Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crunch Time

Our days in Houston are numbered. We have exactly 2 more days in this house. We leave Thursday for Dallas for Hunter's birthday party. We plan to stay in Dallas until we leave for our cruise on the 21st. This will be Jordan and my first trip without Hunter, we are really looking forward to relaxing and hanging out on our own schedule and just being the two of us again after a year...not that we won't miss Hunter terribly. In fact, we have quite a bit of anxiety going in to this trip because we have never been without him for even a night! Well, Jordan has, but I haven't. Hunter will be splitting time between the grandparents for the week getting spoiled rotten I'm sure!

When we return from the cruise we will be home just long enough to pack up the things we want to take to Jax...so not much time at all. We are really feeling the pressure right now as we try to pack for our 2 weeks away and at the same time pack for 9 months away! In between the packing, we have also been trying to spend some time with our friends here for one last time before we leave. Our church friends had a going away party for us Saturday night, which was very fun! Then our young marrieds class prayed a blessing over us on Sunday morning...which was difficult to get through. We had dinner one last time with Brian, Lauren and Sophie Simpson on Sunday night and we are on our way to lunch with The Jackson fam. And in 2 weeks, when we get back from the cruise, I will have my last evening with the Monday night girls that get together at Sheila's.

This move is so bittersweet, because we always look forward to what God has in store for us and the adventure that is ahead but we will miss all of the dear friends we have in Houston so much. When we first moved here I was convinced God put us here because of the difficult pregnancy and the incredible Children's hospital here in Houston. But then when Hunter was born completely healthy, I realized it is the people that God placed in our lives here in Houston...they are the reason we are here. This is such a time of transition in our lives starting a family...God placed the perfect people in my life at the absolute perfect time to guide me and teach me how to be a Godly wife and mother. The lessons I have learned here and the friendships I have made will be with me forever. After seeing what God had in store for me here, I look forward to what God has planned in Jacksonville!

Here are some pics of our last dinner with The Simpsons, I can't believe how much Sophie and Hunter have grown since they moved here and had her. Hunter was just 5 months old when they stayed with us (while building their house). We will really miss them :(

Hunter (11 months) Sophie (3 months)

Watchin momma pack like a mad woman (you can't tell in the picture but the room was completely upside down..as well as the bathroom...the closets)


Mary said...

The babies are so cute! Happy 1st Birthday to Hunter and Have a wonderful time on your cruise! Looking forward to hearing that your move went smoothly.

Holly said...

I hope the packing is going well. It's the pits, huh? How I remember all to well. I wish we'd been able to get together while we lived in the same state :(. Have fun on your cruise & Happy Birthday to Hunter!