Thursday, March 19, 2009

13 months old

Hunter is 13 months old today! He is so much fun right now. He is turning out to be so curious and fearless! He is ALWAYS in such a good mood, except for when it's time for me to cook dinner (prob because I am not giving him my undivided attention) he suddenly becomes really clingy and wants me to hold him. I think he also like to watch me make dinner because he giggles the whole time I am doing it. 

Not much has changed with him this month except his curiosity and his understanding of words. He can understand so much more now and does things we ask him to do. It's fun to see the wheels turning in his head. We are working on naming the body parts, so far the only one he responds to is "stick out your tongue" (which he does on command) as for the rest of them he has yet to show us whether or not he knows where there are.

His favorite things right now are:

Climbing on all furniture- we have found him on top of the coffee table, standing on a kitchen chair reaching over (in a plank position) to climb onto the highchair, he likes climbing on to the back of the couch and he recently had his first fall off the couch, no tears!

Climbing into the bathtub-He has recently figured out how to climb into the bathtub and turn the water on...NOT so safe if mom and dad aren't around. Recently Jordan and I were sitting in the living room and Hunter was roaming the house (which is what he does ALL DAY), we heard the water go on in our bathroom so we got up to see what he was doing and we found him sitting in the bathtub with his clothes on and the water running and he was drinking out of the faucet! 

Playing outside on the balcony- We have a pretty large balcony that never gets direct sunlight. It has 4 doors to it and it has been such nice weather here lately that we just leave all the doors open to it and let Hunter play out there most of the day. Being outside is hands down his absolute FAVORITE thing. He has loved every second of it. We even put his highchair out there and let him eat all of his meals out there (which is great for cleanup). He loves to re-arrange the furniture on the balcony, the furniture is pretty lightweight so he moves it all around. 

He loves to play chase- He will bait us and then turn around and run off screaming and then a few feet later turn around to see if we are following and he will laugh really hard and slap his leg or hit the ground with his hand while laughing and then run off again screaming all the way. 

Going on walks- When we lived in Houston, Hunter and I would frequently go on walks through the neighborhood. He always loved our walks so I have continued them here in Jax, except I must say the scenery here is much better! We live right on St. Johns river and our condo opens right into the Riverwalk. Everyday we go on a 4-5 mile walk (depending on the route I take) along the water. The weather has been so beautiful and the water gives off such a nice cool breeze, it's glorious and he absolutely LOVES IT!

Hunter playing on the balcony
Hunter's first haircut (he had a ducktail that needed some trimming)
Look at that naked tooshie...Jordan is braver than I am!
All Hunter cared about was getting in the bathtub, he didn't even notice the scissors


Alison said...

I just love this age and it only gets better!! Ya'll have a gorgeous view! I would want to be out there all day too :-)

Grandpa-Bob said...

This is uncle Bob (doesn’t everyone have an Uncle Bob?). Cruising on the St. John’s River is one of my favorite memories…fishing is even better. Good luck in Jacksonville!

Mary said...

I'd want to be on that balcony all day too! Those are the cutest 1st haircut pics! My daughter's first haircut was from another kid - it wasn't anywhere near as cute as Hunter's. Happy 13mths!