Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be still, be patient...

It will come.

This was the advice that was given to me after 2 HORRIBLE days of condo searching in Jacksonville last week. A very wise, VERY dear friend happened to call me at just the right moment.

Reader beware...very long...

We were annoyed at the fact that we had to make this last minute trip. The team called and said to come a.s.a.p. so the doc could give Jordan a physical. Jordan needed to pass this physical in order to be able to return home to Houston to continue doing rehab. If he didn't pass he had to stay in Jax and rehab with them until he could pass. So, we jumped on the first flight we could, Wednesday afternoon.

Part of the reason we were annoyed is we had already scheduled a flight to go to KC that weekend (departing from Houston) and we now had to change our flight so that we could fly from Jax to KC. So we changed the flight to fly out of Jax to KC Friday morning at 9:00am, assuming he would have the physical Wednesday or Thursday. When we landed in Jax, Wednesday afternoon we found out that the doc couldn't see him until 7:30 Friday morning....(and so why did they need us to come a.s.a.p.?) we thought woa that's cutting it close our flight was scheduled to leave at 9:30 and his appointment is at 7:30, tough to do with a rent car in an unfamiliar city and a baby in tow.

So, needless to say the trip in Jax started off bad on Wednesday we when landed and found out we didn't have to be there quite so a.s.a.p. and THEN we rented our car and (for the first time ever) rented a carseat for Hunter. We decided to travel as light as possible this time. WELL apparently the carseat was not a good fit for Hunter because he literally SCREAMED the entire time we were in the car (which is so unlike him). The carseat was the most bare bones junky thing I have ever seen. He was basically sitting on a piece of plastic with a tissue covering it. He had zero cushioning and a nice extra piece of plastic (that the manufacturer probably considered to be lumbar support)...jabbing him in the kidneys. He screamed and arched his back the whole ride, which made driving around Jax (in the rain) looking for condos SO MUCH FUN! We only had 1 day to find a place to live for the next year and Hunter was being SO resistent, he wouldn't nap in the car (which we were counting on him to do because we were so pressed for time.) His complete and total misery caused him to miss his nap by a very large margin and you better watch out if this guy misses a nap!!! This boy NEEDS his sleep!

So, with the way Hunter was being, he pretty much made us want to just give up looking all together..which "WE" did. It forced us to go out separately. I went first, while Jordan stayed with Hunter in the hotel, and then I came back and Jordan went all the places I had gone to see. We saw a total of 2 places that day because of having to split up to look.

I was really annoyed because the realtor was showing us condos that were in a totally different area than we asked about and the places were WAY overpriced for the quality and quite a bit more than we told her we wanted to pay. We not only have to rent the condo but have to pay to rent the furniture too which more than DOUBLES the price. We just really could not justify spending that kind of money on a 2BR/2 bath's just crazy. But, we really did not want to have to move our furninture from our house in Houston...Ahh, the pressure was building, and we were seriously overwhelmed and annoyed. I just felt so much resistance in this whole process, and it seemed nothing was working out!

So after looking and seeing all of 2 places on Thursday, we woke up Friday morning, discouraged that we still didn't have a place to live. We packed our bags for the airport and went straight to the Doctor for Jordan's physical. Well, the doctor decided NOT to pass Jordan, NOT because he wasn't healthy or fully rehabed because he IS and he acknowledged that, but because his shoulder hadn't "matured" aka he hadn't reached the textbook 6 months post-op yet...

something they could have told us before we made the trip out there.

So, they ended up having him stay a week to rehab with them so they could get a feel for where his shoulder was. We were so annoyed by this, we had packed for a day and half trip, we planned to go to Kansas city that weekend to see friends and throw a dear friend her baby shower. The team could have told us that he would have to stay the whole week BEFORE we went, because they knew before he got there that he hadn't reached 6 months post-op and they didn't tell him to prepare to be there for extended time...


So, we called and cancelled our flight for that morning and went back to the hotel to figure out what we were going to do. Jordan HAD to stay in Jax and I was suppose to be in KC for the baby was a 6 hour flight from Jax to KC... and I was going to have to do this by myself with Hunter, a kid who has basically screamed his little head off the past 2 days and had not napped very well at all since we had been there, Oiy! Jordan DID NOT want me to take Hunter on that flight by myself with him acting the way he had, and I couldn't leave Hunter with Jordan because Jordan had to go to rehab and had no one to keep Hunter during that time.

