Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

We headed to Kansas city for Easter weekend to celebrate Emory's first birthday. It was a very short trip packed full of fun and festivities and we were sad to leave so soon. The flight to KC was 4.5 hours there and 6 hours back (including layovers in Tampa) and these were Hunter's longest flights to date. He has been on over 40 flights in his short lifetime and he is always so well behaved and this time was no different despite the lengthy travel time, so we were happy.

We got in about 11:30pm Thursday night. Friday we headed to Rudy and Patricia's to help them get ready for the party Saturday. We had lunch with Meaghan Briscoe (who was 27 weeks pregnant with Graham and looked adorable!) then we ran errands to get ready for the party. Rudy and Patricia's family arrived late Friday afternoon so we all headed to a yummy dinner at Trolley's with Rudy and Patricia's parents.

Hunter and Emory at dinner. We decided to put them next to each other, which worked out well, because they entertained each other. They kept stealing each others food.
Saturday morning we headed to the church for the Easter egg hunt. Hunter got about 4 eggs and just continued to take them in and out of his basket...over and over and over again.
Emory's party was Saturday afternoon. She had tons of guests and an impressive amount of gifts! There were tons of kiddos at the party, of all ages and sizes. Patricia did such a cute job of decorating the house.

Rudy, Emory and Patricia
(Emory ate the ENTIRE smash cake) that girl loves her some cake!

Emory basking in her sea of gifts

I love this picture of Kaitlyn, she is just so adorable and she has gotten so much bigger since we last saw her. She is almost 5 months old and rollin and scootin all over the place. Robby and Amber may have an early crawler on their hands :)

Hunter standing over Kaitlyn checkin her out
It's been a few months since Hunter and Emory have been together. This is the first time they have been together since they both started walking so we had to get some pics of the two of them in action.

Hunter playing with Landon
This video is for the grandparents who haven't seen Hunter in a very long time. I know I have said before how much this kid loves to be outside and how he cries every time we shut the door but I have finally captured it on video. Notice Emory in the background just looking at him like he's crazy. He did this at least 7 times at the party...as guests were coming and going.


This next video was not but 2 seconds later...at least he gets over it quickly (by the way he is headed straight for the back door, prob thinking he will get lucky and find a way out that way.)



Heather said...

How cute. I love it when they first start walking and they have the little waddle. Too cute!

Holly said...

Oh it looks like so much fun!! I HATED not being there. The kiddos are all getting so big.