Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cruise Feb 2009

So, I am way behind in posting these pictures. Truth is, I forgot. But I want them documented in my blog book. Be prepared for lots of pictures!

This was our 3rd cruise together (2nd time on Royal Caribbean) and I am pretty sure it was our favorite thus far. This was the first time we have cruised with friends and we had a blast!! We went with Rudy and Patricia and this trip marked the first time we had ever left our little ones behind. We went on Royal Caribbean's newest and biggest ship to date "Liberty of the Seas" and it was magnificent!

Our port was Miami, FL our itinerary included, Labadee Haiti (private island), Montego Bay Jamaica, George Town Grand Cayman, and Cozumel Mexico.

First formal night

2nd formal night

The guys being strange

playing around before our safety meeting
Picture with our concierge Mario

George Town, Grand Cayman

Hanging out

When we weren't checking out the islands, our mornings were spent playing BINGO, our afternoons were spent laying out and our evenings were spent gorging ourselves with TONS of food and then either hanging in the casino or participating in the evening's entertainment.

The boys were a little tired of the sun so they napped in the shade
Jordan (left) and Rudy (right)

Our concierge hooked us up with a tour of the bridge and the engine room. This is a picture of the bridge.

The last day we were there we got massages at the spa and ate at Chops grill instead of in the main dining hall.

Just before dinner the last night the captain called and asked us to come back up to the bridge because he wanted to meet the boys (he wasn't there when we took the bridge tour ealier). He was pretty excited to meet them and we were excited to meet him too. It was dark outside when we went up there so the lights on the bridge had to be out so they could see where they were going. So when we walked in it was pitch black and we couldn't see where we were going. This picture was taken in the dark which is why it is so out of focus.

Jordan playing "battle of the sexes" -girls won :)

They brought us one of everything on the dessert menu everynight!

Our ship

We had such a wonderful time and can't wait until their new ship sets sail next year "Oasis" it's suppose to be even better than the Liberty!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

13 months old

Hunter is 13 months old today! He is so much fun right now. He is turning out to be so curious and fearless! He is ALWAYS in such a good mood, except for when it's time for me to cook dinner (prob because I am not giving him my undivided attention) he suddenly becomes really clingy and wants me to hold him. I think he also like to watch me make dinner because he giggles the whole time I am doing it. 

Not much has changed with him this month except his curiosity and his understanding of words. He can understand so much more now and does things we ask him to do. It's fun to see the wheels turning in his head. We are working on naming the body parts, so far the only one he responds to is "stick out your tongue" (which he does on command) as for the rest of them he has yet to show us whether or not he knows where there are.

His favorite things right now are:

Climbing on all furniture- we have found him on top of the coffee table, standing on a kitchen chair reaching over (in a plank position) to climb onto the highchair, he likes climbing on to the back of the couch and he recently had his first fall off the couch, no tears!

Climbing into the bathtub-He has recently figured out how to climb into the bathtub and turn the water on...NOT so safe if mom and dad aren't around. Recently Jordan and I were sitting in the living room and Hunter was roaming the house (which is what he does ALL DAY), we heard the water go on in our bathroom so we got up to see what he was doing and we found him sitting in the bathtub with his clothes on and the water running and he was drinking out of the faucet! 

Playing outside on the balcony- We have a pretty large balcony that never gets direct sunlight. It has 4 doors to it and it has been such nice weather here lately that we just leave all the doors open to it and let Hunter play out there most of the day. Being outside is hands down his absolute FAVORITE thing. He has loved every second of it. We even put his highchair out there and let him eat all of his meals out there (which is great for cleanup). He loves to re-arrange the furniture on the balcony, the furniture is pretty lightweight so he moves it all around. 

He loves to play chase- He will bait us and then turn around and run off screaming and then a few feet later turn around to see if we are following and he will laugh really hard and slap his leg or hit the ground with his hand while laughing and then run off again screaming all the way. 

Going on walks- When we lived in Houston, Hunter and I would frequently go on walks through the neighborhood. He always loved our walks so I have continued them here in Jax, except I must say the scenery here is much better! We live right on St. Johns river and our condo opens right into the Riverwalk. Everyday we go on a 4-5 mile walk (depending on the route I take) along the water. The weather has been so beautiful and the water gives off such a nice cool breeze, it's glorious and he absolutely LOVES IT!

Hunter playing on the balcony
Hunter's first haircut (he had a ducktail that needed some trimming)
Look at that naked tooshie...Jordan is braver than I am!
All Hunter cared about was getting in the bathtub, he didn't even notice the scissors

Nashville Trip

We are finally all settled into our condo in Jax. We moved last week...had a few bumps in the road...but made it here safely. We found out that the lady in the white truck (that had to be cut out of it) broke her back and her neck but she is doing well and so far no signs of neurological damage.We are still waiting on the police report to be mailed to us so we can take my car in to get fixed. It is rather inconvenient at the moment only having 1 car (especially when the 1 car is a giant diesel truck) because Hunter and I are basically stuck at home during the day while Jordan is at work. The few outings I have had have been to the grocery store (twice already), which is not ideal in Jordan's truck. I can't park it anywhere because it's so big!! I had so many groceries that I had to load them in the back of the truck and as soon as I took off ALL of the groceries fell out of the bags and were scattered all over the back of the truck...SO annoying. Just makes me realize how much I love my SUV. Oh and his truck is too tall to park in the parking garage at our condo which means we either have to Valet it or find a visitor spot available, or park it across the street...another inconvenience. I will be happy when I at least get a rent car and don't have to drive that HUGE thing anymore! 

