (what's that) about 437 times a day. It really is adorable and he definately has his favorites right now such as lights, outside, flowers, and himself HA! He walks around talking ALL DAY LONG and he learns multiple new words day. I have no idea how many words he knows now... too many to keep track of at this point.

Hunter at 15 months
He is still super snuggly and sweet but has recently become quite the "mini tantrum" fanatic :) He knows what he wants but doesn't always know how to communicate it, so it turns into little 3 second tantrums that are over as soon as they begin.

He had a rough week this past week cutting 4 molars and a lateral incisor AT THE SAME TIME! I can't even imagine the pain he has been in but he handled it rather well considering. His lateral incisor came in COMPLETELY sideways because of lack of room so that will make for some fun pics later :)

That brings him up to 13 teeth total and this is my best attempt at a teeth pic.
One of his favorite things right now is drinking from a real cup. He is pretty good at it! He also LOVES to "pretend" to drink from a cup. In the mornings I drink coffee out of a thermos and I give him one to carry around and pretend to drink out of. He will climb up on the couch next to me and "drink" out of his as I drink mine... so cute.
Nice outfit huh?

He also loves playing with anything that is not really a toy
He is really into books right now and he will "read" them on his own for a while or go get a few from his room and bring them to me to read to him.

He is really interested in feeding himself with utensils right now too. He is pretty good at it but is quite a bit messier than when we feed him. It takes about 4 times as long to get through the meal but he's gotta start somewhere!

He weighs about 25.5 pounds and wears size 5 diapers. He is in 18 month clothes and size 5 shoes. He walks around barefoot most of the time so when he wears hard soled shoes he has a little trouble getting used to all the extra support... so he still walks a little goofy in shoes.

He is in the transition from 2 naps to 1 nap per day. On most days of the week he sleeps 7:30pm-8:00am with one 3 hour nap from 11:30a-2:30p but some days he wakes up earlier like at 6:30am and needs two smaller naps (9:30-11:00) and (2:30-4:00) but on those days he stays up much later at night (like 8:30 or 8:45pm) because of the late afternoon nap. So I kind of prefer the 1 nap days because it gives us our evening still and I get to sleep later in the mornings plus one nap is easier to schedule outings around, like going to the beach (which he loves to do)! Either way he is always in a good mood and is such a good sleeper (except for when we travel...then "travel Hunter" is a totally different story in the sleep department).

He is getting really good at following directions and will go get me a diaper when I ask him to and will sometimes tell me when he has a dirty diaper (I don't blame him).

Praise baby is still his favorite video to watch and he usually only sees it on plane rides that he takes just about every weekend. He is such a good traveler and has been on over 50 flights in his short 15 months of life and has done so well on ALL of them!

We are having such a blast with this little guy. He just makes our days so much fun.

Kansas city weekend

This past weekend we went to Kansas city for a very packed but fun filled weekend with friends. The weekend FLEW by with 2 baby showers and a going away party plus a few meals to catch up with friends. Alot has happened since we moved from KC 2 years ago... lots of our friends have relocated to various parts of the country and almost EVERYONE has either had a baby or is currently pregnant. Our group is growing fast and everyone (minus 1 person) was able to make it up to KC for the festivities. It was so great to all get together and so fun to see our kiddos interact. We stayed with Rudy and Patricia as well as Amber and Kaitlyn, as we usually do, so we could hang out after the kids went to bed. The kids are at such fun ages right now so we had a blast just watching them all interact.

Friday morning we met up with Brett and Sarah and their kiddos Caleb and Chloe for brunch. It was so good to catch up with them after such a long time...somehow we managed to forget to take pics though :(

Emory (13mo) snuggling with me under the snuggie :)

Jordan trying to get the kids to dance

Amber enjoying some snuggle time with Emory (13mo) and Hunter 15 (mo)
This was a common theme... anytime we held one kid the other would soon approach also wanting some snuggle time... possibly a little jealousy going on :)
Emory and Hunter watching Veggie tales

Rudy and Jordan sporting the "Benton" outfits and chain wallets

Sweet Kaitlyn (6mo) trying to crawl all weekend. She can definately move!
Here she is planking it out
Saturday morning we had baby Graham Briscoe shower
All the hostesses and soon to be mom Meaghan

Soon to be mom (Meaghan Briscoe) who looked ADORABLE at 32 weeks
Saturday night we had a going away party for Patrick and Holly Briscoe. You may remember their story that I posted about 10 months ago of their daughter Addison Elizabeth Briscoe who made a VERY EARLY debut on Friday, July 25, 2008 at 10:18 pm at only 27 weeks, 5 days gestation. They had just relocated to Longview, Tx and had only been in their new home town for 24 hours when she was born. She was born by emergency c-section after it was determined that she was in distress (her heart rate kept bottoming out) and was not growing properly in the womb. She weighed 1 lb 11 oz and was 13.5 inches long when she was born. She remained in the NICU for 3 LONG months and eventually went home to her new house in Longview. Today she is a perfectly healthy 10 month old who has quite the story of survival already. This was her first trip to Kansas city to meet all of her parents' friends so we finally had their going away party that we never had a chance to give because of her early and surprising arrival. It was so great to see this beautiful miracle of life. She is so beautiful and sweet and just so fun to watch. I can't wait for many more visits with her.

