Monday, January 19, 2009

11 months old!

Hunter is only 1 month shy of being 1 year old and I cannot believe how time flies. To think I am already making prepartations for his birthday party and just this time last year I was on bedrest and having my baby shower.

Each month brings more joy and fun. Hunter's personality is really starting to come through and we find ourselves cracking up at his little quirks on a daily basis.

Hunter is roughly 22 pounds and 30ish inches long. He still wears size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. He has 6 teeth and he is currently cutting 2 more. He still sleeps 12 hours per night (7pm-7am ish) and takes 2 (2-2.5 hour naps) per day.

Highlights for month 10:

Stands alone

Walks and Runs behind any toy that moves

Walks while holding on with one hand

Says "dog" sounds like "dog" "god" or even "gog", "duck", "dada", "look"

He understands probably 15 words (hard to keep track)

He eats all table food and drinks only out of a sippy

He has weaned himself off a paci (but I still carry it around just in case) for some reason he just doesn't want it anymore.

He mimicks the sounds we make with varying vocal tones and inflection (this is a fun game)

He can throw a ball and attempts to catch it

He claps

He points to things he wants and says a bunch of jibberish (which he of course thinks he is saying something really important) I am sure I will one day be able to translate and understand it

He learned how to flush the toilet and loves doing this multiple times per day

His favorite foods right now are peanut butter sandwhiches, fried rice, chicken pot pie, Gogurt, pancakes and waffles!

We play outside every afternoon and he LOVES IT!

Can you tell?

I love it when he.... makes his "scary face", when he talks to us and makes bird noises, when plays with my face and sticks his fingers in my mouth to explore, how "BUSY" he is (he is all business when its playtime), how happy he is when he wakes up in the morning or from naps, how his whole face lights up when he sees the dog or even hears the dog coming, I love watching him play with other babies but especially kids that are older than him, he learns so much and just soaks up everything they do. I love the look on his face when he spots and points to a bird in the sky. I love how hard he laughs when he sees fish swimming around in a tank and especially when we say the word "fish".

He takes every opportunity to look at his own reflection

He loves...pulling things out of drawers, pulling things off of shelves and out of cabinets, pulling the toilet paper off the roll, making messes (especially in the kitchen), flushing the toilet, hiding remote controls, typing on the computer and taking the keys off the keyboard, opening doors that are closed and closing doors that are open (this has resulted in him being "locked" in many rooms) putting electrical things in his mouth, being outside, playing on the beanbag, pushing his toys all over the house, he loves all animals but especially birds, dogs and fish, he recently found his hair and loves to play with it during mealtime which coincidentally results in smearing his dinner all in his hair. He loves his tunnel that he got for christmas and he sits in it and crawls through it everyday. Most of all he loves the sound of his own voice (which only has one volume....EXTRA loud)

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