Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ski Trip 2009

We recently went on our annual ski trip with some friends from Kansas City. This year we went to Buena Vista, Colorado where some friends of ours have a cabin. The closest places for skiing were Monarch and Copper. Jordan, Llon, Brian and Emily all skied and the rest of us girls (and Rudy) stayed at the house and chased our kids around and played games when they napped and took turns riding the 4-wheeler up and down the mountain. We had 3 kids with us, which kept us all very busy, but it was so fun watching them all play together. The cabin was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. The family (Smith's) that owns it actually built it themselves and it was so neat and had such a beautiful view!

The whole group
Blacks, Niswangers, Clendenons and Smiths Hunter and Landon really enjoyed this "toy"
it was actually meant to hold firewood,
but hey, it works!

Llon is actually the person who taught Hunter to throw a ball

(and make attempts at catching too)

This is the gorgeous view from the house

Hunter climbed right up to Landon's highchair and stole his pb&j sandwhich!
He then proceeded to crawl (while holding it in one hand) across the floor with it...
dragging Pb&J everywhere! So, I put him in the highchair to finish his little treat,
while I retraced his Pb&J footsteps and attmepted to clean it all up.

Hunter (11mo) and Landon (17mo) These two were totally cracking us up.
Hunter basically just grabbed Emory by the head and SHOVED her aside so he could get to the cord (that controlled the shades).

That cord was also a big hit all weekend.
Move it or lose it sister!
Got it!

We had to get our monthly pic of these two

Hunter (11mo) Emory (9mo)
Emory enjoying the tunnel! They all liked playing in the tunnel!
Landon and Hunter enjoying a muffin for breakfast
The view was amazing from inside the house. The front side of the
house was solid windows facing the mountains.
The kids enjoyed taking in the view as well.
Rudy holding the boys
The 3 of us went riding up and down the mountain on the 4-wheeler. Hunter seemed to really enjoy it. He was sandwhiched between us to keep him nice and warm.
Don't worry we didn't even break 15mph.

Can't wait till next year!


heather said...

I use to live in Buena Vista! Didn't you just love it!?! So amazingly beautiful. We skied Monarch all the time...great little mountains. Glad y'all had so much fun!

Becky said...

Beautiful place. What a view! Love your captions.

Holly said...

Wow!! So pretty. looks like you guys had TONS of fun...we missed being with ya'll. Hopefully next year!!!

smithec said...

Great pics, Ashlie - we had such a fun time with yall. The story of you sleeping in the crib in the post below is so hilarious!