Thursday, December 31, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Two days ago I heard Hunter wake from his nap and I went into his room to get him. I opened the door to find him dangling head first OVER the crib railing with one leg straddled on top of the crib only seconds from tumbling over head first to the ground. Not ideal! It was 3:30pm and luckily a Tuesday (Jordan's day off). I called Jordan, who had taken his boat out for a duck hunt during Hunter's nap. He agreed we needed to remove the crib immediately. Neither of us wants our child break his neck! It was only a matter of time because his eviction date was soon approaching anyway, due to the arrival of little sis this Spring. I had hoped to delay this as long as possible but not at the risk of injury.

We headed to target to pick up some sheets and a side rail for his big boy bed. Hunter picked out the sheets. As we headed down the kids isle he IMMEDIATELY spotted the Thomas the Train sheet set and yelled CHOO CHOO! That was no surprise. We got the supplies and headed home in time to meet daddy. We took the crib apart and moved it to little sister's room, put the side rail together, moved the twin into his room, turned the doorknob on his door around and cleaned his room out of any hazards with barely any time remaining before his 7:00ish bedtime.

He was SOOO excited about his choo choo bed and actually asked to go to bed that night. Jordan did the normal bedtime routine and left the room and locked the door behind him, at 22 months we are not ready for him to have free reign of the house should he wake in the wee hours of the night. Also, he can get out the front door even if its locked so yet another reason he needed to be confined to JUST his room. He did so good. After Jordan shut the door we watched him on the monitor. He stayed in bed for a second looking around the pitch black room. After a his eyes adjusted a bit we watched him slowly get out of bed and make his way across the room. It's pretty funny to watch him walk in total darkness :-) He went straight to the door and tried to open it, of course it was locked. So he pressed his lips to the crack in the door and began calling our names. "Mommy, Daddy...HOLD YOU"!!! So precious yet kind of heartbreaking. I can't imagine how weird it feels for him to suddenly be put to bed after almost 2 years of being confined to a crib and suddenly have the ability to roam the room, I am sure it was a little confusing at first. He repeated this process for about 10 minutes going back to bed then coming back to the door...pressing his lips against it calling for us and trying to get it open. After about 10 minutes he climbed in bed one final time went to sleep! He slept until 8:00am! The next morning I heard his little voice over the monitor talking to his choo choo trains on his bed. I went upstairs to get him and showered him with praise for being such a big boy! He was soooo proud.

Last night was even better. He just roamed the room a bit, looked outside his window, checked the locked door, called my name once or twice and then went to bed. I am so glad this transition has been so easy so far, hoping it stays the same! He loves his big boy bed. I never thought we would have a themed kids room because I am just so not into themes but it has really helped him to have something he picked out and that he loves. We put it together pretty quickly so it's not fancy or magazine worthy by any means. It's a twin bed on the floor. But for now it works until we can come up with something cute. Now all I have to do is get his little sister's room ready now that we have an empty crib to work with!

Talking to his choo choo's on the bed

He is surrounded by pillows. He LOVES pillows. I am jealous of the body pillow lining the wall. I may have to get one of my own!

He is so proud

His favorite part is this stuffed choo choo. He carries it around all day

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Girl

Okay I think I am finally convinced. This is now the 3rd ultrasound showing it's indeed a girl. I finally FEEL like it's true! It helps that this is a really good shot too.
WARNING MEN...If you don't want to read all the details of my appointment...stop here :-) I am going to post them because I want them for my own record and for anyone that is curious, but I know some words guys just really don't want to hear or talk about :-)

I had another appointment today with the perinatologist, who I see every other week for cervix measurements. This time though, because of the Mexico trip I had 3 weeks with no check. I was nervous because the contractions were very FREQUENT and uncomfortable this week. I was pretty anxious about this appointment. BUT everything looks good! My cervix did shorten quite a bit from the last time but I am still in the safe range!

In other good news the complete placenta previa moved and is now only marginal placenta previa, in only 3 weeks! That is so awesome considering I am not even halfway there yet. It only has to move a tiny bit more and I can be off of pelvic rest and hopefully not have to have a c-section! That was so exciting to find out!

