Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marineland Triathlon

This morning was my first triathlon of the season. It was in the BEAUTIFUL St. Augustine Florida, which is about an hour south of Jacksonville. I set my alarm for 5:00 am in order to allow ample driving time, loading/unloading of gear, packet pickup, transition set up, getting in my wetsuit and getting warmed up in the ocean before the race at 8:00 am.

However... I woke up at 3:30 am and could NOT go back to sleep. I was so excited/nervous that I just couldn't sleep. So I left earlier than I planned and got there around 6:00 am just in time to see the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean while standing in the oldest city in America. It was beautiful!! Jordan and Hunter left around 7:00 am so they could get there right in time for the start of the race.

I was pretty nervous about the ocean swim because any triathlete will tell you to get PLENTY of practice swimming in the ocean before hand because it is SO different than a pool. The ocean has swells and waves and currents and creatures and well you get the idea. It just so happens that I went to the beach yesterday to practice before today's race and to get some last minute tips from the pro's, but the water was so rough they wouldn't let us get in. It looked rough! All night long I just kept picturing "that water" for our race the next morning... and I was scared out of my mind and thought I was going to get killed by some of those waves! 

Well, I showed up this morning to absolutely PERFECT conditions. The surf couldn't have been better! It was quite the experience though because they placed the buoy's right smack in the middle of the breakers so the whole time we were swimming parallel to the shore waves were crashing over our heads... NOT IDEAL! I swallowed quite a bit of that salt water as I would come up for a breath and get hit in the face with white water. They really should have put the buoy's out another 100 yards or so from shore.

Start of the male swim (they had a 5 minute lead on females)
Start of female swim 
(I am in a full wetsuit towards the back middle) 
I let them all get slightly ahead at while we ran out to the first buoy so I wouldn't get kicked in the face when it got deep enough to start swimming... another tip from the pro's
I am exiting the water
 (dead center of the picture)
 I am trying to unzip my wetsuit and run out at the same time 
heading for the bike transition

Telling Jordan, "I think I swallowed half the ocean!", 
as I am running to the transition area and trying to take off my wetsuit
"T1" transition from swim to bike
(I am dead center behind the lady in green 
I am in the grey/black and white suit putting my helmet on)
Running out of the transition area with my bike, 
I am in the grey/black and white suit in center of the pic
 you can see my right arm to the left of the lady in green
 (we didn't get an pics on the bike because I was too far away)
Start of the run (I am wearing white hat in front of girl with red shorts)

On the run and yes I am smiling because I am having a BLAST!!
This was seriously the most fun I have ever had in a race. There were a few things that I learned and mostly a few things that were confirmed. For instance it is confirmed that I still hate running :) it was by far my slowest/weakest of all the legs. But I learned that the bike is my best leg by FAR. And the ocean swim... it's NOT scary! Let's put it this way. I passed a few people on the swim and did not get passed by anyone. I passed A TON of people on the bike and did not get passed by anyone and on the run I passed ONE loan person and got passed by probably 7 people, :( 

So, I guess that means I need to run more- BLAH! But hey I beat my overall time goal by 18 minutes! I way underestimated myself on the swim and bike so in the middle of the race I set a new goal and still beat it despite the dreaded run. 

Immediately after the race
still smiling :)

14 months old

It's hard to believe Hunter is 14 months already. He is the typical toddler, in to everything and so curious about life. His vocabulary increases daily as well as the things he "understands". He is just beginning the "testing" phase, he definitely knows what he is not suppose to do. But it's pretty cute to see his "innocent" face when he his caught in the act. 

He had a pretty big growth spurt at the beginning of this past month and grew out of almost all of his Pj's! He is 25 pounds now but his height is what we have noticed such a difference in. He looks so much taller. We will find out his height next month at his pediatrician appointment. 

This month he has been toying with the idea of going down to just one nap per day. Some days just one nap is totally necessary or we can't get him in bed before 9:00 pm and other days 2 naps are a MUST, it all depends on what time he wakes up for the day and how long his first nap is. I have a feeling we will be in this transition for a few months. The poor guy also has 4 molars that are still trying to come in, one in each quadrant. We will be happy when that's over.  
Hunter's favorite place to play is still the balcony. We have noticed the past few months that he can entertain himself for quite a long time now. He plays alone really well, coming by for a quick hug, kiss or pat from mom and dad and then he is on his way again content to entertain himself, until he needs something of course :)

Safety is still the main concern because he has no fear and can move about the inside of the house at will, he can open any inside door, climb up on or into anything and get up on tables, couches and chairs all by himself. So, even though he will play alone, he must still be watched like a HAWK 24/7, as I am sure has been well documented up to this point.

Right now his world consists of pointing to various things and making kind of a grunting noise, that sounds like a question, while he waits for us to tell him what it is or let him touch it. He loves to point at birds, lights and food the most. He still puts everything in his mouth that he shouldn't, and oftentimes uses his mouth as "storage" so that his hands are free to pick up other items. 