Addison 1 day old (left) 10 months old (right)

The whole group
Landon (21 mo) chasing Hunter around trying to put his hood on his head
Hunter wearing Landon's hat and Graham's sweatshirt. It was a little chilly that night and we weren't prepared for the colder weather
Hunter doing a little yard work
Our best attempt at getting a pic of all 3 of them...
pretty difficult to do with 3 mobile kids
This was after church Sunday morning
you can tell it is WAY past naptime for all 3 of them!
Hunter (15mo) Emory (13mo) and Kaitlyn (6mo)
Sunday afternoon we had a shower for baby Madyson Osner
Hunter and Emory were our door greeters
(well they were actually just looking for a chance to escape)

The hostesses and soon to be mom Jess
Our guests of honor for the weekend
Jess Osner (37 weeks) and Meaghan Briscoe (32 weeks)
We can't wait to meet Madyson and Graham!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

Mother's day weekend was the last weekend available for Jordan to skip town for his annual turkey hunt in Texas before the summer. So it was a perfect opportunity for a friend of mine from college, Dre, to come visit me and meet Hunter for the very first time. To make up for missing my special day I got two sets of flowers! One before he left and one after he got back :)

When we lived in Houston, Dre came to visit me and keep me company many times while I was on bed rest. She was actually the first one to buy my little "Addison" a gift (most of you know that was Hunter's name for about 3 months of my pregnancy when we though he was a girl....HA!). Someday my future Addison (if we keep the name) will have some adorable outfits thanks to Dre :) 

We had a fabulous weekend filled with shopping, of course, because Dre is my ABSOLUTE favorite friend to shop with... my little "personal shopper". We also took plenty of walks along the Riverwalk, hit the beach on Saturday and tried out a few of the local restaurants that I hadn't been to. 

Hunter had a blast throwing sand... that is literally all he the whole time... pick up sand and throw it in the air over and over and over.
He crashed on the way home from the beach while eating. That's right...  you can see the cracker hanging out of his mouth. He fell asleep mid chew.
It was a fabulous weekend and so wonderful to get to see Hunter fall in love with his "Tia". Jordan had a good weekend as well... he claims he shot a turkey, but never found it...hmm

Just a little update on my car. We finally got it back last Friday and it looks great! I drove it for about 5 minutes before I realized a few problems lingering so it's back in the shop... hopefully this time won't take another 2 months.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baby Allen is here!

Jax Vaughn Allen was born Friday May 8th at 11:20 a.m. weighing 7 pounds 12.5 ounces and 20 inches long. Proud parents are Matt and Sara Allen. I cannot WAIT to meet this little guy in just 4 short weeks! I have already booked my flight to Nashville to meet and love on this little guy. Sara was one of my roomates and very best friends from college and I cannot wait to see her as the wonderful mom I know she is! Congrats Matt and Sara!

Sara with all the beautiful women in her family
from left to right (Jenni, Amy (Sara's twin sis), Sara and their mom Susan

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just a little update

Hunter has been INSISTING on feeding himself with a spoon lately. Some meals are messier than others, but for the most part he does really well!
Notice he prefers his left hand.
Hunter has quite the sweet tooth. Well he pretty much wants any and everything mom or dad is eating. We ordered pizza the other night and got a dessert pizza with it. Jordan and I each had a slice and left the rest in the box on the coffee table. We were watching TV and not really paying attention until we heard Hunter smacking away. He snagged a slice for himself...just opened the lid and grabbed one and started chowing down. It was pretty cute but VERY messy. Jordan held on to him while he ate it so he wouldn't get chocolate all over the house...just all over Jordan :-)~
As we all know Jordan likes to draw.
Hunter has shown increasing interest lately and always steals his markers and pencils. So, Jordan showed him how to draw. It was pretty cute.
Notice Hunter using his left hand again.

Ok, so I may be a little OCD with the cleanliness of my house. I will admit I sweep and mop my floors everyday and oftentimes twice a day. So, needless to say Hunter OFTEN sees me with a broom or mop in hand. Well, today I was mopping the balcony...yes the balcony. I am sure the neighbors think I am certifiable seeing as how I have NEVER seen ANY OF THEM even sweep their balconies. BUT in my defense we spend the majority of our day out there and it bugs me to no end to have black feet from the filth out there. Anyway, so today I was out mopping the balcony and Hunter went into the laundry room and grabbed the broom and dragged it through the house out to the balcony where he began to "sweep" while I mopped.
It made me proud :)

On a side note I must mention that Hunter has pooped in the tub 3 times this week. He has done it a total of probably 5 times in his life...but 3 in one week...that's just too much. I do have a picture of one of the incidents because he actually climbed out of the tub, proceeded to "do his business" on the ledge and then climb back in the tub. I will spare you the picture. In the meantime, it is apparent that we REALLY need to rearrange bath-time around his "schedule".