Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1 year checkup

We returned to Houston from our cruise late Sunday night. We had such a great time and I will post pics as soon as I can scan them to my computer. We are in the midst of trying to pack for Florida so I am running low on free time at the may take a week or so.  

Hunter had his 1 year appointment on Monday. It went really well but he got 5 not fun. He was starting to show signs of a cold the last day he was with Nana so the pedi checked him out. She wanted to get a good look at his ears since he has had a few infections in the last few months. She couldn't get a good look (because of excess earwax) so the nurse had to do a cleansing procedure in his ears that took 30 minutes!!! The nurse of course waited until after we held him down for his shots when he was completely hysterical and then we had to continue to hold him down for 30 more minutes as she flushed his ears out with water...HE WAS MISERABLE!!! LONGEST 30 minutes ever! She just kept going and going and going...I thought she would NEVER stop. I hope to never go through that again! After all of that his ears looked perfect, no infection. She said there wasn't much we could do to prevent the build up other than squirt water in his ears during baths. He just has small ear canals so this will probably continue to be an issue until he is older. FUN FUN!

She was so impressed with his verbal skills, he can say about 8-10 words now.  She also was cracking up at the fact that he still prefers to crawl full-time despite having taken steps many times! This is totally the opposite of what any of us, including her, would have guessed considering the way Hunter has been up to this point. She watched him play for a while and said his gross motor skills and balance are that of an 18 month old. When he does decide to walk full time it will look as if he has been doing it for a long time. 

He weighed 23 pounds (50%-75%), was 31 3/4 inches long (95%), and 19 inches for head circumference (95%).

The weirdest part about Hunter turning one is that all of the sudden it's "okay" to do just about everything. It's like all of the sudden their are no food issues anymore. It puzzles me how suddenly at the magic age of one they can suddenly have Honey, whole milk, peanut butter, crustaceans, stawberries the list goes on...what is it about 1? Not that I waited until one to give him any of those foods...our pediatrician is definitely not on the conservative side and neither am I. I mean I guess the only thing we have waited on is honey...which is suddenly okay now too. The good thing about honey though is our pedi told us we can use it for coughs and sore throats because supposedly it is really soothing (which is good considering there are no cough medicines available for children under 4).

Anyway, we moved our "moving date" to Tuesday the 10th because Jordan's grievance was scheduled for that day here in Houston. Just recently it got postponed to some time in April, but we are sticking with the moving date anyway. Until then we are just packing away!

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Christine said...

aww I can't believe Hunter is 1! That dr. appt. sounded really painful for him and you! That's amazing how many words he is saying already! I can't wait to get to see him this weekend while ya'll are here for sara's shower!