Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nashville Trip

We are finally all settled into our condo in Jax. We moved last week...had a few bumps in the road...but made it here safely. We found out that the lady in the white truck (that had to be cut out of it) broke her back and her neck but she is doing well and so far no signs of neurological damage.We are still waiting on the police report to be mailed to us so we can take my car in to get fixed. It is rather inconvenient at the moment only having 1 car (especially when the 1 car is a giant diesel truck) because Hunter and I are basically stuck at home during the day while Jordan is at work. The few outings I have had have been to the grocery store (twice already), which is not ideal in Jordan's truck. I can't park it anywhere because it's so big!! I had so many groceries that I had to load them in the back of the truck and as soon as I took off ALL of the groceries fell out of the bags and were scattered all over the back of the truck...SO annoying. Just makes me realize how much I love my SUV. Oh and his truck is too tall to park in the parking garage at our condo which means we either have to Valet it or find a visitor spot available, or park it across the street...another inconvenience. I will be happy when I at least get a rent car and don't have to drive that HUGE thing anymore! 

We moved in last week and were here in  for 2 days and then packed up and went to Nashville for the weekend for my college room-mates baby shower. We were a little nervous about how Hunter would do on the trip because of all of the craziness of that week. We had slept 2 nights in Houston, flew to Florida and then he slept one night in our room in a pack-n-play because we didn't have his crib set up yet, and then 1 night in his crib in his room. Then we hopped on another plane to Nashville where he spent 2 nights. He did great despite the lack of stability lately. I guess he is just used to going with the flow because his whole life has pretty much been one trip after the other.
We happened to be flying in between nap times this time (I always try to fly during naptime so he will sleep on the we don't have to wrestle him the whole flight). It has been a while since we have flown during a non-naptime but he did great. We brought tons of snacks, which ended up all over Jordan's black shirt, and we brought the DVD player so he could watch praise baby. It was only an hour and 15 minute flight so it wasn't too bad. 

We stayed at Matt and Sara's house for the weekend. We went to dinner Friday night to a fun Cajun place in Nashville. Saturday, we did my favorite thing, and just stayed at the house all day catching up (it was raining). Sara's shower was Saturday night. She had a couples shower so Jordan and Hunter both came. She got some great stuff and we had a great time catching up with friends. I can't wait to meet little Jax Vaughn Allen here in about 2 months! 

Christine (my cousin), me and Amy (Sara's twin)

Me and Christine
A family pic at the shower (right before we put Hunter to bed)
Me, Sara (33weeks) and Christine
We had a great weekend and can't wait to return in a few months to meet the little guy. 

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Christine said...

yeah! we had so much fun with ya'll that weekend! Look forwardto visiting ya'll in June! love you guys