Friday, January 9, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo

Hunter is developing such a love for animals (don't all kids?) that we thought we would take him to the zoo! Our friends, Scott and Ashley Jackson, came with us because I knew her boys would have fun. The aquarium and the carousel were big hits with Hunter. Every 4 legged animal Hunter called "Dog" and every bird Hunter called "Duck", but it was a blast!! Hunter has really started to notice birds lately he always looks up and smiles and points when one flies by. Yesterday we were outside playing and he pointed and said "LOOK"!! He did this like 4 times but not always at a bird, just anytime he saw something he wanted me to see. Then I realized the entire day we were at the zoo everytime we saw an animal I would point and say "look" Hunter there's a......(fill in the blank). I guess he picked up on the word "look" instead of the names of the animals, HA!

Petting zoo fun
He laughed the whole time on the know that inhale laugh of just complete and utter excitement. Joel in the back wasn't so sure about the ride.
In a tunnel (that was so not made for someone Jordan's size) having fun being amongst the animalsThis ape was cracking us up he had his face right up on the glass the whole time like he was posing for picutres. Joel on the right, Hunter on the left.
Joel, Hunter and Tyler

Tyler and Hunter in the tunnel under the aquarium

Hunter did not want to leave the tunnel....Tyler crawling over him because Hunter just wouldn't move!
We couldn't get Hunter to come out so once again Jordan had to climb into the tunnel and get him...watching Jordan try to get out was a sight to see!

Loving those fish! He laughs everytime he hears the word fish, he thinks its hilarious for some reason
SOoooo excited
I love this picture because you can see the reflection of his smile
Scott (holding Joel) and Jordan (they came straight from rehab can you tell?)
Hunter (10.5 months) Ashley holding Joel (21 months), Tyler standing in front (4 yrs) and Luke in the stroller (6 months)


Holly said...

Your little guy has changed so much. The zoo like like so much fun! That is one thing I'm loving about our move to Tx..the nice weather. Makes being on "house arrest" a bit easier when we can at least get out & go for a walk. So nice. Have fun skiing. Wish we could join you!

AshleyJ said...

Cute pictures! I love the one of Hunter smiling at the fish. I guess he'll have to add "fish" to his vocabulary soon, seeing as they don't fit into either the "dog" or "duck" categories. It was so fun going to the zoo with you guys. We're going to miss you when you go.

BrookeMahan said...

I loved these pics!!! So great to see all of you! Looks like little Hunter had a great time. I love that Jordan had to get into the tunnel to get him....I would've loved to see that! Ha!

Meagan said...

Oh I misssss him!!!!

Becky said...

That is the coolest zoo. I am already thinking about what we will do at Camp Nana!

lauren said...

Hey Ashley! I was so glad to hear from you on my blog!! You family is beautiful! Glad to see you are doing so well and I look forward to keeping up with you guys this way!