Wednesday, January 28, 2009

29 Years ago...

My BEST friend was born.

I can truly imagine what his mother went through that day, the feelings she had, when she laid eyes on her son for the very first time. What a feeling that is.

He has ALWAYS been so special, so unforgetable, so unique and to think I was the lucky girl that he chose to marry! What an honor! I cannot describe to you the ease with which he makes me laugh, or the junior high butterflies that I still get sometimes. He makes me so proud everyday. I love the way he is with our son, he is SUCH an unbelievable father. He has totally blown me away this past year, surpassing any and all expectations.

I can't imagine what the last 12 years would have been like without him. God has blessed me tremendously and it is on this day that I thank God (and his mom) for bringing Jordan into this world.

Happy Birthday Jordan, we love you!

p.s. I promise to start counting backwards next year so that you never reach 30.

Since we had to make a last minute trip to Jax today we are slighly limited on birthday celebration options. So we ordered in Omaha Steakhouse (room service)

Look at my cuties chowing down

A nice family birthday dinner at the Embassy Suites :)

Instead of cake we went with a key lime pie...yum!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a day!

That's right folks 3 posts in 1 day! That pretty much describes life lately!

Hunter took his first steps today! This morning, while I was getting ready, I looked over to check on him because he got really quiet...that usually means he's up to something. I look over and he has opened my cabinet under the bathroom sink, which usually results in him pulling EVERYTHING out and spreading it across the floor. So, I quickly head over to tend to the "situation". He looks up and sees me coming and quickly turns around and "steps" away from the scene. He turned and took 2 independent steps like he has done it a million times before. I was shocked! So, I ran over and grabbed him and stood him up in front of me and he walked right to me (again about 2 or 3 steps like... so nonchalant). I jumped up and down and cheered for him and he looked at me like I was crazy.

The rest of the day he and I were holed up in my closet because ESPN was at the house to interview Jordan for a story. They needed it to be VERY quiet in the house while taping which meant Hunter and I either had to leave for the day or find the farthest place away from the interview. So...I dragged the pack-n-play, video monitor, toys, high chair and a whole arsenol of food and drinks and we hung out in my closet all morning/afternoon. Hunter once again looked at me like I was crazy when we had lunch in my closet (the clothes helped insulate the sound...that's why I chose it). But when it came time for naptime he really seemed confused! The way things have been lately with me sleeping with him in his crib, him sleeping with us in the guest bedroom closet, spending the day... eating lunch, playing and napping in my closet...he really must think I am completely nuts!

Anyway, it was a really good day and the ESPN guys were so nice and friendly. They completely re-arranged my living room so they could shoot in the best light and of course they went to move our couch and chair they were shocked at how heavy and huge it was (it took 4 of them to move it!)...woops! I came out after the interview and told them all (including Jordan) about Hunter taking his first steps while they were interviewing (Jordan missed it bc of the interview) and they were trying to get Hunter to do it again so they could get it on camera for us...our own little home video. Unfortunately, Hunter was too interested in checking out all the new people in our house to perform. They were in love with Hunter and wanted to get him in on camera, so Hunter will actually be making his television debut at 11 months old!!! After the interview was over they wanted to shoot the 3 of us as a family playing together on the couch for a while.

The story will air a week from Sunday (which is Feb 8th) on ESPN's "Outside the Lines". I know it airs in the morning but I am not sure of the exact time. I will post a link to the clip after it airs.

Oh, and to add to the craziness of the day, Jacksonville called and said they needed Jordan to come to Jax tomorrow for a physical now that he can actually pass a physical...That's right folks Jordan is all healed up!!! So, we are all hoping on a plane tomorrow to go to Jax and we are using this as a time to find a Condo to rent next year. We then leave Jax on Friday and head to Kansas city for a friend's baby shower and Super Bowl Sunday! I will post pics when we return!

