Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Camp Nana

Since Ashlie and Jordan are on a cruise this week, both sets of grandparents have shared Hunter in their absence. Needless to say, we are all thrilled to have extended time with him. Papa and Vivi (Jordan's parents) got Hunter the first half of the week. Last night, they brought Hunter to us and we get to love on him until Ashlie and Jordan return Saturday night.

When we became grandparents three years ago,I announced to my kids that every year I want a time when I can keep all of my grandchildren while their parents go on vacation, envisioning a week filled with places to go and things to see. Unfortunately, that will have to be postponed until the grandkids are older (they are currently 3, 1, and 9 months). Meals, diapers, and naps chop up the day, so we are mostly finding fun things to do at home. We are also learning to share with each other.

Hunter and his cousin having their morning milk and watching cartoons.

Hunter and his cousin sharing pancakes. Apparently, Nana, the photographer was blocking the television.

Hunter was so appreciative of his pancakes that he decided to cook for me.

Hunter and I went outside to blow bubbles after his afternoon nap. He thought the bubbles were hilarious. Each time I blew, he threw his head back in a deep belly laugh. It was great. Unfortunately, no one was there to take a picture of him. I'll try to get you one tomorrow, Ash.

I did learn that Hunter is not fond of colored water in the bath. His cousin has these tablets that turn the bathwater whatever color he wants. He chose red. It scared Hunter. It scared him real bad. He screamed and screamed. The night before, he and his cousin took a nice bubble bath together. I think tomorrow night we will revisit the bubble option.

We'll keep you posted!


Jordashblack said...

It's so great to hear about what he is doing and see pics of him while we are away. We miss him so much and this helps tremendously!! You're awesome Nana! We love you!

brianandlauren said...

This is so nice of you, Nana, to post this for Ash and Jordan! I loved the story about the bath color tablets!! That's hilarious!