The only other thing they need to keep an eye on is the fact that under pressure (when I stand, lift, strain whatever) my cervix funnels a bit, or dilates from the inside. That's not ideal but it's so small right now compared to how much it did with Hunter that I am not worried about it at this time. It's just another thing they will keep an eye on for the next couple of months. With Hunter my cervix was funneling really really bad while just resting and not doing anything so either way I am better off right now, than I was with him.

We are so excited to be having a baby girl. I can't wait to see her with her daddy. I will leave you with a profile pic of our baby girl, at 18 weeks 6 days. She looks so snuggly :-)
P.S. We are working on her name and hope to make the announcement soon!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

This year has been a very relaxing a quiet Christmas for us. Hunter and I returned from Mexico yesterday and we had our traditional Canadian Cheese Soup and Sausage Balls for dinner last night and opened our Christmas pj's. We went to bed early and slept in late this morning. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast as we opened stocking stuffers and have stayed in our pj's relaxing and watching Hunter play with his new toys all day. This is the first Christmas since we have been married that we have just been home alone all day by ourselves. It has been very nice given all of the events of this past week but we do miss our families tremendously. It has also been very nice to have Jordan home ALL day this year. The team practiced Tuesday (the normal day off) so that they could have Christmas day off. Tomorrow morning he leaves for New England for the weekend so we are just enjoying being together for one day as a family before we are separated by many many miles again.


Hunter was pretty excited about all of the presents

playing with his new train set from the Niswangers
opening his monster truck
He loves his alphabet puzzle
Sporting his work goggles that came with his tool bench
working with his new tools
Jordan admiring his new FN 5.7 x 28mm carbine. He was really wishing he could get outside and shoot it immediately. I'm not sure that would go over well with the neighbors.

And I am currently blogging from my new MacBook Pro! Why didn't I go Mac earlier? I love this thing!

Here is a video of Hunter opening his new alphabet puzzle

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Adam and Jaclyn's Wedding in Mexico

Hunter and I just returned from Riviera Maya, Mexico yesterday after a 5 day vacation for my brother's wedding. Jordan wasn't able to join us because of work and we missed him like crazy. It was absolutely beautiful down there. There were around 45 friends and family that made the trip and we all stayed at the all inclusive resort where they got married. We had a fun filled 5 days which included, a dessert party the first night, BBQ lunch on the beach everyday, a bonfire after dark one night which included smores and face painting, pedicures for the girls one morning, golf for the boys, an oceanside bridesmaids luncheon and lots and lots of laying around on the beach and by the pool. Hunter was in HEAVEN because we were outside ALL DAY LONG everyday.

It was a beautiful resort and was so neat to be there with the whole family to watch Adam get married. The day of the wedding we played at the beach till noon, had BBQ on the beach and took the kids upstairs for naps while we all got ready. The wedding started at 4:00pm the weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T and the ceremony was beautiful. Hunter was one of the ring bearers and he did such a good job all the way down the isle. We watched the wedding from a distance though because he was not to thrilled about not getting to play in the sand and water during the wedding. As soon as his ring bearer job was over he made a bee line straight for the ocean. He wasn't too happy when I scooped him up and took him to the back for the remainder of the wedding. But standing in the back allowed me to get some great pictures of the event! They drew a huge crowd of bikini clad beachcombers and from what I could hear they all thought the wedding was beautiful too. Jaclyn's brothers did the ceremony and it was so neat to witness.
The view from our suite

Jaclyn just before the wedding, she looked gorgeous
Hayley, one of the bridesmaids

The ring bearers
Flower girl

Adam's first look at Jaclyn

Just after the ceremony
They had a mexican fiesta for the guests while the couple took their pictures. There was a real donkey there for photo ops

Hunter loved it at first!

Until the donkey moved it's head and he realized it was REAL. Then he wanted down immediately!
Complete with a pinata...Hunter taking his turn at it
All the kids going crazy for the candy

The reception followed the mexican fiesta and from what I hear it was wonderful, lots of toasts and stories. I had to miss the reception, unfortunately, because I had WAY overdone it at that point and started having too many contractions :-( fortunately I was able to get it under control later that night with Extra strength tylenol, a long warm bath, lots of water and rest. Hopefully I can post pictures of the reception from someone else's camera later. So check back!

22 months old!