Ski Trip 2009

We recently went on our annual ski trip with some friends from Kansas City. This year we went to Buena Vista, Colorado where some friends of ours have a cabin. The closest places for skiing were Monarch and Copper. Jordan, Llon, Brian and Emily all skied and the rest of us girls (and Rudy) stayed at the house and chased our kids around and played games when they napped and took turns riding the 4-wheeler up and down the mountain. We had 3 kids with us, which kept us all very busy, but it was so fun watching them all play together. The cabin was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. The family (Smith's) that owns it actually built it themselves and it was so neat and had such a beautiful view!

The whole group
Blacks, Niswangers, Clendenons and Smiths Hunter and Landon really enjoyed this "toy"
it was actually meant to hold firewood,
but hey, it works!

Llon is actually the person who taught Hunter to throw a ball

(and make attempts at catching too)

This is the gorgeous view from the house

Hunter climbed right up to Landon's highchair and stole his pb&j sandwhich!
He then proceeded to crawl (while holding it in one hand) across the floor with it...
dragging Pb&J everywhere! So, I put him in the highchair to finish his little treat,
while I retraced his Pb&J footsteps and attmepted to clean it all up.

Hunter (11mo) and Landon (17mo) These two were totally cracking us up.
Hunter basically just grabbed Emory by the head and SHOVED her aside so he could get to the cord (that controlled the shades).

That cord was also a big hit all weekend.
Move it or lose it sister!
Got it!

We had to get our monthly pic of these two

Hunter (11mo) Emory (9mo)
Emory enjoying the tunnel! They all liked playing in the tunnel!
Landon and Hunter enjoying a muffin for breakfast
The view was amazing from inside the house. The front side of the
house was solid windows facing the mountains.
The kids enjoyed taking in the view as well.
Rudy holding the boys
The 3 of us went riding up and down the mountain on the 4-wheeler. Hunter seemed to really enjoy it. He was sandwhiched between us to keep him nice and warm.
Don't worry we didn't even break 15mph.

Can't wait till next year!

A moment worth documenting

So, I know I said I would post pictures of the ski trip when we returned, but I haven't finished collecting them all. For now, an entertaining story will have to do.

I ended up with a cold as we were coming home from the ski trip last week. As I expected, Hunter got it. Poor guy can't catch a break this cold season. This makes 3 colds in 3 months (all happening during the last week of each month).

Friday he began running a low grade fever, but he is still cutting the last of the 3 teeth he started cutting last week, so, I chalked it up to teeth.

By Saturday he was a major cranky pants and his fever got up to 103.7 (obviously not a teething temperature)!! Of course it was during weekend and at night so we called the doctor and they did their assessment and said to alternate tylenol and motrin every 3 hours to try to get it down to a more comfortable temperature. Then get this...they said don't call us back unless his fever gets to 105!!!!!!!! We were like, WHAT???, thinking...(yeah right if his fever gets that high we are not calling you at 3am only to wait for an hour for you to call us back...we would be taking him to the ER!)

Anyway, the alternating meds worked enough to get his fever back down to 102.5 (which they said to only expect to be able to bring his fever down a degree). We did a luke warm bath multiple times because this seemed helped the fever as well as made him less cranky. We all know how he loves baths! Then they said call back in the morning with an update.

So, as i expected it would, Saturday night was pretty rough. He went to bed at 8pm and woke at 9pm for dirty diaper..went back to sleep and woke at midnight again with high fever (103.7). We dosed him again and poor thing was so miserable that he could not go back to sleep until 5 am!!!

I tried letting him sleep with me in the guest bedroom because everytime I put him back in the crib he would scream bloody murder and I certainly wasn't going to leave him in there to scream when he feels so bad.

Well, if you remember I said I am sick too and couldn't sleep well, because of coughing. So I had taken Nyquil. Therefore, when I went to take care of him I was PRRRRRREEETTTTYYYY GROGGY! I laid down with him to try to get him to go back to sleep and I COULD NOT stay awake for anything! He was punching, poking and crawling all over me and trying to climb off the bed. I knew this wasn't a safe situation seeing as how he could fall right out of the bed head first and have free reign of the house (assuming he landed the fall ok). I would have gotten Jordan up to help take care of him but he had taken Nyquil to help him sleep too! What a pair we were!

