Thursday, January 15, 2009


This morning Hunter and I met up with some friends for a playdate at Memorial City Mall. They have an AWESOME soft play area for the kids! We met up with Mary Beth and her son Jackson (18 months) and Ashley and her two youngest kids Joel (20 months) and Luke (6 months). The boys had a BLAST. They were running all over the place (or in Hunter's case crawling or running holding onto mom's hand). We let them play for a little over an hour before we headed to lunch. To say they were wiped out would be an understatement.

Hunter tried so hard to keep up with the older kids, he wanted to walk SOOOOO bad He climbed all over the place
Hunter at the bottom of the pic and Jackson at the top
Just trying to keep up
You probably can't tell but he is sliding down a big slide. He wasn't sure about it the first time but ended up loving it after a few tries. He started getting tired though and would just stay laying down for a few minutes when he reached the bottom...poor guy
This was his favorite it was a shallow slide that he went down (and up) prob 20 times
and here he is going up!
And here he is totally wiped out....he layed his head down for a few minutes to take a break
It was lunch time and he was so ready to go

We are leaving in the morning for Colorado for a ski trip. I will post pictures when we return!!


brianandlauren said...

I bet he took a good nap after all that! That looks like a fun place, you'll have to tell me where it is so we can take Sophie when she gets a bit older.

Amber said...

I loved this post, he's getting so active! I can tell he doesn't want to miss anything. So cute, can't wait to see him next weekend!!