Lots of things have happened in the last week that I need to blog about before the new year. For starters Hunter is 22 months old! I can't believe he will be 2 in only 2 months! I only have 2 more monthly posts on him because once he turns 2 I will just do random updates especially since I will be starting the monthly posts on our new little one in no time!

Also my 2008 family blog book arrived this week and I LOVE IT. As soon as I get my last 2009 entry they will be making that one for us as well. If anyone is interested in having this done it's a great way to chronicle your lives especially for those of us who don't enjoy scrap booking :-) they finished it in only 4 days!

On to Hunter. He is a WIDE open, full speed ahead, jumping, running and talking machine these days. He has so much energy. He LOVES to jump and have everyone watch him. A few days ago he was brave and began jumping off of things, couches, chairs and stairs instead of just jumping on the ground. He of course falls every time he jumps off of something but he thinks it is just about the coolest thing ever.

He is still obsessed with is ABC's and that is an understatement. He has been obsessed for months now but it is getting to where it's all he wants to talk about. He knows them all and everywhere we go he will gladly tell you each and EVERY letter he sees wether you ask him to or not. He opens magazines and goes down the page sentence by sentence pointing out each letter. On a few of them he will tell you what they stand for. For example when he sees an "N" he says "N....Nana!!!" with GREAT enthusiasm. It amazes me that he put that together on his own. When I think about it he was able to just recognize that the sound "N" is the same as how we say Nana. He does it with a few other letters too so now I try to find ways to make the connections for him. He has his favorites that he will point out EVERY TIME it's just so cute to see him say "mommy that's a B!!!!!!" like its the absolute coolest thing ever!

He also loves to count. He can go to 10 by himself and call out the numbers he sees when we are out and about. When we go up and down stairs he counts each one he steps on. He can go to 15 if we prompt him by doing every other number from 10-15. He also can recognize the colors of the rainbow. It seems his favorites are red, purple and blue :-)

He is very polite and says "no m'am", please, thank you and I'm sorry. The funny thing is he says I'm sorry for YOU when you accidentally hurt HIM. For example I accidentally stepped on his foot the other day and he looked up at me and said "I'm sorry". I couldn't help but laugh! He also says he is sorry in appropriate ways too but it's just funny to see how his little brain works.

He prefers to drink out of a regular cup these days. He will drink out of a sippy if need be but he definitely prefers a regular cup. He does really well and I let him have one anywhere if it's just water but if it has anything else we stick to drinking only at the table. Speaking of the table he is sooooo over the highchair and booster. He wants to sit in a regular chair for meals which is fine because he does pretty well, but he is a little short to reach the table so he sits on his knees usually. But I have found if I put him in the highchair he will eat one bite and say "all done" even though he is still hungry just because he wants out of the highchair. So, he eats better if he gets to sit in a regular chair. He is just growing up too fast.

His favorite things right now are his lovie and his "baby" which is his baby blanket. He carries one or both around all day and when he gets tired he grabs a pillow off the couch, places it on the floor and lays down like he is gonna go to sleep. He loves to pretend sleep too but he will do that any where and it is usually accompanied by sound effects (snoring).

He is so snuggly. He comes up and says "momma hold you" and reaches up for me multiple times a day. In the car I will sometimes hear from the back "all done", "momma hold you". He comes up to me randomly throughout the day and says "love ya momma" which just melts my heart, he does it to daddy too.

This week while in Mexico, I put him down for bed in the hotel crib and as I was putting him in he said "mommy, pillow please". I went and grabbed a pillow for him and a real blanket and he stayed put on it all night. He is usually a CRAZY sleeper, and uses up every square inch of his crib when he sleeps but this time he literally stayed in one position for 12 hours. It has been a nightly thing since. It's probably for the best since he is only a few months away from moving to a regular bed. I have been worried about how he would sleep in a bed since he is all over the place in his crib but I guess he will do okay after all!

Snuggling with his cousin who he thinks is THE COOLEST
On the plane to Mexico just about to fall asleep on Nana and Pop as they scratch him
Pop entertaining all 3 kids during our 3 hour lay over in Mexico city
Cousins and best friends
Excited to see the "airpanes"
Hunter will go anywhere his cousin goes and do ANYTHING his cousin asks
Hunter's second home... the beach
Trying on momma's hat

Trying on momma's sunglasses

Hunter also has a new trick he would like to share with you. Blowing bubbles with his spit. Such a boy


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a...

