Wednesday, January 28, 2009

29 Years ago...

My BEST friend was born.

I can truly imagine what his mother went through that day, the feelings she had, when she laid eyes on her son for the very first time. What a feeling that is.

He has ALWAYS been so special, so unforgetable, so unique and to think I was the lucky girl that he chose to marry! What an honor! I cannot describe to you the ease with which he makes me laugh, or the junior high butterflies that I still get sometimes. He makes me so proud everyday. I love the way he is with our son, he is SUCH an unbelievable father. He has totally blown me away this past year, surpassing any and all expectations.

I can't imagine what the last 12 years would have been like without him. God has blessed me tremendously and it is on this day that I thank God (and his mom) for bringing Jordan into this world.

Happy Birthday Jordan, we love you!

p.s. I promise to start counting backwards next year so that you never reach 30.

Since we had to make a last minute trip to Jax today we are slighly limited on birthday celebration options. So we ordered in Omaha Steakhouse (room service)

Look at my cuties chowing down

A nice family birthday dinner at the Embassy Suites :)

Instead of cake we went with a key lime pie...yum!


Becky said...

What a sweet post. Brought tears to my eyes. Didn't realize yesterday was the 28th since I didn't go to work, so here is a belated happy birthday. His present will be very belated as I am giving it to him when you come in two weeks. By the way, is Hunter tied to his chair or is he sitting in a seat tied to his chair?

Jordashblack said...

Hunter was sitting in an inflatable booster seat which was tied to the chair.

It's quite handy and lightweight!

BrookeMahan said...

Happy late Bday Jordan!

Nathan said...

Pretty Brilliant about counting backwards so you never turn 30. 30 would be terrible. By the way, thanks for quoting me on ESPN. Honestly, I am pretty quotable. I say stuff like that all the time.