So I did what any sane mom would do...

I got in his crib with him!

I laid there (in his crib) and dozed in and out of sleep as he still continued to punch, poke and crawl all over me. But hey, he wasn't crying and he wasn't going to fall out of his crib!

So, Jordan wakes up at like 2am and looks over on the video monitor and sees me laying in the crib with Hunter (who still wasn't asleep) and he comes upstairs and is like "Uh, Ash? Are you ok? What are you doing?"

Then of course we laughed histerically because it was then that I realized how RIDICULOUS it probably looked on the video monitor to see me in the crib with Hunter...but hey it got the job done!

Needleess to say Jordan helped me out of the crib and we ended up making a pallet in the floor of the walk-in closet in the second master bedroom so Hunter could crawl around in a safe environment, as long as he wanted, while we could sleep (since we both were dosed up with meds)

So, Jordan and I slept in the floor of our guest bedroom (empty) closet from 3-7am while Hunter crawled around and finally fell asleep around 5am and slept until 7am...when he woke up hungry and with fever again.

We took him in to see a doctor Sunday and it turns out he has a double ear infection. That explains the high fever! Now he is on antibiotics and feeling MUCH better! (in other words, no more co-sleeping in the crib)

They checked me too, while we were there, and it turns out I have an ear infection and sinus infection so they gave me antibiotics and cough meds.

So, no more Nyquil for me!

And no, I do not have any pictures to document the event. And in case your wandering the crib has a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds, so apparently it would hold Jordan too! I am guessing I am not the first parent to do that since the crib has such a high weight capacity...probably that way for a reason.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Hobbies

Playing with his hair during mealtime (it's always the hair behind his right ear)
This is spaghetti
Peanut butter and jelly
Again...peanut butter and jelly
Climbing on top of his toys
He is sitting inside his grocery cart that he got from Meme Martin
He thinks its pretty fun

Monday, January 19, 2009

11 months old!

Hunter is only 1 month shy of being 1 year old and I cannot believe how time flies. To think I am already making prepartations for his birthday party and just this time last year I was on bedrest and having my baby shower.

Each month brings more joy and fun. Hunter's personality is really starting to come through and we find ourselves cracking up at his little quirks on a daily basis.

Hunter is roughly 22 pounds and 30ish inches long. He still wears size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. He has 6 teeth and he is currently cutting 2 more. He still sleeps 12 hours per night (7pm-7am ish) and takes 2 (2-2.5 hour naps) per day.

Highlights for month 10:

Stands alone

Walks and Runs behind any toy that moves

Walks while holding on with one hand

Says "dog" sounds like "dog" "god" or even "gog", "duck", "dada", "look"

He understands probably 15 words (hard to keep track)

He eats all table food and drinks only out of a sippy

He has weaned himself off a paci (but I still carry it around just in case) for some reason he just doesn't want it anymore.

He mimicks the sounds we make with varying vocal tones and inflection (this is a fun game)

He can throw a ball and attempts to catch it

He claps

He points to things he wants and says a bunch of jibberish (which he of course thinks he is saying something really important) I am sure I will one day be able to translate and understand it

He learned how to flush the toilet and loves doing this multiple times per day

His favorite foods right now are peanut butter sandwhiches, fried rice, chicken pot pie, Gogurt, pancakes and waffles!

We play outside every afternoon and he LOVES IT!

Can you tell?

I love it when he.... makes his "scary face", when he talks to us and makes bird noises, when plays with my face and sticks his fingers in my mouth to explore, how "BUSY" he is (he is all business when its playtime), how happy he is when he wakes up in the morning or from naps, how his whole face lights up when he sees the dog or even hears the dog coming, I love watching him play with other babies but especially kids that are older than him, he learns so much and just soaks up everything they do. I love the look on his face when he spots and points to a bird in the sky. I love how hard he laughs when he sees fish swimming around in a tank and especially when we say the word "fish".