Girl!!! We are so excited! This picture was not convincing to the untrained eye (me) but I was assured that the 3 dots (the arrow is pointing to) are in fact the textbook girl parts. This is the second ultrasound in the last 2 weeks we have had confirming it is in fact a girl! We are thinking of names now and will announce as soon as we make a decision :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hunter and I packed our stuff and headed to Dallas for the Thanksgiving weekend to be with family. I hated to leave Jordan all alone Thursday night but he assured me he would rather me be with family all weekend than be alone. He had a west coast game and when you live on the east coast and you have a game on the west coast (San Fransisco) the team typically leaves Friday and comes back early Monday morning since it's a 6 hour flight with a 3 hour time change. So he was only going to be missing out on us on Thursday night. I hated to leave but I sure am glad he made us go because I ended up having some "issues" while we were away that landed me on bed rest and being at home I had family to help take care of things.

So far baby peanut is doing great and growing beautifully! I have bi-weekly OB appointments which I rotate between my high risk OB (Perinatologist) and my regular OB (who will deliver me). Every time I see the high risk OB they do an ultrasound to check the baby and my cervix since I had issues with it shortening prematurely last time. Well, on Tuesday they noted that I had Complete Placenta Previa which isn't a problem AT ALL in the first and early second trimester. It is actually a very common thing that lots of women start out having and as the belly grows it moves up and out of the way. The only annoyance is it requires some light restrictions until it moves, if it moves, which include pelvic rest, no exercise and no heavy lifting. No big deal I can handle that over bed rest ANY DAY! The only problem is my high risk OB didn't tell me I had these restrictions when she diagnosed it, so I continued about my normal activity and just happened to fly home the next day with a 50 pound bag, 27 pound toddler and 20 pound car seat. Well the "complications" began after I landed (I'll spare you the details) but it was not good and it landed me in the ER in the wee hours of the morning Thanksgiving morning. Thankfully I checked out okay and was able to go home on bed rest until the "complications" cleared up. So, my wonderful family took care of me and most importantly Hunter the whole weekend while I was on and off bed rest. I wasn't allowed to fly home until things cleared up and fortunately they did JUST in time for my flight home! I saw my OB as soon as I got back to Jacksonville and she put me back to the Pelvic rest, no exercise and no heavy lifting restrictions as long as I have the Complete Previa. The hardest part is I can't pick up Hunter, which is really really hard, because we all know how snuggly he is. So, I just sit down where ever I am...floor, couch, bed and let him crawl up in my lap. It's working for now but he does get upset sometimes.

I will say I have GREAT chances of this moving before delivery in fact a 90% chance that it will move but if it doesn't it is a pretty big deal in the late 3rd trimester and can be dangerous. All this means is they would have to take the baby early by c-section to prevent problems from happening because you CANNOT deliver a baby naturally with placenta previa. So in the meantime we just wait and pray that it moves and I will continue to be seen every week for monitoring of this and my cervix and hope that both cooperate!

In good news I start the P-17 shots next week, which is Progesterone, to hopefully keep me from having preterm labor and a premature baby this time around. The best part is my insurance said they could teach Jordan how to administer the shot to me. It's a weekly shot so I would rather not have to drive up to the hospital every week to get a shot if Jordan can just do it at home. Plus this means we could still travel in the off season and just bring the shot with us! Such a blessing!

So... on to Thanksgiving and pictures. I was lazy and didn't take many pictures and I actually have none from Thanksgiving day, so sad.

The flight home was easy, it was during nap time and Hunter slept in his car seat

Hunter got to go to his cousins 4 year birthday party at the North Park Train exhibit on Friday.
He loved the cupcakes :-)

So did his sweet cousin she was CHOWING DOWN!

Hunter and his cousin

Yes this stroller does have 4 children under the age of 6 in it

Hunter loves to pretend he is asleep, he will even make the snoring noise

Papa reading Hunter a book

Making ginger bread men with Vivi in her new kitchen

And the flight back, also during nap time, I had to wake Hunter up when we landed so I could get help off the plane.
Lastly I will leave you with a picture of Hunter's first boo boo that required a band aid. He has a nasty little 2nd degree burn on his finger. He got an Elmo band aid which he thinks is REALLY cool. Poor little guy.