This was about the time my wonderfully wise friend called....coincidence...Hmm I don't think so. I told her the situation with the condos, and that we hadn't found ANYTHING that we thought was worth the money they were asking. We were sooooo disappointed in them. She told me to just pray about it, be still and be patient. Don't feel like we need to spend out of our comfort zone because we will find something that was meant for us, we just need to be patient.

Hard to do when you see the time just ticking away.

So, that night, I talked to Jordan and told him I thought I should cancel my trip to KC that weekend and stay in Jax for the week with him and look for condos on a more relaxed schedule (in other words not all at once), as time allowed and as Hunter allowed.

He agreed.

We called the realtor and told her that what we wanted and what we were willing to spend...and not a penny more. I also told her I was only going to look at a few places a day and it had to be around Hunter's nap schedule.

Well, after we did this...slowed down and relaxed a little, Hunter suddenly went right back to his old self....hmm maybe we were part of the problem.

We found a way to make him more comfy in the carseat, we allowed him to take his naps in the hotel (and not in the car while we were looking for places). This way he wasn't spending the entire day in the car, and he got to eat, sleep and play like normal with only 1 quick outing a day in between naps. This was so much better! I began to not be so annoyed that we had to stay the full week because it seemed that there was a reason for it now.

When I started looking for condos in Jax month ago online, I first looked at the sky-rise condos downtown, just steps from the stadium, because when Jordan signed with the team they actually pointed him to those condos because a lot of the players in "temporary housing" usually live there, because they are nice and very convenient. The condos are right on the water and steps away from the stadium in a trendy, urban kind of area, totally different than ANYTHING we have EVER lived in, but it's temporary why not have fun with it?

When I contacted the realtor that we would work with she kept pointing me in a different direction and taking us all over the place (everywhere but where I initally asked). So, the first day we looked with her she took us to an area we didn't care for and to condos that were really not great but had a ridiculous price tag on them. She never showed us anything downtown despite the fact that those condos where what I told her we were interested in seeing (there are mulitple sky-rise condos downtown). She just kept trying to take us to all of these other areas. We were so not happy with what they were offering for the PRICE! ! I couldn't figure out why she kept doing that but I went with it just thinking she must know something we don't.

So, the weekend came and she didn't work weekends so she had nothing for us to see. I didn't want to just sit around waisting time so I contacted a different realtor (one that worked weekends) and told them we really wanted to see the condos downtown.

Guess what they actually did what we asked! We saw them and they were SOOOO nice, but wow were they were pricey!!!!

Now what?

After the weekend, my original realtor called back and wanted to know what the deal was, what we were thinking about doing. I explained that I just really felt like we wanted to be downtown. We have no reason to live 30 minutes away from the stadium, we don't know anyone out there, why make Jordan drive an hour roundtrip (or more with traffic) everyday, and for what...crappy condos that are way overpriced? So, she said ok let me get you in touch with somone that can show you the condos downtown (turns out her company didn't have any corporate housing in the sky-rise condos and so she would have to refer out...DING DING DING...that's why she was trying to get us to go the the suburbs so she could get the business and not someone else.)

Well, sure enough we found the deal of a lifetime! A VERY nice condo in the original building that I first looked at online in downtown Jax, fully furnished, steps away from the stadium and almost HALF the price of ANYTHING we had seen up to that point....including all of the other condos in the same building!! In fact the realtor could not BELIEVE they were renting it for so cheap (they must be desparate)....or "Someone" must be looking out for us....hmmm.

We called just in the right time and snagged that puppy right off the market.

Be still, be patient, it will come, thanks for the wonderfully wise advice....S

I am so excited, I love a good deal. You know what? I am not so annoyed that we had to stay the full week, obviously it was HIS the plan all along, we just needed to be patient.

So come see us in Jax all you friends and family, we now have a residence!


Mary~Momathon said...

Glad you found just the right place! Patience is wonderful and Lord knows, I could use more of it. I am losing patience with house hunting also. I keep telling my husband that our Realtor doesn't seem too interested in making us a priority or considering our wishes, what a waste of time. But he keeps calling her! Arg! Sorry, I sort of just wrote my own blog in your comment... LOL. See you in webmd chat soon. Congrats on the new home!

Sarah W. said...

Yay!! Congrats on the new place.....and its perfect. How exciting. What a cool story!

BrookeMahan said...

So glad it all worked out! Hopefully we will find something to rent in Tampa soon!

Amber said...

That's awesome, glad you found a place. We will be there to see you sometime before July (I need to use my cancelled NYC ticket from last summer before it expires). Can't wait to see you guys Friday night!!

Sam Snow said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing! Hope you guys are doing great! Say hi to Hunter from Sam!