He takes every opportunity to look at his own reflection

He loves...pulling things out of drawers, pulling things off of shelves and out of cabinets, pulling the toilet paper off the roll, making messes (especially in the kitchen), flushing the toilet, hiding remote controls, typing on the computer and taking the keys off the keyboard, opening doors that are closed and closing doors that are open (this has resulted in him being "locked" in many rooms) putting electrical things in his mouth, being outside, playing on the beanbag, pushing his toys all over the house, he loves all animals but especially birds, dogs and fish, he recently found his hair and loves to play with it during mealtime which coincidentally results in smearing his dinner all in his hair. He loves his tunnel that he got for christmas and he sits in it and crawls through it everyday. Most of all he loves the sound of his own voice (which only has one volume....EXTRA loud)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


This morning Hunter and I met up with some friends for a playdate at Memorial City Mall. They have an AWESOME soft play area for the kids! We met up with Mary Beth and her son Jackson (18 months) and Ashley and her two youngest kids Joel (20 months) and Luke (6 months). The boys had a BLAST. They were running all over the place (or in Hunter's case crawling or running holding onto mom's hand). We let them play for a little over an hour before we headed to lunch. To say they were wiped out would be an understatement.

Hunter tried so hard to keep up with the older kids, he wanted to walk SOOOOO bad He climbed all over the place
Hunter at the bottom of the pic and Jackson at the top
Just trying to keep up
You probably can't tell but he is sliding down a big slide. He wasn't sure about it the first time but ended up loving it after a few tries. He started getting tired though and would just stay laying down for a few minutes when he reached the bottom...poor guy
This was his favorite it was a shallow slide that he went down (and up) prob 20 times
and here he is going up!
And here he is totally wiped out....he layed his head down for a few minutes to take a break
It was lunch time and he was so ready to go

We are leaving in the morning for Colorado for a ski trip. I will post pictures when we return!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can you tell?

Somebody is cutting 3 more teeth this week. Can you tell?
Needless to's been fun

Friday, January 9, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo

Hunter is developing such a love for animals (don't all kids?) that we thought we would take him to the zoo! Our friends, Scott and Ashley Jackson, came with us because I knew her boys would have fun. The aquarium and the carousel were big hits with Hunter. Every 4 legged animal Hunter called "Dog" and every bird Hunter called "Duck", but it was a blast!! Hunter has really started to notice birds lately he always looks up and smiles and points when one flies by. Yesterday we were outside playing and he pointed and said "LOOK"!! He did this like 4 times but not always at a bird, just anytime he saw something he wanted me to see. Then I realized the entire day we were at the zoo everytime we saw an animal I would point and say "look" Hunter there's a......(fill in the blank). I guess he picked up on the word "look" instead of the names of the animals, HA!

Petting zoo fun
He laughed the whole time on the know that inhale laugh of just complete and utter excitement. Joel in the back wasn't so sure about the ride.
In a tunnel (that was so not made for someone Jordan's size) having fun being amongst the animalsThis ape was cracking us up he had his face right up on the glass the whole time like he was posing for picutres. Joel on the right, Hunter on the left.
Joel, Hunter and Tyler

Tyler and Hunter in the tunnel under the aquarium

Hunter did not want to leave the tunnel....Tyler crawling over him because Hunter just wouldn't move!
We couldn't get Hunter to come out so once again Jordan had to climb into the tunnel and get him...watching Jordan try to get out was a sight to see!

Loving those fish! He laughs everytime he hears the word fish, he thinks its hilarious for some reason
SOoooo excited
I love this picture because you can see the reflection of his smile
Scott (holding Joel) and Jordan (they came straight from rehab can you tell?)
Hunter (10.5 months) Ashley holding Joel (21 months), Tyler standing in front (4 yrs) and Luke in the stroller (6 months)