We moved in last week and were here in  for 2 days and then packed up and went to Nashville for the weekend for my college room-mates baby shower. We were a little nervous about how Hunter would do on the trip because of all of the craziness of that week. We had slept 2 nights in Houston, flew to Florida and then he slept one night in our room in a pack-n-play because we didn't have his crib set up yet, and then 1 night in his crib in his room. Then we hopped on another plane to Nashville where he spent 2 nights. He did great despite the lack of stability lately. I guess he is just used to going with the flow because his whole life has pretty much been one trip after the other.
We happened to be flying in between nap times this time (I always try to fly during naptime so he will sleep on the we don't have to wrestle him the whole flight). It has been a while since we have flown during a non-naptime but he did great. We brought tons of snacks, which ended up all over Jordan's black shirt, and we brought the DVD player so he could watch praise baby. It was only an hour and 15 minute flight so it wasn't too bad. 

We stayed at Matt and Sara's house for the weekend. We went to dinner Friday night to a fun Cajun place in Nashville. Saturday, we did my favorite thing, and just stayed at the house all day catching up (it was raining). Sara's shower was Saturday night. She had a couples shower so Jordan and Hunter both came. She got some great stuff and we had a great time catching up with friends. I can't wait to meet little Jax Vaughn Allen here in about 2 months! 

Christine (my cousin), me and Amy (Sara's twin)

Me and Christine
A family pic at the shower (right before we put Hunter to bed)
Me, Sara (33weeks) and Christine
We had a great weekend and can't wait to return in a few months to meet the little guy. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The effects of driving on drugs

This is the car of the man who thought it was a good idea to drive under the influence of drugs

This is the car that was in front of him...he rear-ended this car and the lady had to be cut out of it.This is my car which was hit as a result of the drugged up guy rear-ending the car pictured above.
He was arrested and taken to Jail for DUI of drugs

Jordan and Papa Dwayne (Jordan's dad) left around 12:30 today to begin the 14 hour journey to Jacksonville, FL. About 3 hours into the trip my car met the lady's truck which was hit by the drugged up man. Thank GOD no one was injured...not even the lady who was cut out of her truck. They were delayed a few hours but decided my car was still okay to drive, even though Dwayne has to get in through passenger side door...because the Driver door is jammed shut. The side air-bags did deploy and the seatbelt isn't working as usual, but it does snap so they are pressing on!

Hunter and I fly out in the morning for Jax and we should be arriving around the same time as the boys. Needless to say there were some angels watching over them today.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1 year checkup

We returned to Houston from our cruise late Sunday night. We had such a great time and I will post pics as soon as I can scan them to my computer. We are in the midst of trying to pack for Florida so I am running low on free time at the may take a week or so.  

Hunter had his 1 year appointment on Monday. It went really well but he got 5 not fun. He was starting to show signs of a cold the last day he was with Nana so the pedi checked him out. She wanted to get a good look at his ears since he has had a few infections in the last few months. She couldn't get a good look (because of excess earwax) so the nurse had to do a cleansing procedure in his ears that took 30 minutes!!! The nurse of course waited until after we held him down for his shots when he was completely hysterical and then we had to continue to hold him down for 30 more minutes as she flushed his ears out with water...HE WAS MISERABLE!!! LONGEST 30 minutes ever! She just kept going and going and going...I thought she would NEVER stop. I hope to never go through that again! After all of that his ears looked perfect, no infection. She said there wasn't much we could do to prevent the build up other than squirt water in his ears during baths. He just has small ear canals so this will probably continue to be an issue until he is older. FUN FUN!

She was so impressed with his verbal skills, he can say about 8-10 words now.  She also was cracking up at the fact that he still prefers to crawl full-time despite having taken steps many times! This is totally the opposite of what any of us, including her, would have guessed considering the way Hunter has been up to this point. She watched him play for a while and said his gross motor skills and balance are that of an 18 month old. When he does decide to walk full time it will look as if he has been doing it for a long time. 

He weighed 23 pounds (50%-75%), was 31 3/4 inches long (95%), and 19 inches for head circumference (95%).

The weirdest part about Hunter turning one is that all of the sudden it's "okay" to do just about everything. It's like all of the sudden their are no food issues anymore. It puzzles me how suddenly at the magic age of one they can suddenly have Honey, whole milk, peanut butter, crustaceans, stawberries the list goes on...what is it about 1? Not that I waited until one to give him any of those foods...our pediatrician is definitely not on the conservative side and neither am I. I mean I guess the only thing we have waited on is honey...which is suddenly okay now too. The good thing about honey though is our pedi told us we can use it for coughs and sore throats because supposedly it is really soothing (which is good considering there are no cough medicines available for children under 4).

Anyway, we moved our "moving date" to Tuesday the 10th because Jordan's grievance was scheduled for that day here in Houston. Just recently it got postponed to some time in April, but we are sticking with the moving date anyway. Until then we are just packing away!