He has figured out the play, pause and fast forward button on the T.V. remote. But his favorite button of all is the "on demand" button, probably because it's the only red button. He enjoys banging on glass, eating toilet paper, emptying out drawers and refilling them and emptying them again and refilling them again.... you get the idea. He LOVES helping me with laundry. I let him hand me the dirty clothes one by one as I load them. Then when it comes time to unload the dryer he reaches in there and takes them out one by one and dumps it in the laundry basket. The only problem is, he doesn't stop. Once I begin folding the clothes he takes the folded clothes off the couch and puts them back into the laundry basket. He hasn't quite figured out that there is a time and a place for that ;)

He likes to drink the bath water and play hide and seek or chase with mommy and daddy. He walks everywhere but when it comes time to play chase, instead of speeding up his gait or running he just opens his mouth really wide with excitement and breathes really loud and hard... like he would if he were running, except he doesn't speed up! It's pretty cute and I hope I can capture it on video before he figures out how to run.

For his 14 month birthday he decided to bless daddy with a gift of pooping in the bath this evening. And it wasn't your typical poop... it was "teething" poop (if you know what I mean). That was a blessing :)

He shares EVERYTHING! But he wants always wants it back immediately. 

Hanging out on the balcony
This is a favorite the toy I recently brought out of hiding, so it's a big hit right now. I try to rotate his toys so he doesn't get bored.
This is a perfect capture of  his"innocent" face. He KNOWS when has done something he shouldn't or if we happen to catch him in the middle of doing something he shouldn't... this is the face we get. 
Fortunately this drink was empty  before he got a hold of it. But, that's not usually the case.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

We headed to Kansas city for Easter weekend to celebrate Emory's first birthday. It was a very short trip packed full of fun and festivities and we were sad to leave so soon. The flight to KC was 4.5 hours there and 6 hours back (including layovers in Tampa) and these were Hunter's longest flights to date. He has been on over 40 flights in his short lifetime and he is always so well behaved and this time was no different despite the lengthy travel time, so we were happy.

We got in about 11:30pm Thursday night. Friday we headed to Rudy and Patricia's to help them get ready for the party Saturday. We had lunch with Meaghan Briscoe (who was 27 weeks pregnant with Graham and looked adorable!) then we ran errands to get ready for the party. Rudy and Patricia's family arrived late Friday afternoon so we all headed to a yummy dinner at Trolley's with Rudy and Patricia's parents.

Hunter and Emory at dinner. We decided to put them next to each other, which worked out well, because they entertained each other. They kept stealing each others food.
Saturday morning we headed to the church for the Easter egg hunt. Hunter got about 4 eggs and just continued to take them in and out of his basket...over and over and over again.
Emory's party was Saturday afternoon. She had tons of guests and an impressive amount of gifts! There were tons of kiddos at the party, of all ages and sizes. Patricia did such a cute job of decorating the house.

Rudy, Emory and Patricia
(Emory ate the ENTIRE smash cake) that girl loves her some cake!

Emory basking in her sea of gifts

I love this picture of Kaitlyn, she is just so adorable and she has gotten so much bigger since we last saw her. She is almost 5 months old and rollin and scootin all over the place. Robby and Amber may have an early crawler on their hands :)

Hunter standing over Kaitlyn checkin her out
It's been a few months since Hunter and Emory have been together. This is the first time they have been together since they both started walking so we had to get some pics of the two of them in action.

Hunter playing with Landon
This video is for the grandparents who haven't seen Hunter in a very long time. I know I have said before how much this kid loves to be outside and how he cries every time we shut the door but I have finally captured it on video. Notice Emory in the background just looking at him like he's crazy. He did this at least 7 times at the guests were coming and going.


This next video was not but 2 seconds least he gets over it quickly (by the way he is headed straight for the back door, prob thinking he will get lucky and find a way out that way.)


Monday, April 6, 2009

First trip to the beach

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day so we took Hunter to the beach for the first time. We went to Ponte Vedra Beach (Mickler's Landing). It was really fun. The water is still pretty chilly, although that didn't keep Hunter or any other kids out of it :)

He had fun picking up seashells and throwing them, playing in the water and sand, running off from mom and dad as much as possible and playing in the hole Jordan dug for him. He was all smiles the whole time and we will definitely be returning!

This was his first touch of the water

Playing with dad

He loved the seashells. He kept picking them up and holding them up in the air like "look what I found" over and over and over again. Of course Jordan acted surprised all 27 times...such a good dad.
more seashells

Playing in the hole dad dug. He had fun climbing in and out of it.

He kept running off without us so Jordan was rounding him up

I love this picture (it's getting framed)

We actually waited until after he woke from his afternoon nap to leave for the beach so he would be well rested...but he still WIPED OUT on the drive home. He was so worn out from the fun.
Poor little guy :(
The past few weeks we have been working on identifying body parts with Hunter. He has been able to stick out his tongue on command for a few months now but just recently he started pointing to body parts when we ask him. He can do nose, eyes, hair, mouth and tongue. He says "there" when he's pretty cute. He also surprised us the other day when we went outside and he suddenly said "outside" it's his favorite new word, he says it all the time in the sweetest little high pitched voice. One of his favorite things right now is whispering. He likes it when we whisper in his ears and he will giggle and then come back for more. Sometimes he will whisper back. Too cute ;)