Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a day!

That's right folks 3 posts in 1 day! That pretty much describes life lately!

Hunter took his first steps today! This morning, while I was getting ready, I looked over to check on him because he got really quiet...that usually means he's up to something. I look over and he has opened my cabinet under the bathroom sink, which usually results in him pulling EVERYTHING out and spreading it across the floor. So, I quickly head over to tend to the "situation". He looks up and sees me coming and quickly turns around and "steps" away from the scene. He turned and took 2 independent steps like he has done it a million times before. I was shocked! So, I ran over and grabbed him and stood him up in front of me and he walked right to me (again about 2 or 3 steps like... so nonchalant). I jumped up and down and cheered for him and he looked at me like I was crazy.

The rest of the day he and I were holed up in my closet because ESPN was at the house to interview Jordan for a story. They needed it to be VERY quiet in the house while taping which meant Hunter and I either had to leave for the day or find the farthest place away from the interview. So...I dragged the pack-n-play, video monitor, toys, high chair and a whole arsenol of food and drinks and we hung out in my closet all morning/afternoon. Hunter once again looked at me like I was crazy when we had lunch in my closet (the clothes helped insulate the sound...that's why I chose it). But when it came time for naptime he really seemed confused! The way things have been lately with me sleeping with him in his crib, him sleeping with us in the guest bedroom closet, spending the day... eating lunch, playing and napping in my closet...he really must think I am completely nuts!

Anyway, it was a really good day and the ESPN guys were so nice and friendly. They completely re-arranged my living room so they could shoot in the best light and of course they went to move our couch and chair they were shocked at how heavy and huge it was (it took 4 of them to move it!)...woops! I came out after the interview and told them all (including Jordan) about Hunter taking his first steps while they were interviewing (Jordan missed it bc of the interview) and they were trying to get Hunter to do it again so they could get it on camera for us...our own little home video. Unfortunately, Hunter was too interested in checking out all the new people in our house to perform. They were in love with Hunter and wanted to get him in on camera, so Hunter will actually be making his television debut at 11 months old!!! After the interview was over they wanted to shoot the 3 of us as a family playing together on the couch for a while.

The story will air a week from Sunday (which is Feb 8th) on ESPN's "Outside the Lines". I know it airs in the morning but I am not sure of the exact time. I will post a link to the clip after it airs.

Oh, and to add to the craziness of the day, Jacksonville called and said they needed Jordan to come to Jax tomorrow for a physical now that he can actually pass a physical...That's right folks Jordan is all healed up!!! So, we are all hoping on a plane tomorrow to go to Jax and we are using this as a time to find a Condo to rent next year. We then leave Jax on Friday and head to Kansas city for a friend's baby shower and Super Bowl Sunday! I will post pics when we return!


Holly said...

Oh my goodness! That is so exciting!!! First independent steps!! Go Hunter!! I hope your trip to Jacksonville is successful and that you are able to find a condo. Have fun in KC...pnce again, wish we could be there, but I'll be there in spirit (and thru connie's cookies!!). We will be sure to watch you guys on ESPN. That is so exciting!! Can't wait!!

Holly said...

LOVE the new background, by the way!

Mary said...

That's a lot of excitement! Wow! Very cool! Congrats!

and... I thought it said that you sleep in the crib with the baby.. LOL (preggo brain lingers in me)

BrookeMahan said...

Yea Hunter!!! You have to post some video of him walking. Congrats on the ESPN story how fun! That is too funny that you spent all your time in the closet...hee hee! Maybe we can see you guys more often when we are both in FL.

April Jackson said...

Hey, It's April Goodwin Jackson. I don't know if you remember me or not. I found your blog through Jennifer Blands and I have a daughter that is 10 months old. I have enjoyed seeing what Hunter is doing to know what I am about to be doing with Avery! He is a cutie! My blog is private, email me at aprilkjackson@yahoo.com if you want to see!